Leeds United Celebrate Not Dicking Around With Playoffs, as Promotion is Sealed With Two Games to Spare – by Rob Atkinson

I make no apology to Sky Sports for nicking their “Leeds Promoted” image above. They owe us, I feel, for their snide and needless overlay of “Leeds Are Falling Apart Again” during their live lockdown coverage of a recent home game. Ultimately, Sky were wrong about the falling apart thing, as United clinched automatic promotion and the Championship Title, with two games to spare. A more apt motif for this season would be Angus Kinnear’s remark to the effect that we wouldn’t be dicking about with playoffs this season, and so we didn’t. Other teams have that nightmare before them, and they’re welcome to it.

Thanks go to Huddersfield and Stoke, both of which clubs I love very much, for making this weekend a riot of celebration and alcohol-based dissolution. You’ve been as wonderful for my spiritual well-being as you’ve been disastrous for my short term health; on balance, I’m deeply grateful.

All I need to do now is to add “As Championship Champions” to the above image, by dint of some PhotoShop type wizardry which is currently beyond me due to the effects of grain and grape. But I can do all that when I sober up, maybe sometime toward mid-August. In the meantime, I love all of you too, you’re my best mates, honest you are, salt of the earth to the very last Jack & Jill of you. Hic!!

Marching On Together

30 responses to “Leeds United Celebrate Not Dicking Around With Playoffs, as Promotion is Sealed With Two Games to Spare – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Go on get one for yourself son

    Photoshop can wait…..Enjoy to the victor the spoils


  2. William Oliver

    Congratulations, absolutely thrilled for Leeds.
    Hopefully next season they can keep the momentum going.
    Brilliant stuff.


  3. gerald p hobbs

    You deserve it Rob!


  4. Uncle David

    Just when you think it can’t get any better? Hull ( the biggest club in Yorkshire you know ) are in free fall to the 3rd tier. Millwall look likely to miss the play offs, along with Derby. Derby will be applauding our team as they walk out onto the pitch as CHAMPIONS! Is it too much to ask for a Swansea win and a Cardiff battering? or am I getting greedy!


  5. Gerry Hobbs

    You deserve it Rob!


  6. Gordon Baxendale

    Hi Rob, finished the grape now onto the malt. Huddersfield made my nigh and Stoke made the day perfect. 75 years since my first game, highlights seeing a gawky seventeen year old playing at left back RIP Jack, seeing a great journey in the Sixties start with the Revie era, home and away when possible, then watching from afar during the raising of two more ardent supporters, did manage a few home games to tie he boys perpetually to the cause. Then the last fifteen years with just tho one highlight Jermaine al the Devonian ground. Still what goes round has come to us at last and for my birthday(81) I shall still go be seen jumping up as we score in the prem.
    Look after your self and MOT


  7. howard mackey

    Happy days are here again WOW.


  8. Dog is in siH heaven and all’s well with Bees world! Eee, F’ Hell, what a weekend! Goodbye to all that and hello to glory, glory Leeds United! Rob, my main man, thanks for all your supportive, supporter words during our years in the wilderness. Rave on!


  9. Patrick Hogan

    Hear hear! Rob. Can’t wait to watch the start of tomorrow’s game at Derby as – a. We should be awarded the Championship trophy, and b. Aren’t their players supposed to applaud us with a guard of honour as we come out? If so, I’m feeling bereft at the thought of the lack of Derby fans in attendance with their pretend spyglasses.


  10. Reality Cheque

    Well Rob it is time for me to take my medicine, namely a massive dollop of humble pie due to my woeful doubting of Bielsa’s method’s & absolute genius following our defeat at Forest, unaware that our “blip” had bottomed out and we were about to embark on a fantastic run of results for the remainder of this memorable season

    Please have mercy upon my sinful soul Rob, for I did deeply doubt the wonders and miracles of our messiah Marcelo Bielsa. I am now a truly repenting sinner and swear to never again allow temptation to overcome me and cause me to doubt or question Mr Bielsa’s incredible capabilities


  11. Woke up to find us promoted. Then woke up again to find us champions. What a gorgeous Sunday morning it is down here in Australia. Just wish I was back home celebrating. Still maybe I’ll put a cheeky dram of malt in my morning coffee. Happy days. MOT !!!!


  12. John Bennett

    i’m just numb


  13. Life is LUFC

    Is there a Leeds fan still able to watch the game today because after two days of celebrating they should all be unconscious or wondering what the hell hit them.
    Happy promotion everybody and enjoy these last two stress free games then it is back on your heads for next season.
    Pity Fwankie will not be in that line up today 🤣 🤣 🤣 🙂


  14. king sniffer

    After 16 years we are crowned Champions on our 16th Wedding Anniversary!!!
    Doesn’t get much better than that. MOT to the promised land. And Derby, you can put your binoculars back in a warm and safe place and take up darts; this is what you could have won.😎


    • Congratulations on both counts!


      • king sniffer

        Thanks Rob. Another great day; revenge is a dish served cold in the middle of summer. 😎


      • It was wonderful, everything I could have wished for. Our hungover reserves giving them a goal start then winning easy, celebrations on the pitch in a clear response to Derby’s antics last year, and Orta taking the piss with his inevitable binoculars 🤣 Beautiful 💙💛💙


  15. andrew hinks

    hi rob
    never realised victor is such an avid birdwatcher?



    enjoy all MOT!



  16. Life is LUFC

    I’ve never enjoyed a match so much as I did that one.
    The Derby player wanted to impress MB so much he even scored a goal for Leeds.
    As for our youngsters they played as though they had been playing in the 1st team all season. I went to a couple of U23’s games this season and I thought then Pascal had a lot going for him but the last couple of games he was great. Shackleton wears his passion on his sleeve and a lovely little mover, must have rockets in those boots. Poveda looks so mild but don’t get in his way because he is a little Popeye and afraid of nothing.
    The rest of the lads also gave their all and more there was no way they were out there for a kick about they have done themselves proud as has everyone behind them off the pitch.
    If I have to compare it with something……a bottle of Grand Cru Chablis is my choice.


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