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Man U Still Odds-On to Lose to City at Wembley – by Rob Atkinson


It’s delicately poised in the League Cup semi-final as Sunderland take a narrow 2-1 lead to the Theatre of Hollow Myths in a fortnight. It’s all up for grabs as to who will get to Wembley to get stuffed by City in what will be seen, now that Man U are out of the FA Cup, as the most glamorous domestic cup final of the season.

This was a tense and scrappy affair, with the Pride of Devon at least able to claim the goal of the evening with Vidic’s header after the interval equalising a Giggs own goal in the first period.

The decisive moment came when ex-City flyer Adam Johnson surged into the Man U area where he was felled by Cleverley. Amazingly, the penalty was given, despite the fact that both Giggs and Rafael were on hand to explain politely to the ref that when Man U are playing, it’s never a penalty against them unless somebody is actually killed. Rafael picked up a yellow card for childish petulance.

Borini converted the spot kick, beating de Gea all ends up – though to be fair, how much penalty practice do Man U keepers get? Rafael was slightly lucky shortly after his petulance booking to escape a second yellow after a blatant foul on goalscorer Borini. The young Brazilian was only spared when the ref noticed what badge he was wearing.

So a narrow lead for Sunderland which they will do well to hang onto in the return leg. The tie is delicately poised at 2-1, but with the possibility of injuries clearing up for Man U and the probability of a penalty or two, you’d have to rank the Pride of Devon as marginal favourites to get handsomely thumped by Manchester’s finest in the showpiece at Wembley.

That LUFC Investment Update in Full – by Rob Atkinson


News you already know update

  • Good Evening
  • We’ve been working hard and hope it’ll pay off
  • Andy Flowers is on board after his chastening Ashes winter
  • Erm….
  • That’s it, with regard to this one
  • Look, stop nagging OK?

Leeds Takeover: What’s the Big Delay With FL Approval? – by Rob Atkinson


Still no news as I write of the ratification of Leeds United’s latest takeover, or TOMA – as it’s fondly known by the weary and hard-bitten cynics among United’s online support.  The delay is annoying to say the least; it could be described as incredibly irritating, or as adding insult to the injury of three successive defeats.  One might even be tempted to ask if the inevitable involvement of Shaun Harvey, ex CEO at Elland Road and now filling a similar role at the Football League, is helping or hindering matters.  Presumably, his is the rubber-stamp we are waiting for, and you might think that Harvey’s inside knowledge of Leeds United would smooth the path of progress.  Yet, if anything, the opposite seems to be the case.  Charlton Athletic have just had a delay and trouble-free approval of their takeover – we at Leeds continue to wait in an echoing silence.  What’s the problem?  Is someone simply taking the mick?

Some might be mollified by assurances from within the club that this irritating hold-up will not affect United’s transfer business within the current window.  Indeed, we are now told that we can expect two Premier League signings before the Wendies game next weekend.  Or, hang on, make that “at least one”.  The news changes by the hour, but the silence on the Big Issue rumbles on.

This needs sorting.  Whoever it is that has failed to get their finger out, they need to now give their head a shake and get a move on.  The dragging-out of this process is disrespectful to fans who have had more than enough to put up with over the last decade or so.  At the moment, the best place for a Leeds fan to look for anything cheery is Man U and their trials and tribulations, which do make for light-hearted reading and viewing as the media descend into a cloud of angst.  But, this comic relief aside, we want our own situation sorted out – and sharpish.

It’s difficult to imagine what purpose can be served by this delay.  It’s pointless to speculate as to whether or not Harvey and anyone else involved are even bothered by the feelings and misgivings of mere fans.  But whatever silly game of paper-shuffling they’re playing, it’s time to retrieve their heads from their fundaments and get on with it.  It was never funny, and now it’s just becoming silly.

Stop messing about with our club, and do your jobs.