Why is it That Leeds Can’t Sign a Player?

Salah Nooruddin, the United chairman has made some gently soothing noises of attempted reassurance in an interview earlier today. But the question remains: why DOES a club the size of Leeds United, a big fish in a smallish pond, have such difficulties in the transfer market – seemingly, even, in the loan window. Is it ALL about money, or are more sinister reasons afoot?

Here, Altwoodmoon speculates about some of the names we have missed out on. Clearly, the players are out there, some of them desperate for a chance to show what they can do in competitive football. Some would surely relish the chance of the Elland Road stage and the exposure that provides. So why are we so crap at getting these lads in??

altwoodmoon's Blog

The ambitions of the Leeds fans seem to demand immediate and constant progression. Without this progression they disappear from the stands and moan on social media a tool of the devil that makes all of us immediate experts on the matter. I do worry about some of these experts professing that they know best and know how to get us out of this crappy league and wonder why they have never been picked up by clubs including Leeds (who have needed it) to help them out of this predicament, perhaps it is because while we all have opinions and knowledge this is not in how to motivate footballers and to strategies a match.

I worry about returning players being suggested I have been thinking and cannot I identify a returning player who has been as good second time around. Becchio, Bentley Long none have kicked a ball in anger for…

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5 responses to “Why is it That Leeds Can’t Sign a Player?

  1. Compo's Style Guru

    For now I accept that there are several players on good money with contracts until the end of the season and that this summer the ticketus shenanigans have restricted finances. Come summer 2014 however all excuses will lapse and we will see the true colour of the money behind the club. We shall see.


  2. money this crowd do not have what it takes to get us out of this division ,2p to rub together they would be better selling get there profit and let someone in who might just get us there


  3. mrbigwheels

    The only relevant view worth discussion is the present. The one in/one out policy from GFHC has totally scuppered Brian throughout the transfer window and the initial loan window. Now the slight headless chicken/who is the clueless one feeling, is rearing its ugly head amongst many fans and the vision of march hares in October is certainly making me shake my head. Having bumped into and speaking to a few Reading fans of recent…. the one thing that rings with me is Brian can be too cautious in his ‘dealings’, when under pressure and a restrictive budget. GFHC are basically saying over the last ten days…. ” Brian’s got the money and support from us”. There is an obvious time lag here!. Now we’re suddenly in the market and chasing for players we should have nailed….. Several weeks ago.

    Make no mistake, Brian is the man, long term for me but although the tortoise won in reality, as the story goes…. I’m sure it had a pit stop team totally in sync with certainly everyone singing from the same hymn sheet….. From where I’m sitting….. This isn’t quite happening at Leeds.


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