West Ham Crumble Against the Might of the City – by Rob Atkinson


Well, I was right in predicting that Manchester’s Finest would cruise to victory at the ‘Apless ‘Ammers, and I was correct in predicting four goals too – although in the event, a suspiciously offside-looking Vaz Te notched one for the ‘Ammers to briefly haul them back into a game that City looked like running away with.

So, an unexpected entry in the “goals for” column in the Eastenders’ attacking third then but, at the other end, all was class and quality as Citeh scored three purlers, two for Aguero and a sublime third from Silva.  Fat Sam will be worried about the ease with which the diminutive Aguero soared above his lumpen defences to head his and City’s second, but in reality it was not so much how these goals were going to be scored that mattered.  It was always a question of when and how many as the City team did pretty much what they liked against opponents unable to deal with their quicksilver movement and con brio tempo.

The bottom line is, as I have said previously, it doesn’t really matter too much how the ‘Ammers do in games like this, just so long as they prey efficiently enough on the other bottom-feeders of the Premier League’s nearly men.  It’s dog eat dog down there, so if Allardyce can somehow mastermind wins against the likes of Cardiff, Sunderland, Norwich and the like, then they may yet be OK.  A few more fluke results as against Spurs would help, too.

You never know – it may just be that there will be three or four teams who end up demonstrably worse than the ‘Ammers, so another top-flight season is not impossible.  Just – on this showing – somewhat improbable.

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