Millwall Cowards Tarnish Football Yet Again – by Rob Atkinson

The second "accident"

The second “accident”

It seems that not a Millwall match can go by without their simian fans perpetrating another disgrace and further confirming their club’s long-standing reputation as a pimple on the backside of the game.

This time, the assaults took the form of footballs hurled at QPR’s managerial duo Joe Jordan and Harry Redknapp. Jordan was hit first, the ball reportedly jamming the frame of his glasses into his face, smashing the lenses and drawing blood. Then Redknapp, who had arrived at the New Den on crutches following recent corrective knee surgery, suffered an almost identical experience, the accuracy of the throw for the ball to hit him on the side of the face doubtless thrilling the coward responsible.

Alex Ferguson’s ridiculous attempt last season to dress up the incident where van Persie was struck by the football as attempted murder was characteristically over the top and wide of the mark. Despite the bizarre claims of the slightly bewildered and out of touch former Man U dictator, a football is not of itself a deadly weapon. Jordan and Redknapp were not in danger as such, but it must be intensely annoying to be targeted by morons behind the dugouts while trying to direct the efforts of your team. That Millwall scored a second equaliser while Redknapp was still remonstrating with the classless ape concerned added grievous insult to what turned out fortunately as only a minor injury.

It’s the principle of the thing, of course – football men should be able to go about their work without being annoyed by over-excited cretins in the stand. The proportion of boneheads in the Millwall support makes this sort of thing a semi-regular occurrence at their matches, and sadly at the New Den not all the cowards are in the stands. Home manager Steve Lomas chose to try and dismiss the twin football salvo as “two accidents”. The employees of Millwall Football Club must surely at some point become sick and tired of having to make excuses for the pond-life support that shames the club so often and so deeply.

On this occasion, with Jordan’s glasses shattered, the craven apologists who spend so much time excusing the actions of what appear to be semi-feral savages must be relieved that no sliver of glass found it’s way into the old warrior’s eyes. Relieved for Jordan, yes, but more so because there must come a time when the comatose idiots at the Football League wake up to the fact that it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt at Millwall.  The officials at that club must live in a state of constant readiness for severe sanctions following some or other exhibition of crass violence from their hard-of-thinking crowd.

A cowardly attack by throwing a football into people’s faces at short range is one thing – and a man on crutches plus another wearing glasses are about par for the course for today’s breed of snivelling Millwall thug. But how long before some bright lad turns up with a pool ball or a set of darts in case there’s no football handy? How long, with irresponsible idiots like Lomas blithering on about “two accidents”, before someone loses their sight, or worse?

Alex Ferguson was comically wrong to try and call a football an instrument of murder. But once opposing football staff at the New Den realise they’re likely to be pelted in the course of their work, and that their genial hosts will clumsily try to excuse this, then they would do well to worry about exactly what will be thrown at them next time. It may well become de rigueur for body armour and perhaps safety helmets to be worn in the away dugout at the New Den – because nothing, it seems, is beyond the pale at Millwall.

28 responses to “Millwall Cowards Tarnish Football Yet Again – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Raymond Hellier

    I got a funny feeling you have got a soft spot for us lions thanks for the coverage rob maybe you need to focus on your own team abit more 🙂


    • You sound a reasonable sort of guy – don’t you dread what might eventually happen at your bear-pit of a ground?


    • ..or perhaps everyone should be focussed on Millwall, and less on other matters because it is precisely that distraction that allows such a disgusting club to remain in existence. There are other examples of particularly nasty supporters – Leeds and Cardiff spring to mind – but no-one else in the entire football league has ever reached the pinnacle of nonsensical moronic violence that you Millwall fans seem to revel in.

      Indeed, perhaps if the repeatedly despicable lions ‘supporters’ actually focussed on THEIR team once in a while, we might not have to put up with such a dreadful blight upon the modern game. How you don’t feel appalled, embarrassed and ashamed to be part of a ‘tradition’ more suited to Neanderthals or violent criminals is beyond me. If you’re a fan, then how about trying to sort it out rather than laugh it off? Your atrocious excuse for a football club should be removed from the game, end of.


  2. As a leeds fan, i do think what milwall fans are doing is getting out of hand, however leeds fans do have this side to them. I would agree what milwall fans do is quite cowardly and pathetic. Such as chanting at the leeds match. What they were singing about happened when milwall were at the foot of the championshi, leeds were in the semi finals of the uefa cup. Leeds do have a similar side to them, however we do this stuff in numbers and for a reason. Not to impress people like milwall. It should all be stopped but there is very little that can be done to stop the best away support In the country. It should be easy to stop the 185 fans who turn up to leeds. Cowards


  3. Joe Jordan's missing teeth

    You really do have a rather concerning unhealthy obsession. Yet again you do not know the facts and write such drivel. You would be far better off dedicating part of you existence to writing about something that you actually know something factual. Then again you would have a lot of time on your hands.


