Guest Post – Slipping Away: The Truth Behind Alzheimer’s Disease

Close to home for me. A worthy cause, a disease that needs to be fought.

5 responses to “Guest Post – Slipping Away: The Truth Behind Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Rob, Thanks for re-issuing the blog regarding Alzheimers, I think due to the personal nature of the disease it seems to be slipping below many peoples radar, My wonderful Mother-in-law is suffering, a woman who 5 years ago was a beautiful,vibrant, smart and quick-witted businesswoman, a woman who always looked amazing and helped me with so much, probably as a supportive and loving Mum-in law would do. She sadly is now a shell of her former self, she does not remember me,or my Daughters,but perhaps even more crushing she does not recognize my wife, her daughter, the whole family are devastated that this once amazing woman is now shrinking away before our very eyes. Every day we ask how did she deserve this, the answer is, she did not. If there is a greater power, he needs to change his priorities. Thanks again Rob.


    • Our family is passing through this long shadow right now, Rob, so the blog really struck a chord with me and I felt I had to share it. I really feel for anyone who’s having to watch a loved one fall to pieces like this. It’s like bereavement, a bit at a time – an awful limbo. And yet there are lighter moments, and I’m finding you do get the odd flash of the person you remember. The worst symptom with my Dad is an increasing regard for Man U! Sometimes you cry, sometimes you laugh – but it’s a sad and inevitable slide downhill. I wish you strength and comfort in your own experience.


  2. Bloody Heart wrenching story. Truly horrible disease that robs its victims of their dignity. Hopefully much more can be done to find a cure and help those affected. Life can be so fucking cruel- make the most of yours and spare a thought for others- it keeps us human. NUFC.


  3. Leeds on koh Phangan.

    Its extremely important to highlight this disease.
    it affects so many families.
    sadly my Mum died 3 yrs ago after having Alzheimzers.


    • Sorry to hear that – it’s my Dad it’s affecting currently. It’s a horrible thing – takes the person away without actually at first killing them. The sooner science gets its act together, the better.


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