Neil Warnock: I’d rather watch Downton Abbey than an England match

The thoughts of Colin, as bizarre as ever – but does he have a point in claiming he’d rather watch Downton than England? Leeds fans would be able to confirm that the old boy has no more than a passing interest in football, so maybe this expressed preference isn’t all that much of a surprise…


13 responses to “Neil Warnock: I’d rather watch Downton Abbey than an England match

  1. Oh the irony! His tactics are from the time when Downton Abbey is set!


  2. I’d rather read Mein Kampf than what Neil Warnock thinks … his man management skills were better suited to that era.


  3. And I’d rather watch paint dry than watch one of his teams !!1


  4. I agree with Warnock


  5. I agree with the sentiment – it definitely wouldn’t be Downton Abbey though. Watching England is punishing and often lack-lustre. I love watching Leeds and that is not easy – but I feel more connected. I feel strangely disconnected from my national team and that is really sad.


  6. don’t agree wiyh much warnock says but ihave no interest watching england. hodgson wetting himself if they draw 0-0 with san marinio, lampard & gerrard etc getting 100 caps joke townsend,barkley,hughes( derby) ince shaw,sterling, should be in get some excitement back


  7. I’d rather watch a Hippo have a dump than watch downton abbey,the noise would be preferable to that England/sheff wed band too. Please no more mention of warnock. Let’s pretend he never happened.


  8. Jay,you’re a star. I was bad laughing at your reply just there. You’re forgiven for mentioning the “W” word. Wish we could get 2 hippos and involve Bates too.


  9. Which league do Downton Abbey play in?


  10. True but very hypocritical coming from that ****


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