Free Agent Jack Wilshere Pay Per Play Deal Could Fill Leeds No.10 Gap – by Rob Atkinson

Come in, Number Ten

Straight after his release by West Ham, former Arsenal star Jack Wilshere – still only 28 – has taken to social media to stress that he’s been fit and ready to play top level football for months. All he’s been lacking, according to his statement tonight, is the chance to prove his worth. So it’s quite obvious that what Wilshere is looking for is a club at the top level who will give him that chance. Could the club be Leeds United?

Naturally, there are doubts. We don’t know what the issue has been at West Ham, if there’s no chronic injury or lack of fitness or desire. Hammers fan Jack’s not saying. But maybe, in his particular circumstances, he’d be willing to accept a pay per play deal, as the chance he’s been craving to prove that he’s still able to do a job at the top.

This blogger thinks it’s worth a punt. A fit and firing Wilshere would be a quality addition to any EPL squad. I’m sure some enterprising outfit will give him a go and, barring any other CAM option presenting itself, I’d like Leeds to show a bit of faith, which Wilshere could then perhaps repay.

Wilshere – ready and willing

Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything thinks that this would be a chance we’ll worth taking. Your (polite) thoughts?

Marching On Together

8 responses to “Free Agent Jack Wilshere Pay Per Play Deal Could Fill Leeds No.10 Gap – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Robert Hicks 51st year a fan

    Yes, indeed it is worth a try. On his day the lad is a top quality player.


  2. Top quality player, saw him at the Emirates. Very bow legged runner which is probably why the injuries keep occurring.

    Definitely worth a punt, hopefully he has stopped the smoking now or will never get through the murderball.


  3. Uncle Dave

    If he isn’t good enough for a club that has been in decline for the past few seasons, I don’t think he would be good enough for a club who have been on the up. Or maybe its just a very poorly run club reducing its wage bill?


  4. Sorry but he would be spent before half time at the pace we play at

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  5. Robert Hicks 51st year a fan

    As he hasent played for 8 months or so?,( Funeral ball it will be for Jack), so his wages wont be too much at all in the end!, so nothing to lose for the club!.


  6. Paul Brazel Hague

    World beater on his day but those days are a long time ago in football terms. Another whose private lifestyle ruined his game but at 28, you’d think he should still have a chance on resurrecting his career but whether that’s at Leeds I guess would depend on whether he’s super fit and his attitude is first rate. If he could match those qualities that are in abundance in Stuart Dallas, then his skill would be a great asset to us, but that’s a big ask. Jack Wilshere 5 years ago in our team now I believe would make us into Champions League standard.


  7. Paul Mitch

    Get him in. Bielsa will make him a real player, get him fit and firing for Leeds and England.


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