Media and Rivals Even More Desperate Now to Prise “World Class” Raphinha from Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

Raphinha – he’s world class and he’s Leeds

Brace yourselves, fellow Whites. United now have a proven world class talent on their hands in the shape of Raphinha, bought at the bargain price of only £17m from Rennes just over a year ago – and now, some are saying that the bidding for Raph’s services would have to start at over five times that amount.

Look at the evidence. Yes, it’s been just two sub appearances so far in the famous Brazilian shirt for the Leeds star – but in those two cameos, Raphinha has made a stunning impression. There were rumours that Colombia’s left back required treatment for twisted blood after the chastening experience of being given the Raph Runaround last night, and many fans of the many times World Champions are demanding his inclusion as a starter, having observed the electrifying effect of the United man on the Verde-Amarela performances these past couple of games.

The fact is, you don’t get anywhere near the Brazilian squad if you’re some mug (unless your name is Fred) – and Raphinha now seems set to become a legend even in that exalted company. So, it seems certain that speculation will be rife over the next couple of transfer windows, with the avowed intent of various media outlets and pundits being quite clear: get Raphinha out of Leeds as soon as possible. Because, let’s face it, they just can’t abide us having nice things.

Even some Leeds fans on Twitter and other such social media platforms are openly conceding that we’re not going to be able to enjoy the spectacle of Raphinha in a White shirt for too much longer. That may even be borne out by events over the next year or so (though this blog considers it treason to say so). It’s a situation we’ve come up against in the past, and it was exacerbated then as it is now by the fact that the media and the usual suspects in the dingy ranks of washed-up ex-player punditry do not like Leeds United to have their very own world stars. They don’t like it one little bit, and so, whenever we do end up with a star in our squad, the campaign begins, urgently to talk up his move to one of the media darling clubs.

Sadly (and illegally, but don’t expect any justice to be meted out) these media campaigns are usually accompanied by what is known as “tapping up” – indirect, illicit and informal overtures made by covetous clubs, or by members of said club’s playing staff, towards the player being targeted. It happened with Rio Ferdinand during the 2002 World Cup, when members of the England squad attached to a certain club west of the Pennines which draws its support largely from Devon, did their level best to turn young Rio’s head. It worked, too – though the parlous financial predicament then afflicting Leeds United also played its part.

Yorkshire’s premier club is on a rather more even fiscal keel nowadays, but the Pride of Devon does not like to take no for an answer, and will expect its mates in the media to spin a possible transfer for all its worth. Apparently, they can also rely on their current player Bruno Fernandes to exploit his friendship with Raphinha in an attempt to soften up Brazil’s latest star. “I miss Raphinha,”sobbed Ole’s protégé the other day, taking out an onion. As we well know, the denizens of Old Toilet are not above this sort of skullduggery, in very much the same way that the sea is not above the clouds.

Annoyingly, once the media has decided that such-and-such a player is too good for Leeds (and we currently have at least two in this category with Kalvin Phillips also on the hit list), then we can expect a constant drip, drip of rumour, fabrication and propaganda, all aimed at achieving the outcome of winkling another diamond away from us. It’s an increasingly prevalent factor in modern football, though as I’ve said, it’s hardly a novelty for us Leeds fans. And, of course, as fans, there’s not a hell of a lot we can do about it (other than share this and other like-minded blogs, naturally).

It’s the way of the world, sadly, and we just have to count ourselves lucky that we don’t follow an arrogant, complacent, entitled plutocrat European Super League wannabe club like some I could mention. We can also hold out a bit more hope these days, given the nature of the people currently in charge at Elland Road, that maybe we won’t simply roll over and give in when the media campaign ramps up, and the moneybags clubs start to agitate for the jewels in our crown. There does seem to be a defiance about Leeds these days, an authentic identity and a sense that we’re going places ourselves, instead of providing the means whereby others succeed. We must hope so, not only in the interests of Leeds United, but for other similar clubs – the likes of Villa, West Ham and Everton – who never know whether they stand to be abandoned, exploited, or both by the nefarious and untrustworthy ESL mob.

Good luck to Raphinha, and to our Kalvin. May they prosper and find success – hopefully with Leeds United. But, if their destiny does lay elsewhere, then let it not be elsewhere in the Premier League – and may the realisation of that destiny be sold for an eye-wateringly high price by our newly savvy club. One way, or the other, we simply have to prioritise our own interests, instead of assisting rivals as they twist the knife in our back. These days, I’m more confident that this is how it shall be.

