Leeds Utd Players Take Note: April 5th is NOT Just Another Day – By Rob Atkinson

The Football League in their arrogance and ignorance seem to feel the appeal announcement should be delayed, for fear of adverse Leeds fans’ reactions live on Sky TV. It doesn’t occur to them that today we’re preoccupied by something infinitely more important than their bumbling and messing about.

RIP Chris & Kev, and let’s hope LUFC produce a performance worthy of your memory.

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We Are Leeds We Are Leeds

There have been many famous rallying speeches over the whole history of combat, whether it be in the theatre of war or merely a matter of winning a game of football. We can all name the famous motivators in each sphere: Elizabeth I or Henry V, Admiral Lord Nelson or Winston Churchill, each of whom fired up their troops to give their all in battle for England. Sir Alf Ramsey did the same for the Three Lions heroes of 1966 and of course our own Don Revie was unrivalled as he created a team who would run through walls for him, inspired by the steely cry of “Keep Fighting”.

But sometimes, tub-thumping speeches should not be necessary – the occasion speaks for itself and demands pride, passion and commitment more than any mere words could possibly do. The Leeds United players who take the field at Wigan…

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5 responses to “Leeds Utd Players Take Note: April 5th is NOT Just Another Day – By Rob Atkinson

  1. R.I.P christopher and kevin, well said rob


  2. Come on guys let’s forget about our off pitch woes for a few hours and put on a performance in respect of Chris & Kev.


  3. this lot wont run through rice for us, lets , hope they prove us wrong today,by god they owe us one ,just in case they do iv put £20 on them at 5/1 probable should have put it on a nag in the 4.15 mot


  4. Well said Rob
    Never forget


  5. Guiseley White

    Well said, am at Wigan. Sadly I doubt this point will resonate with the majority of our squad. Think the FL statement regarding delaying the announcement is as inflammatory as making the announcement. These people run our game! As a famous comedian would say “Fit and proper my a**e” obviously referring to the FL here.


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