Prolific Morison Condemns Wednesday to Cup Final Defeat as Leeds Rule – by Rob Atkinson

Steve Morison - prolific

Steve Morison – prolific

Poor Sheffield Wednesday. And, make no mistake, they were poor. Insipid in build-up, impotent in front of goal – in the end, Leeds United could and perhaps should have won by more. But it would be churlish to criticise a team that comes from a goal down at half-time in a derby match – especially against opponents who traditionally regards every game against Leeds as their cup final. This is even more the case when you consider United’s recent off-the-field troubles – although, let’s face it, trouble’s as near to normality as the Whites ever get.

It’s two in a row now for United striker Steve Morison, who kept his cool to score the winner after his initial shot had been saved by Kieran Westwood in the home goal. Earlier in the second half, young Charlie Taylor had popped up in the right place at the right time to slot the equaliser home after a free kick on the edge of the area had the ball pinging about near goal. All this after the sub-par Wendies had gone in at half time leading through a disputed penalty. United manager Neil Redfearn was frank enough afterwards to admit he thought the ref had called it right. Easy to be magnanimous in victory, you might say – but in reality, so few ever are. Credit to Redders.

That two in two accolade for Morison loses a little of its lustre when you reflect that it could equally be interpreted as two goals in two years. But the big striker has played his part when given the chance this season, in a team that has struggled more often than not. You get the feeling with Morison that, in a team that plays to his strengths at this level, he’d still be a real handful. If he’s still in the white shirt next time around, we might just see much more in the way of fireworks from a much-maligned but still dangerous striker.

As for Wednesday – sadly for their fans (but comically for the rest of us), they’ve let down those supporters who turned up in numbers today for the match that means more to them than any other Championship fixture. In the end, it was just shy of 4,000 cock-a-hoop away supporters out of a crowd of over 28,000 who left Hillsborough raucously satisfied as the glum Wendies trooped sadly home.

It would take a lot to erase the memory of last season’s bitter Hillsborough experience, but Leeds made a start on that process of redemption with this much-improved performance. It’s always good to put South Yorkshire upstarts in their place and, as things stand right now, it may be that Leeds are destined to hammer home the final nail in Rotherham‘s Championship coffin next time out. If that proves to be the case, then Yorkshire’s least civilised quarter will have provided an upbeat end to what in truth has been another dismal season for Leeds.

For the moment, the glum look on the faces of those depressed Wendy fans at their Cup Final defeat is enough to bring a smile for even the most depressed United fan – together with some sort of hope for better things next season. Well, that’s what Massimo Cellino is promising us, and he’s bound to be sincere. Anyone remember the promises he made last season…?

31 responses to “Prolific Morison Condemns Wednesday to Cup Final Defeat as Leeds Rule – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Philip of Spain.

    Its one win in six,although a much improved performance. Let’s hope for another win against a small town in Sheffield …Can Morison get a hat trick?? As per Cul de sac Mac did today.I can just see Evans sweating like a polecat if they don’t win midweek.Lets pack the place next week and see if El Presidents has been allowed entry!!!


  2. Looks like Cellino wil be left alone by the FL next season Rob due to QPR going down. If thats the case that power vacuum between Umbers and Sellerno out of the way things should improve. I blame the FL for the mess not Cellino .


  3. There’s only one REDDERS mr Cellino! But why should we believe you when you do nothing but lie and make false promises?
    I won’t renew my Bremner season ticket it Redders is forced out and I’m sure there will be thousands like me.
    It will HURT beyond Measure – but not as much as the hurt you’ve given me this year.
    Gerry Cwmbran (500 mile round trip to home matches)


  4. Great result today Rob . The lads played their socks off for that result to pay back the loyal hordes for last season’s result. Our own know what it means to play in a derby and it showed and rubbed off on the rest of the team . The thing I couldn’t believe and probably the reason our support outclasses the likes of wendies is . It was their final home game when as is ritual at the end of the game the home team return to the pitch to thank the supporters for their support all season . The place was almost empty by the final whistle . I am so proud of my fellow Leeds fans because no matter how low our team sinks , we give undying support . That’s what being a supporter is wendies !!!. Hang your heads in shame . Win lose or draw against Rotherham next week we won’t desert our team. M.O.T


  5. That was never a penalty, Byram challenged for the ball and the Wednesday player deliberately fell over. If that’s a penalty the game has gone soft. I hate this “There was contact” nonsense. I genuinely thought the Referee was going to book him for diving, not point to the spot.
    This McGuire twerp who plays for Wednesday seems to want to cause trouble with the Leeds support every time we play them. In my view he should be made to explain his actions to the authorities. He blatantly tries to wind the fans up with his childish gesturing.I didnt see much of this however when the winner went in. Ha! The last laugh! Loser!


  6. The FL are gunning for Fernandez on what QPR lost last season that means Court cases ect ect, hopefully that means they leave Leeds and Cellino alone to get on with sorting this mess out without the FL on his back. What im hoping for are 3 things 1 we keep Readfern 2 we keep all our young players.3 get Thompson back,not to much to ask for .


