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Sheffield Wednesday Mugs to Mark Cup Final Win Over Leeds – by Rob Atkinson


Buy now while stocks last

Stuck for ideas for the next birthday of the sad Wendy in YOUR life?  Look no further than these tastefully-designed and brilliantly conceived mugs which celebrate the greatest day in the history of Sheffield Wednesday FC.  Relive those wonderful memories as the Leeds players, for whom this style of receptacle was specifically named, contrive to gift-wrap SIX goals that even the Owls attackers couldn’t miss.  Celebrate with your like-minded friends, should you have any, the unalloyed glory of hitting for six the hated rivals that Rochdale could only beat 2-0.  Surely YOU can find a place for these exquisite pieces which would enhance any Wendy home, worthy of being proudly displayed alongside that cutely rustic windmill, finely-crafted from recycled seashells and emblazoned with the legend “Frae Bonny Scotland”.

Act NOW.  You know it makes sense.  Times like these should be celebrated, so come on – join in the fun.  When’s the next time YOU will have a Cup Final victory of these proportions to cheer?  Why not buy one set for yourself, and one for both of your friends.  Special rates are available on application.  Fill in the online form and quote “DESPERATE WENDIES” at the checkout if ordering more than one.  Your satisfaction is our aim.  Please order before the next game, as disillusionment following a defeat in the wake of this superhuman effort may detract from your enjoyment of this historical souvenir.  So act NOW.

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