  4. Don Keebles

    the redknapp incident was a complete accident. i was right there and the guy in the shirt and tie was throwing the ball to paul robinson to try to take a quick throw-in as we were 1-2 down with only a couple of minutes to go. redknapp had walked one way then stopped and turned just as the tunnel official threw the ball. he was mortified when it hit him and tried to apologise but redknapp was having none of it, and told him so in no uncertain terms. it was a great game, a proper derby, with two passionate but well-behaved sets of fans.


  5. With regard the ball striking Mr Rednapp, it was tossed underarm by the gentleman in the white shirt wo was positioned in the tunnel, therefore I would suggest he is on the staff. He was trying to get on with the game. Look at Mr Rednapp’s reaction to the man in the tunnel

    In respect of Mr Jordan the ball was thrown from the crowd from some distance, I have no idea if ther was any intent other than to get on with the game.

    I was there opposite the incident, I wish the camera’s could show it correctly.


  6. That’s rich coming from you lot….songs about Munich etc, as for cowards and coming to Elland Road? do me a favour, police restrictions from SY police, early kick offs, collection of tickets by voucher at a service station by club coach ONLY? season ticket holders only having access to buy tickets….cowards? yeah right….Millwall have been to you many, many times, until your local plod got involved…


  7. God forbid the home support “annoying” the opposition’s manager. How dare they!

    And “coward”? The ball thrower was 3-4 yards away and you can see by his face in your photo above that there was no intention to hit him. Just urgency to give the ball to Robinson. Remember it’s the 91st minute and Millwall are 2-1 down and chasing a goal….

    Not that he deserved to be struck by the ball, but having clearly seen the incident unfold, I believe Redknapp’s position taken between ball holder and throw taker was no coincidence. Remember, his side are 2-1 up with but a few minutes left as Millwall in the ascendancy.

    Say what you like about actual facts. There are more than enough ills to warrant you not needing to make others up.


  8. LooseChange

    Come on Robert, can I call you Robert? Your always blogging about us! Something tells me there is a lion inside trying to get out. Let it out son, you’ll feel better for it!


  9. D – ‘Leeds… do this stuff for a reason…’ are you serious? The years of man u chants are for a good reason then?? Love to hear your reasoning behind that.


  10. Paul Tipps

    Thanks Rob, you do make me chuckle. You should thank little old Millwall as you would have nothing to write about without us


  11. Adrian Blacklee

    The ball thrown back into the field of play inadvertently hit Harry who was standing next to the Millwall player taking the throw (was Harry encroaching too close to the field of play?), I was at the ground and the ball thrown back was by a Millwall official in the players tunnel……not a fan….100% fact as the pictures show, basically Harry got in the way. Why does this warrant a press story?


  12. looking at the picture the culprit is jonny vegas


  13. Proxy ground proxy team and sh– supporters coyrs


  14. Very amusing Rob – but you are quite mad aren’t you? What’s your view on the flare hitting the ref’s asst. in the Villa V Spurs game?


  15. The chap who threw the ball, which hit Jordan is a mate of mine and he hit him quite unintentionally. Jordan was looking down at the time when the ball was being thrown back (we were 2-1 down with minutes on the clock) to Paul Robinson; Jordan looked up at the last minute and it hit him in the face and the ball travelled towards the tunnel area. Redknapp who only really saw the fag-end of the incident then turned around and started swearing to the crowd; that’s when he walked straight into the ball, which was being thrown back to Paul Robinson with equal zeal by a Millwall employee. After another foul-mouthed rant Redknapp saw the funny side and started laughing. That lasted about two seconds becuase Easter notched a deserved equaliser.

    Nothing to see here Rob.


  16. ‘Whinge, whinge, whinge…’ great comeback Rob! you know nothing, even the QPR staff have all said it was am accident and no intent on either Redknapp or Jordan. We have have littel expendable cash and still takes care of local community and people (whether Millwall fans or not) if it wasnt for Millwall in the community the area would be a million times worse off. I suggest you understand the clu, area and most of all the fans before you post views of the blind sighted.


  17. kenny johnson

    Get a life you sado leeds you need to get out more. Leeds fans have double standards and for some reason you support 2 teams leeds and millwall as you seem yo have a real insight to what happens in our mecca. Then again if I was from leeds I would support millwall…. or whats that other big club in leeds. Oh yeah…… Barnsley.


  18. Wow Rob, you really have found an outlet for for your frustration! But Leeds won this week-end! Why whinge at an incident you knew nothing about except from an equally biased press? Personally I thought Redknap and co were deliberately trying to stop a quick throw in but I’m reasonable and will accept that it was just an accident.


  19. Two people were accidentally hit by a ball at a football match – don’t dare see the funny side of it .


  20. Get your facts correct before you go all guns blazing, the ball was thrown back by a steward & both joe Jordan & Harry red knapp admitted it was an accident, it’s not as if your Leeds supporters are angels is it !!!!


  21. Headline news, football bouncing about the touchline during a match.

    Hardly crime of the century, but you keep the rose tinted glasses on Rob, glad to know the peoples republic of Yorkshire are keeping watch over South London, I’ll sleep safe now.


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