Leeds United: Demand Old Peacock Pub Rebrand as “The Bamford Arms” – by Rob Atkinson

Bamford’s arm should be immortalised on Elland Road

In commemoration of perhaps the biggest offside injustice since Jeff Astle scored for West Brom at Elland Road in 1971, robbing the best team in the country of the League title in the process, Leeds United should now do whatever it takes to have the legendary Old Peacock pub opposite United’s stadium rebranded as “The Bamford Arms”. It would serve as a permanent reminder of the laughable incompetence of those who are interpreting VAR data – in this case, the notoriously error-prone Mike Dean. It would also cock a snook at those in the game and outside who revel in each successive injustice perpetrated upon football’s least-favourite club. To respond to such misfortune with classic gallows humour is the ideal riposte to such persistent persecution. And, let’s not forget, the Peacock symbol is unlucky anyway – that’s why it was dropped from our badge many moons ago.

It’s the best idea I’ve seen so far, casually mentioned on Twitter, though I’d certainly welcome any other suggestions. But I’m sure Paddy himself would approve of this one, and it would be guaranteed to infuriate the stuffed shirts of the FA Premier League – which, when you’re going to be handed the crappy end of the stick anyway, is what it’s all about. It’s such a shame that a tawdry piece of adjudication like this has tended to put Paddy’s sublime second strike, this one allowed to stand, rather into the shade. All the more reason to gift him immortality in the shape of a pub sign just over the road. Let’s do it.

Marching On Together

6 responses to “Leeds United: Demand Old Peacock Pub Rebrand as “The Bamford Arms” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. In the history of bad football decisions Saturday was right up there Sunday not being much better.
    Bamfords disallowed goal was pivotal for obvious reasons it also seemed our luck was totally out with how the third goal was conceded, the two handballs on Sunday were equally stupid what are defenders supposed to do with their arms when faced with balls fired at them at pace. The game is being ruined by stupidity VAR should help instead the guys running it are ruining our game.
    Sort it out you are turn it into a laughing stock.


  2. Mike Durham

    It makes one wonder how long it will be before a club makes a legal challenge against the criminality behind VAR ( in this case mike dean ). No hiding place from millions of tv viewers, the camera never lies apparently. A ruler, on the other hand can obviously be slanted to achieve the desired misrepresentation.

    Stevie Wonder, sorry, ray tinkler didn’t just cost us the title in 1971 ; the ensuing pitch invasion made us play the first 8 games of the following season away from home which was a big enough disadvantage to hand the title to Derby.

    Great idea on the pub name though Rob ; I’ll be standing at the bar and holding the folding should anyone care to join me and christen it!


  3. On a finer point of the law Rob, shouldn’t it be Bamfords Arms above the t shirt line


  4. Uncle Dave.

    Brilliant idea Rob. I think it was Bamfords pointing finger that was ‘off side’ so maybe the ‘Finger inn’ ? I wonder what would have happened if Bamford had been tripped just outside the box, with his finger in a clear goal scoring position inside the box? Knowing Dean, it would have been a penalty ( as long as Bamford took it Subbuteo fashion with a flick from his deadly finger )


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