Can Leeds United Hero, Agent Moyes, Keep Up his Good Work?? – by Rob Atkinson

Moyes - a hero to not just Leeds fans

Moyes – a hero to not just Leeds fans

The Leeds United “Man of the Season” for 2013/14, David Moyes, certainly pulled all the stops out last time around as – virtually single-handed – he returned Man U to the mediocrity from which they should never have emerged, cheering up all real fans of the One True United in the process.

Sadly, his distinguished service to the game in general, and to those of an Elland Road persuasion in particular, earned him only the dubious reward of the sack. It’s a shame, especially as he was looking ready and able to build on his many unprecedented achievements at the Theatre of Hollow Myths. Now the fallen media favourites will set about recovery. True to their legendary youth policy and horror of buying success, they already seem committed to a £60m outlay on two players. Even though talent and success are withering and waning at the Trafford Redsox Ballpark, hypocrisy, that hardy annual of the Man U psyche, flourishes yet.

The fantastic job Moyes did at the Man U franchise, reducing the Pride of Devon to the laughing stock of the North West, was a masterpiece of destruction, fully appreciated by football lovers everywhere except Torquay, Milton Keynes and Barnsley. Every other Lancashire club helped themselves to six easy points from the so-called “Greatest Club in the World” and two feeble Cup exits at home had proper football fans everywhere splitting their sides laughing. For those with the good of the game at heart, the legend that is Moyes attained a status accorded normally only to heroes. How very apt.

Now it appears that Moyes is set to move on to the other target at the top of any Leeds fan’s hate list, and set about his work of annihilation at Galatasaray, a club who deserve to plummet just as precipitously as did Man U – if not more so.

No explanation is necessary for the hatred and contempt that Leeds United fans bear for that dreadful club and its animal fans.  The matter speaks for itself. Suffice it to say, as far as this blog is concerned, that failure and misery is the very least we wish them – and if last season’s exploits are anything to go by, then we might just have the very man in David Moyes to bring about those desirable outcomes.  However he managed to compass the demise of the Stretford Scum, more power to his elbow in employing exactly the same techniques to bring down the most disgusting club in the world to a well-deserved low point in their recent history.

Moyes, after all, has done it once; he can certainly do it again.  Even at Everton, where his performance supposedly fitted him for “elevation” to the hot-seat at the Theatre of Hollow Myths, his record was notably silverware-free.  In the wake of his departure for pastures more perilous, Everton – under the studiously technical guidance of Roberto Martinez – have enjoyed their best season for years, including six points from Man U as they finally fulfilled Moysie’s decade-long dream of finishing above their rivals from the red quarter of Manchester.

Good luck then, David Moyes, adopted hero of Leeds United fans as well as those of several other clubs, as you set forth to write a new and hopefully grimly disappointing chapter in the history of a club for whom despair and disappointment should be the norm.  We shall follow your progress with interest.  Closer to home, we’ll all be hoping that the legacy of your reign at Man U is not so easily undone, and that a repeat of last season’s hilarious cock-ups may be afforded us.  Really, as long-suffering Leeds fans, it’s the very least we deserve. 

11 responses to “Can Leeds United Hero, Agent Moyes, Keep Up his Good Work?? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Rob, The Blitish Broadcasting Corporation have no reports of the rumour, so it must be true! I cannot see “the chosen one” doing a trick like the other over-rated Jock, Mr Souness (That flag thing got Yozzer out of the Pooh, well for a few weeks anyway). Mr Moyes has less credentials than Souness, and the so called Turkish fans are not very patient, me thinks he will be stepping out of the Macari chip Pan, into the Tajine, and quite frankly they deserve each other.


  2. Just like to say, this set up where Cellino ,Carboni & Readfern choose players & Hockaday gets them in shape has some promise


  3. Well Rob, words fail me. With all the ‘happenings’ going on at Leeds Utd, why honor ‘them’ and ‘their’s’ by going on about em?

    Exciting times at Leeds, who’s going, who’s staying,
    is the Magnifico Massimo the real deal? – a new messiah? a new Don like the great one of old?

    Can ‘The Hock’ produce a shock and turn back the clock – to make the Mighty Leeds proud again?

    Will Hunt the… well will he be around long enough to break his duck?

    Will paddy be back in fashion?, will Field Marshall Mac be leading the troops?

    These things and many many more are … ‘Cosa Nostra’ – ‘OUR THING’



  4. Sydney-Leeds

    He would be a great welcome at this great club long live Leeds united


  5. I concur with every detail of this blog, Rob. When you blogged about Franz Beckenbauer recently, it prompted me to buy the DVD of the 75 final. On watching it I noticed the perimeter advertising board nearest the halfway line was for MANUFRANCE. My investigations have led me to discover this was the scum supporters club branch nearest to the theatre of hollow myths in those days. I now ask that you, Rob, hold an inquiry as to how the vermin were able and allowed to participate in purple nose style mind games against our beloved lads that evening. My missus is trying to persuade me that MANUFRANCE is a contraction of Manufacturing France but I know better. Rob, I’m relying on you to somehow right another wrong!


  6. Kelly hxwhite

    Think Times right to Move on Rob enough Leeds fans can’t get this scrum thing out of there eds, personally I really couldn’t give a flying buck wots that sack of shiete over the hills r doing as Leeds fans we should b interested in wots happening at ER to the whites we don’t play the pride of Wales anymore and have smaller fish to fry especially the sparrows from Norfolk who keep steeling our finest


    • If I’ve correctly deciphered your comment, you want me to leave the scum alone. Sorry, can’t oblige. This blog is predicated upon a love for Leeds United and a hatred for Man U and the Turkish scum that is only marginally less intense. So I shall keep on knocking them, and you will continue to have a free choice as to whether or not you read it 🙂


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