  7. Did anyone else think the Linesmen today were poor at judging if the ball had gone for a throw in? Two or three decisions were clearly wrong. From my elevated position in the Upper Tier I could see clearly if the ball had gone out or stayed in, but Wednesday gained 2/3 advantages from these errors and Leeds gained once. Quite odd that something so easy to call can be so difficult for our ‘Officials’. No wonder it is beyond their abilities to get something like Offside right every time. Having just watched Cricket and Rugby League in the last couple of days, its hard to imagine those sports without technology. Both instances prove that Officials get it wrong a lot. Football by its very nature is probably even harder to judge, so why no progress in Video? It’s weird.


  8. Me to and Morison to get 3 goals next saterday.


  9. Thats the bet then Rob Leeds to loose 4-3 and Morison h/trick if it comes up Quids in and millwall down .


  10. Lets hope that Leeds beat Rotherham, just so that those Leeds hating poodle fans, along the A62, can not childishly brag that they have finished above Leeds, for the first time in living history.
    As I have said before, it’s very sad and pathetic, that their fans and other fans are constantly watching every move that Leeds make and think that finishing above a rudderless, crisis, mid-table club like Leeds, is a fantastic achievement to brag about.
    Can anyone also tell me why that Leeds hater Paul Ogden, on Radio Leeds, is forever being ask of an opinion, on the happenings at Leeds, when he can never give a civilized, fair minded and well balanced answer ?.


  11. David Dean

    Some friends had breakfast in town pre match. Came out and who was there. Cellino! They asked him if he was going to game “no the fucking football league won’t allow it”. We asked if he was keeping Redfearn “He’s a fucking coach, he should shut his mouth. Open your eyes boys” (don’t know what that meant) He took time out to talk which was good but it seemed to them that he was implying Redfearn would go, but he is mad!
    My opinion is that Cellino will keep Redders for another year and use the ban as his reason for not doing anything earlier. I think that even at this moment Cellino is not sure what he will do – he really has shown himself to be the lunatic that Johnny Giles told Redders not to go within a million miles of.


  12. …Makes you almost want to throw a match then Rob!
    …Forgot to add Thompson back too please (4 strikers might help!)


  13. Reality Cheque

    Morning Rob, I hope you and yours are well unlike my head this morning following too many sherbets after yesterday’s fantastic game.

    Its off topic I know, but just wondered whether you would offer your very respected opinion, (flattery intended!), regarding our prospects for next season under Massimo Cellino’s ‘control’?

    Like many of my fellow Leeds United supporters I have become very concerned, deflated and angry following recent events at Elland Road (Matt Childs feeling the need to resign from his “dream” job, Steve Thompson’s suspension by Salerno who has gone completely AWOL ever since at arguably the most important time for someone in his role to be finalising and negotiating his shopping list for player recruitment, Neil’s isolation and being hung out to dry and answer all the awkward questions regarding everybody else’s decisions and actions at the club etc).

    However, yesterday did produce a glimmer of hope from the most unlikely source when you consider the parallels between what has happened at Watford over the last 18 months to 2 years. Following the arrival of new owners they were suddenly swamped by players on loan from Italy ( to such an extent that the FL were forced to legislate to restrict the number of loaned players from any one other club to five players), many of these players were played instead of ‘home grown’ or experienced Championship squad members and then Watford went through 4 managers/head coach’s in little more than 12 months before appointing their current coach who has led them into the Premiership!! Do you think that Massimo can mirror Watford’s success unless he becomes much less impulsive and publicly critical towards his appointed head coaches? Just a thought Rob and wondered what your views are.


    • Thanks for asking – flattery accepted 😉 In short, I’m expecting another season of nutty decisions and ultimate disappointment, but I hope I’m wrong. I’m planning to see how the summer goes and then stick my neck out in a predictive sort of way.


  14. Is this article meant to be ironic?


  15. Martyn Barrett

    while I love Redders to bits for what he has done this season and throughout his LUFC tenure, would he be prepared in your opinion to revert to his former role and allow Jimmy Floyd to come in without his own back staff onterage.
    NR would then be in the position of running the club from the wings as I know he had a good relationship with JFH.
    It might be the only way in my opinion of preserving our young guns..otherwise we are cannon fodder for next year…


  16. Rob, your last paragraph sums up what I’m feeling about Leeds as it stumbles towards the end of another uninspiring season – “what Massimo Cellino is promising” etc. Usually a Leeds win has me feeing good all week (or until the next loss) but, even after beating the Wendies, I’m sort of only mildly pleased. The uncertainty and distrust gripping the club is destroying hope that next season we’re gonna see Leeds win… It’s like we’re gonna see Bates win.


    • I think this is what we have to deal with right now as an ongoing issue. Just as I’ve only felt mildly annoyed by the defeats, so the odd victory just papers over the cracks. The big questions remain to be answered.


  17. By my reckoning Huddersfield have not finished above Leeds since 1962. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    So basically they have never bettered us since we started playing in white.


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