Phillips and Raphinha Struggle in Leeds’ First Win; “Not Good Enough for Big Six” – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds United’s biggest stars – trust me, not worth a punt

What did we learn from Leeds United’s overdue first victory of this 2021-22 Premier League season? Not much, to be honest, that we didn’t already know. United made hard work of carving out a narrow win against a truly appalling Watford side who you’d have to say would have great difficulty scoring in the proverbial red light establishment. On this evidence, Watford are a good bet for relegation, whereas Leeds can thank their lucky stars that there are probably two or three clubs of around the same standard as the hopeless Hornets, which should see the relegation places spoken for, with United surviving for at least another season.

Anyone seeking an explanation of Leeds United’s mediocrity need look no further than the departure of legends Pablo Hernandez and Ezgjan Alioski. These two were the creative force behind the Whites’ successful Championship campaign of 2019/20, as well as their unexpectedly comfortable first season back at elite level. With their departures Leeds have lost two major talents who have not been successfully replaced. This regrettable fact also gives the lie to those who have hyped up the debatable talents of KP and Raphinha, who may now both safely be described as flash in the pan-types who should not be the subject of the recent fevered transfer speculation. The truth is, neither of these players would distinguish himself at a top six club, and the movers and shakers at Anfield, Old Trafford etc should get real and look elsewhere.

Far be it from me to second-guess the experts in the media, but it seems to me that, in talking up the “Phillips for Devon” stories, they are threatening to encourage Manchester’s second club towards yet another in a long series of disastrous purchases going back as far as Gary Birtles, and culminating in them having had their pants pulled down when Jadon Sancho was foisted upon them for a ridiculous amount of money. Neither am I in the habit of helping them avoid self inflicted misery, but it’d be cruelty to dumb animals not to warn them off the hapless Kalvin Phillips. So they should perhaps consider themselves warned, for their own good – with a similar cautionary note heading to Anfield, regarding the Brazilian in nationality only misfiring performer that is Raphinha.

I’m trying to be helpful here, to two Lancastrian clubs who clearly need some common sense advice. So pay heed, and steer well clear – you know it makes sense.

Marching On Together

21 responses to “Phillips and Raphinha Struggle in Leeds’ First Win; “Not Good Enough for Big Six” – by Rob Atkinson


    How very dare you Rob 🙂


  2. Also Butterfinger Messlier not good enough for big six, leave him at Leeds.


  3. And as for ‘League One’ Llorente


  4. Gordon baxendale

    130 million and Radz can sell up and buy Juventus. My 75th anniversary in January , still living the dream
    I would still like to stand for one more time on my belove KOP


  5. What a load of rubbish, do you actually go to games or just listen to radio Leeds


  6. Life is LUFC

    And another Penalty ignored by VAR.
    Would love to know the real words the fans were singing about that 🤣
    Shackleton was hopeless, on a par with Kalv and Raph.
    Do you think we have convinced them yet?


    • Always such a pleasure to get a sensible comment after an idiotic one, and so reassuring that some people actually get what I’m trying to do here! Thanks and MOT


  7. Christopher Ernest WATSON

    Let us make it easy on ourselves by rating every Leeds player with one star for every match.


  8. andrew hinks

    hi rob
    as i write this to you the ‘likes’ of (Derrrr!) paddy kenny & alex mccleish are already spouting that kalvin would/should immediately go to those muniks if they come calling with a massive offer especially & of course after every time they fail to win a football match on the uneven playing field(ooogh so nice more please!) named the original ‘sooooper league’ created just for them…. AKA THE PREMIER LEAGUE!

    they’ve been sooo used to collecting the cream of the crop from us naughty ‘little’ clubs having the audacity to compete with them & players nurtured carefully to perform against them that may be to much for their already underperforming ego’s so we must have them for our MUNIK PANINI STICKER BOOK to sit in the stand with the other ‘swaps’ they already have gathering dust!!!!!

    jeez please keep ‘ole the rent boy’ in the job for as long as possible as he’s as clueless as southgate that left wing political yes man!!!

    each time kalv’ goes away with him then returns…. marcelo has to spend hours ‘de-southgating him’

    Kalvin, you play for a massive club, you already know that, i know of course!

    i didnt think i could hate those ‘sky sport luvvies’ any more!





  9. Hello Rob from across the pond. Always reading your posts, but haven’t commented in a few years. (By the way, we have a wonderful pub here in Philadelphia, near where I live in NJ, called The Black Taxi, which is dedicated to Leeds United fans and always shows their games over everybody elses.)

    Why the diss on KP? Isn’t it precisely that we need him BECAUSE Hernandez and Alioski have left? Who else on our side can get the ball into the box? We are so boring now. What has he done wrong? Maybe I missed your reasons in other posts…


  10. Sorry…Forgot to add that G. Southgate probably doesn’t agree with your distaste for KP…after all he did start in CF every game of the Euro…but whose counting, right?


    • It was just my poor shot at satire, mate. The clumsy subtext being that I don’t want anyone aiming to sign KP or Raph, both of whom I worship in a Leeds shirt. That pub sounds worth a visit!


      • Brad Twersky

        Unreal…after all these years you’d think I would have known about your propensity to write articles like that! Forgot to tell you that the Meslier “butterfingers” exchange with a co-reader really threw me for a loop! But he obviously understood the mesage!


      • Ha, it must have been more convincingly negative than I’d thought! 🤣


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