Leeds United Fans Recognised as “Simply the Best” – by Rob Atkinson

Alright, we all knew that anyway – but it’s good to have it confirmed. As this video certainly does. If there are any quibbles, they are further down the list than Leeds United’s pre-eminent, undisputed Number One status. Take the number twos, for instance – actually that’s not a bad nickname for Man U. But they shouldn’t be there – they should be disqualified.

After all, this is about away support – and, as we all know, Man U have a bunch of plastic glory-hunters living just around the corner from every football stadium in the Universe – and they only ever prise their arses out of the traditional armchair when their favourites happen to visit the locality once every blue moon (fnarr).

Besides which – can you hear the solo voices in that supposed mass chant near the end of their bit? Flat as a fart. They couldn’t be any more out of tune without coming back into tune again. So they should be out for that, too.

And Newcastle?? Ouch. And cringe. It’s those accents, isn’t it? Those lugubrious vowel sounds come ear-achingly out of even a reasonably well-sung song. And “Pardew is our King”?? They hated him, wanted to kill him and render him down for pease pudding to flog to Mackems on Wearside. How hypocritical. Disqualified.

You can make up your own minds about the rest of it – or just let it be, and bask in the glory, glory of Leeds being acknowledged as the top away crowd anywhere.

Not that there was ever any doubt.

15 responses to “Leeds United Fans Recognised as “Simply the Best” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. The greatest test of the greatest supporter are the ones who stand by their club through thick and thin. Leeds United supporters would win by a mile.


  2. You have to laugh at Millwall at ten. They usually fill a taxi for their trips to Elland Road.


  3. Yes Rob the best away following in England , not a surprize at all and for all the downs we’ve had over the last ten years , it just goes to show we have the most loyal fans anywhere . Not many clubs would sell out !!!!! their allocations week after week having to put up with the mismanagement , continious bad news days , poor team performances and total victimisation from the football league of the club . Leeds supporters are a different breed though , we laugh in the face of hate towards us . We love it , we’re all in it together , us against the world and I for one wouldn’t have it any other way. We support the team in numbers because its a way of life , its a family who on the whole stick together through adversity . Its great going to away games and seeing the same old faces week in week out . We go for the day out on our coach as do most others and often say another good day out spoilt by the football but knowing full well next away game we’ll be ready to go again . Reading tuesday , two days off work 10.00 a.m start back in Leeds 2.00/3.00 a.m Wednesday . Bring it on. See you all there. M.O.T


  4. Was there ever any doubt? But Miwwaww at no 10???


  5. AllWhiteNow

    Our clip should have included a full rendition of ‘We All Love Leeds, We All Love Leeds, We All Love Leeds, We All Love Leeds….’ Ten minutes of that when we were 1-4 down at Ipswich left the locals gasping in admiration! Awesome sight and sound. MOT


  6. Steven emsley

    When you watch a game from the other side of the world and you here MOT been sung it brings tears to the eyes even my kids can’t believe the sound of the support they get and they were born in Australia.its that loud some times they ask me to turn the sound down and I say they can’t be that loud they are way from home true class and loyalty . you can’t buy it for love or money ask the scum or chelski but we have it in bundles keep it up lads and lasses


  7. I pity the 82 clubs that finished below Millwall – how poor must their away support be?


  8. Just confirms what we know to be true!
    That Leeds United spirit, laugh in the face of adversity, go three goals down and sing LOUDER, back the players as much as you can, it’s what sets our fans apart.
    I’ve wondered about the sort of players we’ve had and whether they’ve always been worthy of that sensational backing, but Redfearn seems to have “got it” that playing the youngsters, with a couple of hard-bitten pro’s is a time-honoured recipe for full-blooded effort and commitment on BOTH sides of the white line. Lewis Walters flying down the wing. Exciting times!
    Very proud Leeds fan Down Under. “Keep Fighting”


  9. blue monday

    I am from down south and probably an armchair fan (not altogether though!), but, all respect to those of you who follow our team across the land. …MOT


  10. What was the criteria for this top ten, I agree our away support is fantastic but as premiership allocations are so small in comparison to championship its hardly a level playing field.
    Also you could just as easily aim the man U dig at Leeds fans who only see the team when they are playing in their neck of the woods….thats not a critisism btw.


  11. Another season of no (unofficial) silverware for us then!! Roll on 2015/16.


  12. RoystonLUFC

    it’s nice to hear the Scum fans singing of their love for United. I always thought they didn’t like us all that much


  13. Great that we’re number 1, but its a dodgy list with the plastics at number 2 (should be their neighbours, who like us had their years in the wilderness but still had great support)

    As for millwall, lol wtf


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