Rudy to Become a 500,000 Pound Pie – by Rob Atkinson

Bye bye, Rudy

Bye bye, Rudy

It seems likely that ex-skipper Rodolph Austin will, after all, be leaving Elland Road this window – following the trail blazed by Jason Pearce to darkest Wigan over on t’wrong side of the hills.

The move comes just a couple of days after manager Neil Redfearn stated categorically that Austin was “not for sale”. That stance appeared to be dictated by the non-availability through injury of loan signing Granddi Ngoyi, who is likely to be out for a short while yet.

The nature of the modern game means that players can these days “better themselves” by moving from a footballing giant like Leeds to comparative midgets like Wigan. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I feel it’s difficult to say – it depends on your point of view. Any “bettering” will be purely financial, as there is still a massive status gap between the likes of the Latics and the Whites of Elland Road.

It’s likely to be a busy deadline day in and around LS11 – and it may be that the exit of Austin – apparently dictated by the chance of a fee (sadly well short of six million dollars) for a player who could have walked for nowt in July – will necessitate one more incoming transfer than previously anticipated. That, or we might be left light in midfield over the next few games, whilst still precariously placed in the league table.

Tomorrow should be a very interesting day.

11 responses to “Rudy to Become a 500,000 Pound Pie – by Rob Atkinson

  1. derbyshire white

    I’m sure Malky Mackay will have texted him a suitable greeting.


  2. Bosman strikes again. I know it stops Clubs from acting like ‘Owners’ of players but it is responsible for many of the game’s problems too .Like silly money wages, having to sell players that you can’t afford to let go for free, and increased player power in negotiations etc etc.
    Those three things, and the Sky money, are the things that will eventually finish the game off, and we will end up watching a Euro Super League full of Man U and Chelsea type teams with no soul whatsoever, but plenty of prawn sandwiches and champagne for the ‘Elite’.
    Not a genuine fan in sight by the way. They will be a thing of the past.


  3. Obviously I can see the negatives, but a player with a few months on his contract, £500k, aged 29, on good wages. I can certainly see the positives for Leeds too. We do have a lot of midfield talent in my view.
    If money was no object he would be staying. But that’s not the case at all.


  4. so selling Austin because he’s the wrong side of 30 is consistent with selling Warnock according to the law set by Mr.Scambino….but how come we signed Bambi then?
    Reminds me of ” where’s Brian anybody seen Brian” and “the first thing i will do is write a cheque and buy back Elland road”
    If it wasnt for Neil Redfearn and the kids from the accademy we would be even more in the shite than we are now.The second raters from pizza express have not really made us world beaters have they.
    And who’s idea was the feckin diamond?
    Different coach but same formation.
    Stick to trying to play the guitar at low volume.
    The Fl would probably be doing us a favour ridding us of the special ego one


    • And then what? And if he’s difficult to remove, yet the FL persist – who suffers? The club, and the fans.


      • Death by a thousand cuts with Cellino in charge.
        Have we really moved on since the poison smurf?Our league position says not.
        Redfearn and his kids have given us some hope this season but this was not plan A it was Plan D or E.
        40 odd years a supporter and i have never been this negative for the future.
        Hope i am wrong about scambellino but the character of the man is starting to unravel and those early doubts/gut feelings are starting to ring true


  5. I hate transfer deadline day it reminds me of a cattle market .


    • Or, in this case, a pie stall.


    • Billy Sharp quote today “Leeds will be fine if Cellino lets us do job”
      And thats the problem….he wont.
      See how many times Sharp is “allowed” to play now that he has criticised the mad one….same as Warnock who had an opinion the ego didnt like and then he was gone.


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