From Leeds United: In Memoriam of When Rooney Was Half-Decent – by Rob Atkinson


When it comes to goals he knows his stuff
A gift like his is aye enough
Yet scruples not to spend his sweat
Never a poor example set
Equal to times both smooth and rough

Rarely though even for such as he
On such occasions would hope to see
O‘er field of combat, strife and toil
Ne’er respect for enemy soil
Exquisite contact, poised mid-air
Yes!  A goal, and struck so fair!

In momentary hush then caught
Suspended time, a frozen thought

And then – a clamour fills our ears!!

Frenzy, joy, a blast of noise
And all rejoice his name
Thousands; women, men and boys

Blessing the day their hero came
And praising his talent rare
Lifting their souls, such artistry
Drama for all to share

Goal! The throng with mighty roar
Rejoice with heart and soul and more
And fill the air with songs of glee
Now it is real, now all can see
Never to fade from our memory’s eye
Years though they pass, time though it fly

Some feats are not forgotten, for
Hearts and minds will keep their store
Away from the daily grind of life
Golden moments, a cure for strife
Guiltily, yet with secret joy
In all men’s hearts there lives a boy
Now and again he’ll know anew
Great are the memories – great but few

Time lends a lustre to our past
When sometimes life goes by too fast
And yet some vivid moments shine
This goal will keep – as finest wine

7 responses to “From Leeds United: In Memoriam of When Rooney Was Half-Decent – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Simon Clarkson

    Excellent Rob, at first I thought it was a reverential piece until I saw the highlighted letters at the beginning of the sentence.


  2. D eepdale last night in the FA Cup
    I swear I saw the fat f**ker trip up
    V ideo evidence shows the fact
    I ts clear to see his cheating act
    N ow he steps up & hits the goal
    G rinning like he’s banging grannys hole

    T o those who think he was ever world class
    W ell your simply talking out of your ass
    A gainst PNE he looked past his best
    T he Scummers (Sky-backed) glory days laid to rest


  3. Twice as many red cards than goals in tournament football says it all

    He’s a bully footballer, great against weak teams, or in the prem with manure friendly refs, found wanting vs quality opposition.


    • Yup. It’s the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Worry for England fans to see Woy lodged quite so far up Shrek’s capacious arse. A liability for England, red card waiting to happen – but he can offer 90 mins of dross and then with one tap in he’s the media darling again. He must have photos of all the media naked and chasing after choirboys.


  4. After that Rooney dive, are the F.A. referees going to deny Scum dead cert penalties in the future?, just like the pathetically corrupt Football League are now doing to Leeds. I very much doubt it, with Scum being the media and referee darlings, for the past 23 years.
    Oh what a joy it would be for Leeds to be rightly given a dead cert penalty for once, instead of the bent Football League referees conveniently turning a blind eye and unfairly booking a poleaxed Leeds player for diving.


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