Count On Leeds United to Knock the Canaries From Their Perch – by Rob Atkinson

The only good Canaries are dead Canaries

The only good Canaries are dead Canaries

If Leeds United‘s topsy-turvy season runs true to form, then tomorrow’s visitors Norwich City might just have a nasty surprise waiting for them at Elland Road. The Whites have already sent a few Championship high-flyers home, pointless and wondering what happened, in a season that has seen them generally under-perform. The challenge of promotion-chasing opponents, though, has frequently brought out the best in United on home soil – as Middlesbrough Ironopolis, Bournemouth and Derby County could readily testify.

Norwich would be a welcome scalp as far as United’s long-suffering fans are concerned. As a club, they’ve behaved towards Leeds in a decidedly uppity fashion over the past few years, taking advantage of a rare spell of league superiority to asset-strip our squad on an unpleasantly regular basis. While it’s true to say that Fulham have acted in much the same way, and more recently too, it’s also true that Leeds had Fulham for mugs over Ross McCormack‘s transfer, which has tended to mollify folks at this end. No such consolation where our backwoods, carrot-crunching friends are concerned; they’ve been really quite rude about openly enjoying raiding us and nicking off with some of our best players – as well as Bradley Johnson.

There was also that nasty little business earlier in the season, when serial victim Cameron Jerome made one of his occasional, ill-grounded racial abuse allegations against United player Giuseppe Bellusci. Jerome’s accusations on this occasion were so lacking in any supporting evidence that a Leeds player actually got off on a charge against him; something that hasn’t happened since before the Grand Canyon was formed. Norwich City, oddly, publicly supported their player despite the total lack of any corroborating evidence – and continued this stance even after the League verdict. Still, justice was done in the end – and Jerome sulked. It will be interesting to see if any lingering grudges are settled one way or the other tomorrow evening.

For Leeds, with Head Coach Neil Redfearn having thrown down the gauntlet to his team following a pallid display against Cardiff, the team’s make up is anyone’s guess. Redders could challenge as near as possible the same XI to redeem themselves, or he could ring the changes. Either way, a Norwich side strengthened by the absence of suspended ex-White Johnson might be expected to have too much for a Leeds side shaken by recent events and lacking both motivation and morale – so it might appear.

Just bear in mind that habit of being party-poopers, though. Against all logic, it would be no great surprise to see Leeds emerge from their gloom and turn the Canaries into so many bones and feathers tomorrow. We’ll keep our fingers crossed at Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything Towers – and make an only slightly tongue-in-cheek prediction of 3-1 to Leeds.

Oh – and Steve Morison to score…. FINALLY.


29 responses to “Count On Leeds United to Knock the Canaries From Their Perch – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Hat trick for Steve!


  2. 3-1…a Steve Morison hat-trick t’boot as well then Rob?!!


  3. Mark benson

    Was with you all the way rob until …….. If anyone sees morison with a banjo looking for a cows arse keep out of the way


  4. daniel18387

    HaHa, Rob you are a funny lad. I enjoy reading your musings when we come around to play you.

    I don’t quite understand why you’re so bitter towards Norwich. Surely, you can ignore the daft fans of NCFC. We weren’t all gloating at you. The facts are, despite the forms of both teams, at this current time, nothing is guaranteed in football.

    Another point about Jerome. Surely you can understand a misunderstanding in dialogue between the two players. I do, however, agree that he should have apologised to your player. Norwich did, what any other club would do. They backed their player at a difficult time.

    Nevermind, it’s over with now. We have a game to look forward to tomorrow 😊


    • milano whites

      Nice post Dan. No hard feelings but he should have apologised and he needs to stop playing the inverted racist card….good luck to you and your lad…MOT with all real footballfans


  5. It’s a football market Rob. Players choose to stay or leave. Rare is the thing that used to be loyalty to one club. As for Jerome I guess we will never know the truth. The case was unproven. I dare say any club would stand by its own player, even uppity Norwich.

    Wonder how Morrison will respond tomorrow night!


    • Players don’t ALWAYS have the choice to stay or leave mate. You don’t think Howson was asked how he felt about a move to East Anglia, before Stinky Beard took Delia’s cash?


  6. Dan The Man Leather Tan

    Haha gutted when bechio, howson n snodgrass went but Bradley Johnson really not that fussed him n killkenny nearly made 1 good midfielder between them, I’ve been really down after last 3 games tommo getting sack, well paid till his contract runs out ( wonder what he actually said) but your right derby etc have experienced it let’s hope Norwich do as well nd as for Morrison well God help us I’ll eat my hat if he scores however he shouldn’t be in the team, how many games left now?? Let’s get some more youth chucked in there doesn’t really matter about the results it’s about building for next year, would have liked Walters up front with any or sharp but he played today

    Anyway MOT get a grip leeds!!!!


  7. Would love to see that result here in Dorset


  8. With our defence !!! Have you been drinking Robert ??


  9. RoystonLUFC

    This is so exciting. Just think: if we beat those of the infamous, wife-imploring acronym we’ll be almost guaranteed a finish in the middle third of the second division.

    I think my wayward optimism has been somewhat tempered since the early part of March, when I probably – and foolishly – predicted a last-gasp fight for a play-off berth. Now I’m looking for a cosy 60-plus points as a build-up to next season’s promotion-chasing campaign. Oh well!

    I’ve always been a glass half full man, but now I’m seriously thinking about buying a smaller glass.

    Regardless, I’ll still be wanting a massive victory tomorrow. So I’ll go with a nerve-racking one goal margin, the deciding goal being scored by Ngoyi. How’s that for imagination? I’m not putting money on it, mind.


  10. milano whites

    Lovely article Rob and glad to see you’ve cheered, and are cheering us up. Let’s have those web/fingered bogeys…MOT/YRA


  11. milano whites

    Steve the smirker to score five and get transferred to the bog people for 11 million…c’mon our lads.


  12. ‘an only slightly tongue-in-cheek prediction of 3-1 to Leeds.’

    You old kidder Rob… lolololol good of you to give the fans a giggle.

    BUT then, in a malicious and casual, columbo-esq sting in the tail style we get…

    ‘Oh – and Steve Morison to score…. FINALLY.’

    Now you are taking the proverbial pal!… talk about kicking us while we’re down you vicious, wicked man!!!


  13. I feel a king kev speech coming on Rob . I’d love it ! , love it ! we beat them. M.O.T


  14. milano whites

    C’mon our lads..and from the other clubs too..we can have em boys (and girls cos I’m being PC(…


  15. As I live n breathe I hope so………as in pigmaleon wouldnt it be lovely!!!


  16. There were some notable absences from the U21 fixture v Coventry; Adryan, Del Fabrio, Montenegro etc. so maybe they’ll get a meaningful run instead of getting a cold on the bench while old farts like Morison
    underwhelm the crowd for 85 minutes. Even 10 minutes of Robbie McDaid would get the crowd talking.


  17. leeds are a big price of 5/1 ,, 5/1 for a home team who like you say rob have beaten all these so called champions elect ,,,
    5/1 ?? i’m having a bit of that


  18. Fair point Sickpot. B*** sold the proverbial family silver …..players though have agents and look out for themselves too. Money speaks. Each week we watch virtual millionaires running around on the pitch. As stated loyalty is in short supply. Happens everywhere. Even at the ‘mighty’ Liverpool now


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