Acrostic Inspiration for Leeds United Fans – by Rob Atkinson

For all the ills we’ve borne
Until the bitter end
Come rain, come wind, come gale
Know ye this for sure

Our destiny will be fulfilled
For the faithful of our tribe
Fate has a bounty in store

Yet long the road we have to tread
Old and feeble though some be
United in lack of fear or dread

Many the barriers in our path
Awesome the mountains yet to scale
Never a thought of turning back

Until the fateful day arrives
Nary a doubt will we confess
In true fidelity bound to our oath
Till our deserved reward draws near
Ever determined, ever brave
Destined to reach our ultimate goal

Safe at last we’ll gain our ends
Closer still our bond shall be
Unto the last we stood as one
Mightier now than any foe

14 responses to “Acrostic Inspiration for Leeds United Fans – by Rob Atkinson

  1. But it doesnt rhyme!! 😉


  2. AllWhiteNow

    Brilliantly obsessive and inspiringly tribal – I love it! What else do you do in your leisure time Rob? 😉


  3. Nice work lad….


  4. And read the Rooney one…Genius….and very true!!


  5. dansdad1919

    Nice one, I love it.


  6. Much better than the ode to rooney , a touch of in a corner of a foreign field about it


    • That’s very flattering Mr O! I’m a massive fan of Rupert Brooke, Owen and Sassoon too. I suspect that, a century on, these guys are due a major revival.


  7. Me and you both rob , add in rad burns and john copper Clarke and I guess that shows you the wide and varied range I enjoy


  8. Excuse the predictive spelling , RAB burns


  9. Most of them are rob , ha


  10. Nice one man that rhyme was genius if theres one thing thats gonna brighten up a shitty day is a rhyme slating the scum slags


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