Bayern Pull Cuisance Deal After Leeds Demand 1975 European Cup Handover Clause – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds United’s winner in the 1975 European Cup Final

Nobody does weird like Leeds United, that’s understood. However, with the news that the seemingly 99.99% complete transfer of Michael Cuisance may well have fallen through, it seems possible that the Whites may have out-weirded even themselves.

So strange does this apparent conclusion seem, after “done deal” was flagged up across the various social media platforms over the past twenty-four hours, that we at Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything decided to dispatch our intrepid investigative reporter Rob Schreibermann to Munich, and find out what’s really going on.

Armed only with his passport, bus pass and a vacuum-wrapped Schnitzengruben in case he felt peckish, our man set forth, determined to find out the truth. And, already, we can report that the stumbling block seems to be a long-standing feud between Leeds and Bayern dating back 45 years to 1975.

Astounding as it may seem, it was Leeds United’s insistence that Bayern finally hand over the European Cup, of which they have always maintained they were robbed in the 1975 Final at the Parc des Princes in Paris, that finally killed the deal, as Bayern steadfastly refuse to make a gesture that would expose them as cheats. Although this explanation verges on the very outer limits of credibility, it must be said that it’s many times more likely than the bizarre Daniel James from Swansea fiasco repeating itself quite so soon.

Whatever the background to this development, the Cuisance deal seems to be dead, and Leeds are now faced with having to find a suitable alternative target. Unless, that is, cash-strapped Udinese have decided their bluff has been called, and have made a phone call along the lines of “Let’s talk de Paul for £25m, Victor”? Stranger things have happened, after all.

Marching On Together

9 responses to “Bayern Pull Cuisance Deal After Leeds Demand 1975 European Cup Handover Clause – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I wonder if Franz Beckenbauer was involved in negotiations. Like he was with the ref back in 1975.

    A poor sportsman if ever there was one.


  2. Gordon Baxendale

    As one who was at the bar in Paris for the final in 1972, I will repeat now the very words that I Uttered as the team sagged their knees on the final whistle, “we have been robbed , but we beat you in the war and we will never join the common market “.
    At which time I passed out due to high levels of a distinctly poor red wine . The others who were NEUTRAL took me back to the hotel whereby I recovered the next morning to return to RAF Benson muttering that I would declare war again over the result.
    I now apologise , after this time , to all Frenchmen whose country we abused , that Leeds fans are reformed and would now never try to wreck the stadium again . 73 years a Supporter


  3. Richard Crouch

    Did LUFC really trust Bayern Munich and a Frenchman?…like the old t shirt said in 1975 ” Bring me the head of Michel Katabjian”


  4. Hamish Raw

    So there is no truth to the rumour that LUFC gave him an IQ test in which he returned in excess of 50?
    As LUFC Director Sutcliffe Ferret-Hunter said:”E’s nowt soft int’ed. Over fifty? Ah reckon nowt ter that.” #FreeBenWhite


  5. LIfe is LUFC

    I wondered when this subject would be given air time. Rob Schreibermann did a really good job with this revealing under cover job. I wonder if the new head of MI6 will be scouting him for future jobs 🔍 🔎.
    Enjoyed this one Rob, perhaps Leeds United really did miss a trick there, go for the player and come back with THE trophy which is ours anyway.


  6. Cheating Nazi’s can keep their injured limping frog!

    1975 I am so over it.


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