Leeds Legend Big Jack Attacked by Former York Mayor the Day After Passing Away – by Rob Atkinson

York Councillor Dave Taylor (Green Party)

I’ve never been fond of the whole huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ scene myself, not have I ever been enamoured of blood sports – it seems perverse to me that entertainment should be had at the expense of some poor creature’s life. Still, it takes all sorts and, like most people, I tend to afford my sporting heroes a bit of latitude where their tastes differ from my own. Thus, I never had any problem with Vinnie Jones, who is frequently to be found at the less harmful end of a gun as he pursues his countryside recreation. It’s just one of those things I file under inexplicable, and move on, minding my own business.

Another Leeds United legend who enjoyed a spot of sporting mayhem was Jack Charlton, lost to us at 85 on Friday after a long illness. Big Jack was beloved by many for his extraordinary contribution to the football world as player, club manager, international manager and as a pungent pundit who was never at a loss for a bon mot or two. He was larger than life, massively successful, utterly likeable and revered accordingly. It’s certainly not for me to pick faults with a man of that stature and a legend in the history of the club I love.

However, there’s always the odd person who is willing – nay, eager – to abandon any such scruples and weigh in on the attack even against a beloved public figure, just as soon as they are safely dead and unable to defend themselves or retaliate. In the case of York councillor and former City Mayor Dave Taylor, we’re talking about a very odd person indeed, with a particularly lousy sense of timing. Councillor Taylor chose to bray his delight at the news of Big Jack’s passing, barely 24 hours after that sad event. For a person in public life to put into print on social media such very tasteless comments as Taylor did must surely indicate supreme self-confidence or profoundly arrogant stupidity. I offer no verdict on that point, beyond noting that the offending Facebook status was removed when poor Dave became aware he’d upset folk with his crass comments.

Sadly for those of a reckless demeanour and possessed of mouths that flap without brain being engaged, nothing ever disappears from the Internet, and Taylor’s unwise and tasteless remarks are quite easy for anyone to find. I shall not reproduce them here, I wouldn’t wish to sully this blog with such crass idiocy and, after all, the necessary details are indelibly out there. Suffice to say that the initial remark was along the lines of I hear Jack Charlton is dead. Good – later toned down to some weasel words about having no sympathy and finally deleted altogether. But it may be that some of Jack’s legions of fans and friends will choose to pursue and harry Councillor Taylor, who might well pay the price so many public figures pay when they choose to chelp not wisely, but too well. And there’d be some justice in that, along with maybe some comfort for those appalled by Taylor’s sheer lack of taste and respect. Who knows? The Green Party are unlikely to welcome the publicity that their York councillor is attracting, and they will have a decision to make as to what, if any, disciplinary action is appropriate.

Councillor Taylor, pictured above, looks like the kind of chap who seeks and welcomes attention. But it seems that, in the matter of his attack on the late and deeply lamented Jack Charlton, he may already be regretting the attention he’s attracted. He might just have bitten off more than he can chew. I do hope so.

Marching On Together

12 responses to “Leeds Legend Big Jack Attacked by Former York Mayor the Day After Passing Away – by Rob Atkinson

  1. pietrovito

    R.I.P Jack looks like you’ve got the last laugh on him…he his surely finished.


  2. I daresay Big Jack will have taken his little Black Book with him.


  3. Steve Clark

    I am not a great fan of hunting but Jack was a man always at ease in the country and grew up pursuing such pastimes. In a week or two how many people will remember this councillor? In years to come people will remember Jack as a larger than life character who made a massive contribution to football. It is greatly to his credit that he managed to, in his late twenties, transform himself from a player stuck in a dead end into an international who would play a vital role in England’s World Cup victory and in Leeds United’s greatest era.
    Jack may have been blunt and outspoken at times but he was never two faced and the tributes to him show how highly respected he was within the game.
    Good night and God bless Jack.


  4. Malcolm Wood

    Jack was one of us, never lost where he came from, and he was loyal.He was loyal to his roots, loyal to the club and loyal to us, the supporters.I am so pleased I was able to follow Leeds in the good old days and am able to remember things like Jack and Billy coming out of the tunnel, at half time, drawing the last drag on their cigs.
    As far as the councillor he is well suited to the Green Party,not worth a light.


  5. Like many I’m no fans of blood sports, but a huge fan of Big Jack nonetheless. But it’s the broader issue that really irks me… choosing to attack someone the moment he’s gone. For that councillor, this surely is an own goal right up there to rank with that beaut from Sandy Brown way back in ’69.

    I think this Dave Taylor will rue hitting that ‘send’ button on Facebook for a long time… and may well pay a higher price in the long run. He’s of the Green Party, you say? Thank you, duly noted!


  6. I have emailed many people and organisations who this twat is involved with.
    Do the same. mailto:cllr.dtaylor@york.gov.uk. Poor Jack’s family.


  7. Life is LUFC

    He needs to be ashamed of himself. I will not lower myself to his level to say what I think of him.
    I will remember Jack as the warrior for football that he was, great and immense on the ground and in the air.
    My condolences to Jack’s family and friends at this very sad time.


  8. andrew hinks

    you can’t educate pork!

    still shaking after the win today!!

    c’monnnnnnnnnnnnn LEEDS!

    the ‘man with the cunning plan’ still as humble as ever welsh twat!


  9. andrew hinks

    hi rob
    ive toasted graham & you mucker!

    my best mate JIMBO (my LUFC GODFATHER) took his life in 2011 ive toasted him also!



  10. Pete Cosgrove

    Im no Leeds fan.. Man United through and through! But the utmost respect that I held for the late great man who was Jack Charton, is without question!
    This complete cowardly twat of an ex Lord Mayor, who has attacked the great mans memory and family with his nasty little outburst, needs teaching a very severe lesson indeed…


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