Sheffield Wednesday Mugs to Mark Cup Final Win Over Leeds – by Rob Atkinson


Buy now while stocks last

Stuck for ideas for the next birthday of the sad Wendy in YOUR life?  Look no further than these tastefully-designed and brilliantly conceived mugs which celebrate the greatest day in the history of Sheffield Wednesday FC.  Relive those wonderful memories as the Leeds players, for whom this style of receptacle was specifically named, contrive to gift-wrap SIX goals that even the Owls attackers couldn’t miss.  Celebrate with your like-minded friends, should you have any, the unalloyed glory of hitting for six the hated rivals that Rochdale could only beat 2-0.  Surely YOU can find a place for these exquisite pieces which would enhance any Wendy home, worthy of being proudly displayed alongside that cutely rustic windmill, finely-crafted from recycled seashells and emblazoned with the legend “Frae Bonny Scotland”.

Act NOW.  You know it makes sense.  Times like these should be celebrated, so come on – join in the fun.  When’s the next time YOU will have a Cup Final victory of these proportions to cheer?  Why not buy one set for yourself, and one for both of your friends.  Special rates are available on application.  Fill in the online form and quote “DESPERATE WENDIES” at the checkout if ordering more than one.  Your satisfaction is our aim.  Please order before the next game, as disillusionment following a defeat in the wake of this superhuman effort may detract from your enjoyment of this historical souvenir.  So act NOW.

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Chip on the Shoulder Mint ™

Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  Grammatical ineptitude, we goddit.  Other branches in Huddersfield, Bradford and Barnsley.

23 responses to “Sheffield Wednesday Mugs to Mark Cup Final Win Over Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I wonder if wednesday will lose there next game after there cup final win rob..only leeds could make them look unbeatable.


    • If you look at the experience of Millwall, Huddersfield and Barnsley after their Cup Final exertions, it would seem wise to put a few quid on a losing run for the Wendies now. It’ll be interesting to see how they go.


  2. Not only do I have to contend with Huddersfield Town thugs in my family, my elder brother is a Wednesday fan.

    Suffice to say, I shall not be living Saturday’s result down until the next ice age.

    Pretty sure he will have a pallet of these mugs coming this week.

    Woe is me, but I am Leeds, we will bounce back and mock them when they get relegated.


  3. Brian Gayle

    As a leeds fan it does concern me that the more we accept derby day defeats with the old, “we dont care about you” mentality, the more they seem to happen, why don’t we see them as cup finals, are we too good for that ? League table suggests not.


    • I don’t think you choose a complex – more like it chooses you. There’s a state of mind between Leeds and the smaller Yorkshire clubs; it’s just the way things are. What United DO have to do is learn to deal with it.

      This has been the point of the various “Cup Final Syndrome” pieces I’ve written. I’ve not just been aiming to take the mick. It’s a real issue for Leeds and a big negative effect on our performance over a season.


      • I think it may be more to do with us having more away fans than anyone else in the Crapship. They all want to beat us, not just the Barnsleys and Wendies.


      • And Elland Road of course, playing there is a career high for a lot of players and visiting it a high for a lot of fans, who will resent it, of course.


  4. I think todays blog is ill advized,we took one hell of a hiding on saturday and suffered one of the greatest embarrassments in our history. Best leave it and hope something big happens this week.


    • We beat ourselves Mick – the final table will tell which is the better of us and the Wendies. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to poke fun at the obsessive behaviour of such classless clubs and their desperate fans.


      • Regardless of whether “we beat ourselves” Rob,the result was 6-0 and we’re not in a position to poke fun at them. You “can do” and “have done” much better blogs than this,don’t spoil it by being spiteful. I’m not suggesting this blog should be as dull as the “Clarke one nil” site and its offshoots but lets all just man up and accept we got well beaten and hope for change.


      • I contend that we’re ALWAYS in a position to poke fun at the Wendies, and anyone who hates us so much without getting any hatred back. I honestly find it funny. Just indulge me here, sometimes I write to amuse myself – it’s not compulsory to read it 🙂


  5. Andrew Manning

    Although SW played ok, we made them look good with our complete lack of cohesion, no idea of how to play while in possession, no fire in the belly, LCFC is looming God help us as this squad certainly can’t. Bet RM wished he’d moved on when he had the chance ( wouldn’t blamed him if he manufactures a move ) and poor old BM must be wandering what the hell he’s got himself into


  6. Small club syndrome, lads. Let them milk it while they can.

    Let’s hope we can get sorted for Leicester and get thiings on track. If I remember correctly, we got spanked by Burnley in the 1974 League title-winning season.

    Main thing is to sort things and get over it, traumatic as last Saturday wasa.


  7. Wednesday are a little club with ideas above their station. They were eclipsed by us decades ago. They should try building a decent team.

    The fans of these clubs only care about beating us in particular because we have more fans than anyone else and the air of one of England’s top ten clubs about us.

    The Wendies only real rivals are those also-rans at Sheffield Utd, our occasional feeder club, unless you count the rag-tag of minor league Yorkshire clubs or those Johnny-Come-Lately over-subsidised Tiggers. Leeds are in a one club major city and thus have no rivals other than the ones acquired during the years of success – Scum, Chelscum, Liverpool and Arsenal, basically, as far as I’m concerned (2 of whom I hate and 2 of whom I like – a bit).

    Wendy Fans = Trolls = Ignore with disdain.


  8. king sniffer

    I feel I should put another viewpoint forward on this Rob. I own, and still wear from time to time, a beautifully designed black t-shirt commemorating our wonderful victory on the 3rd of January, 2010 over those little red devils over the hills which also included on the reverse that favoured little ditty, ” we’re not famous anymore”.

    Now having read this, I feel that this may too have been born out of similar emotions that have overrun our South Yorkshire neighbours.But frankly I don’t care. I will continue to enjoy wearing this as and when the notion grabs me, and on the same basis feel it hard to contradict the wendies for the ability to now enjoy the odd (or more likely EVERY) cuppa on the same basis.


    • I’ve got one of those, too! Happily, I’ve seen us beat the scum a good few times, but this is the only occasion I bought a commemorative t-shirt or, indeed, saw one offered for sale. It was to mark the occasion when, as a third division team, we went to the home of the champions and won, booting Taggart out of the cup at the first time of asking as nobody had done before.

      That occasion, and the Wendies winning a Yorkshire derby game that we never turned up to, have about as much in common as Don Revie and Neil Warnock.


  9. Its been a trying day rob , I work nr jct34 on the M1 , de da country (sheffield) , it began with me opening internal e-mail to be greeted with a picture of oxo yellow = chicken stock oxo red = beef stock and underneath a Leeds badge = laughing stock , and the “banter” has been relentless till clocking off time , I think it may go on for a while yet !!!


  10. This CUP final syndrome is increasingly becoming tiresome, it’s about time Leeds players developed the ‘Bloody minded Bastards’ attitude that saw both Don Revies team and Ray Illingworths Yorkshire cricket team never ever outfought
    It is acceptable to be out played by the occasional better side but not acceptable to be continually outfought by clubs whose league status demonstrates their inferiority. To my mind, the mental strength of our players is in question and is an issue to be considered when BMcD is recruiting.


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