Marching On Together

7 responses to “Media and Rivals Even More Desperate Now to Prise “World Class” Raphinha from Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

  1. What? no comments on another of your fine posts Rob, have those foul Devonians hacked your blog and are misdirecting said comments straight to junk, come on Rob, sort this out, your articles and witticisms are the highlight of my day.


    • I think the subject of our Raph moving might be just too, too depressing, either that or I’ve hit a rich seam of apathy-inducing tedium. Thanks for your kind words MOT


  2. andrew hinks

    PAUL MERSON sums up football punditry as we know it today………

    once the sad sky sports soccer saturday unfunny, thick court jester, dribbling away on a paste sarnie trying to spell his own name while Le Tiss, Charlie & Thommo offer real humour & incite BUT…… suudenly after the left wing take over of the world ongoing, they are all bombed out yet & wait for it, yes sitting now next to jeff in dear old Le Tiss’ seat hey, is that, yes it is!!!……

    its god! (same level tho!) oops meant good old MERSE, the now with serious specs added of course & a good shave, looking sooo’ very dapper & as if by magic (yes he’s very similar to Mr Ben i get that but no comparison to Mr Ben please !!)

    we introduce to you THE NEW SOOOPER PUNDIT , the new football philosopher for soccer saturday, fresh, all knowing , preaching to & about marcelo, the art of coaching “I GUST DOWNT GIT IT” he writes in that beacon of a noosepapur’ THE DAILY STAR thats ‘daley starr’ Merse me ole mucker “ju know wot i meen guv!?

    this saturday after two weeks of dribbling paste & spouting utter gutteral excrement he will be firing on all cylinders willing marcelo to go 4-4-2 (‘e gott now plan bee! utters ‘professor pat pending’ & selling our kalvin & the glorious Raphinha to those greedy ,arrogant , collectors of soooper players at all costs & in january at the earliest?

    FOOTNOTE that’s…..(PHEWTNOWT!.. Merse Dear)

    dear dribbling,desperate Dan AKA as Merse, the reason why marcelo is a coaching genius is unlike the peps & mourinho’s et al of this world they would be clueless, unwilling to go in unless multi million pound players already in situ with millions in the pot to spend after the first couple of drawn games as happens regularly now, please see ( OLE, THE RENT BOY & CARDIFF CITY folks!) & not even consider taking on a 13-15th lower mid table club with average joe bloggs players & achieve what this humble man & his staff has completed in 3 years!

    don’t forget your glasses, waistcoat & have a snifter on me fella!

    please let us LUFC proles know when & where raphinha (RAFINYER) & Kalvin (KALLVEEN FILITS) will be sold off & the destination on saturday at your earliest convenience!

    ‘shippams’ i hope merse?

    great stuff rob!

    Kent White since 69!




  3. Life is LUFC

    Right let’s get this in order, Kalvin, Illan and Raphina are wanted men.
    Why? What have they done?
    I guess it is something to do with how they kick a ball about. But these players are ten a penny, if these other clubs opened their eyes a bit wider they would see this instead of listening to those know nothings, those pundit things and media whats-its, who cannot string a sentence together in a well known language.
    Ahhhh, just came to me, we have had panic buying on almost every commodity known to man except footballers. That’s what it is Rob, panic buying footballers and sitting them on the bench just in case they required..
    On a serious note, I would love them to stay but I also have to be realistic they will move on sooner or later, hopefully very much later. My only hope is they will move to somewhere more deserving of them than those greedy clubs that think they are Gods gift to the footballing people of this world. They only want them because like little kids if yours is better than mine then I am having yours as well.
    I love my Leeds and only want the real player who also loves the club to be there. 🤍 💙 💛


    • So very true. The silver lining is, we currently have these players of undeniable mega-value, and due to academy and U23 investment, likely more to follow. The owners are way too canny to allow contract expiries to sneak up on us, so any departures within contract would show massive profits, which then permits more investment without FFP worries. It’s like getting on the property ladder, once you’re on there, with a rising market, it’s very difficult to fail if you adopt a sensible “sell high, then buy lower and develop potential” strategy. That last sentence of yours is what it’s all about, in a nutshell 👍 MOT


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