Leeds United MD David Haigh on Transfers and Stadium Development

Click here:  Leeds United MD David Haigh on Transfers and Stadium Development

An upbeat interview from the charming and urbane Mr Haigh, who promises an exciting time ahead and commits to supporting manager Brian McDermott in the January transfer window.  Well worth listening to – and even an unabashed cynic such as myself couldn’t fail to be impressed by the enthusiasm in the man’s voice when he talks about the club which he has, apparently, supported since boyhood.  Developments in both the stadium and the transfer situation will be awaited with bated breath – and a certain amount of that very unfamiliar commodity as far as Leeds United fans are concerned – optimism.

9 responses to “Leeds United MD David Haigh on Transfers and Stadium Development

  1. pattayarag

    Spending money on a building they don’t own….. who came up with that crazy idea!!!!!!


  2. Boyhood fan ? Then why the “alleged” pro-Scum tweets ?


    • Yes, I saw those tweets – it made me wonder at the time. But the boyhood Leeds fan thing figures heavily in the interview – so you pays your money and you takes your choice. Just don’t shoot the messenger 🙂


  3. alec ferguson

    to many false dawns at lufc ,but have to agrre with pat why not buy back stadium then develop it ,would love to see this come true but there has been to many let downs


  4. maybe it’s more sense financially to build New stadium with corporate sponsorship as with The Emirates? 50,000+ if promoted to the premiership suddenly gives you a lot more spending power on gate revenues alone!


  5. Did you guys not even bother to listen before posting? “we want to acquire the stadium. We want to develop the stadium. But we also need to concentrate on the team” they will buy elland road before developing it


  6. Feeling really positive with the way things are going atm. Would like to see away form improved but I think we’re heading in the right direction. What a difference a year makes! Haven’t felt this happy about the club for a long while, long may it continue. Still think the squads light in places, let’s see what happens in Jan 🙂


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