Just Go, Cellino. In the Name of God, Man, GO!!!   –   by Rob Atkinson

Cellino OUT

Cellino OUT

Short and bitter blog this morning as yet another manager staggers away with Cellino‘s knife in his back.

I’ve seen this coming, as many will have done – I blogged about Uwe Rösler‘s recent poison tipped “vote of confidence” from il Loco, and the doomed German himself must surely have seen the writing on the wall there and then. 

So now Rösler is gone, just the latest victim of Cellino’s frankly crazy revolving door policy. The Italian doesn’t seem to see how the serial recruitment failure reflects on him – he evidently feels he’s right and the rest of the world is wrong, with each successive coach letting him down, the poor, frustrated genius. 

Cellino is no good for Leeds United. He’s made the club into a joke, just by his insane running of it, and leaving aside his shady activities on the fringes of criminality. Leeds under Cellino is not a fair test of any football man’s ability. Anyone agreeing to take over now must surely find his professional credibility stretched to breaking point. What will the rest of football think of anyone prepared to put his reputation on the line for a clown like our nutjob President? It’s a nightmare we just can’t seem to wake up from.

From what we hear, it may well be Steve Evans, late of Rotherham, next. And who knows after that – all we do know is it won’t take long. Evans will feel the love from Cellino for a spell, then he’ll be harangued in the press, then he’ll be gone. It’s not the way to run a football club – but it IS the way that a liar, an incompetent, a conman like Cellino conducts himself.  

This blog will now devote itself heart and soul, in its own small way, to hounding Cellino out of Leeds. He’s poison, the kind of walking disaster who will see us back down among the dead men. He has to go. The sooner, the better, for all concerned. I hope and believe other small voices will be raised in the cause of chasing this joker out of our club. 

Go, Cellino. Go now, if not sooner. In the name of God, man, GO!!!

33 responses to “Just Go, Cellino. In the Name of God, Man, GO!!!   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. David Dean

    Doesn’t matter if Klip Klop, Jose or Revie or Shankly or Clough had the job – non would survive. The club is finished unless this madman leaves.


  2. James Park

    You actually now feel like you WANT the Football League to Ban Him ! and I never thought I’d here myself say that !


  3. James Park



  4. Couldn’t agree more – time to go Massimo


  5. Agree with everything you’ve said mate , what we need is some kind of protest that’ll leave him in no doubt .Ideas on a postcard .
    It’s been downhill since AP left , the way he publicly criticised Byram , then the away ticket fiasco now this . I for one would favour a one game boycott of ER


  6. Kieran lynch

    Just let’s all boycott. It’s a fucking joke. Embarrassing to say least.


  7. David Dean

    They must be going down. Does that bastard want them down? He said last season it wouldn’t be a tragedy if they went into
    league 1. He must have known Rosler would turn it round because given time he would have done – he had as much chance as anyone if given time and left alone to get on with the job. Does Cellino want us relegated? It is frightening.


  8. Sit yourself in a room with only a table, chair, pen and paper and you just couldn’t make this shit up. Only time the lackwit gives us a warm feeling is when he’s pissing up our back. This is now becoming really painful.


  9. Peter Woods

    You have my deepest sympathy, Massimo and Evans!

    Laurel and Hardy are not dead they live on at Leeds United


  10. CELLINO was always going to be an unmitigated disaster.
    When he took over I made this point on your forum Rob, and was roundly critiisised.
    He will destroy Leeds United eventually. A terrible man with a history of proven fraud and is totally unfit to own a once great club!


  11. Peter Woods

    I probably should have made it clearer at the time I am a Boston United supporter of some 22 years standing. I watched as that man ruined my club, how he continues in football is beyond me, perhaps there is Karma after all and they deserve one another


  12. KeithWatson

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I commented some time ago on the YEP website that Cellino was very good at sacking managers but hopeless in choosing them.
    The only way of getting him to leave is by fans voting with their feet and boycotting games for whatever length of time it takes. I know it may effect the players but they aren’t exactly setting the world alight this season so nothing to lose. Unfortunately I cannot see them doing this as they love their club but this is what Cellino is relying on.
    As a final point I dont think that Rosler was suitable for the job, we are still awaiting heavy metal football and his team selections and sub decisions left a lot to be desired. We do need to get used to all this upheaval because while Cellino is here until he gets a manager who wins games consistently he will continue like this.


  13. 50 yrs,they are in my heart but non attendance now until Cellino departs these shores,(preferably in chains)


  14. Italian idiot . No clue how to run our football club . Words fail me . Adam Pearson obviously sussed him in no time . Go before you’re lynched.I admit I was one calling the football league but I hope he is banned now.


  15. Richard Waggerman



  16. Scally Lad

    But who’s going to buy the club? For what price would Cellino be willing – if willing at all – to sell what may be a very unattractive property to a buyer: financially desperate and collapsing, relegation-bound club? How many players are going to be scrambling now to find new clubs to pick them up before they fall into League One and even greater obscurity?


  17. I thought someone was taking the piss when I heard Evans name being linked with the job. It was probably the right decision to get rid of Rosler as the team at the moment looks worse than last year. But Evans – please no, this turns my beloved Leeds Utd into an absolute joke. No-one can possibly take this seriously!


    • yellandroar

      I share the dismay at Cellino’s handling of my beloved club but I think he was right to get rid of Rosler. Evans has a much better track record than Rosler, or Redfearn, or Darko, or McDermott – with a clutch of promotions to his name. I read that Craig Brown, the former Scotland manager, had him as a teenage striker at Clyde and later encountered him on coaching courses – speaks highly of him as a coach and football man.He can only be better than what we’ve seen in the first half-dozen games…..can’t it?


  18. I believe the only way is to stop going to elland road.painful but the most decisive. Other option is to chant him out ,inside and out the ground. I was very pro Cellino but this is the last straw.a


  19. Another spot on article Rob. Where it all goes from here is anyone’s guess. Hopefully the madman will get the hint and sell or maybe their will be an ironic twist and the League will rescue us and ban him. We can but hope.

    Some good comments from folks on here. I think though that Leeds is still a viable proposition for the right people with the right money. Russell Crowe anyone? What he did with his boyhood team The Rabbitohs was a success story in Australia. Just a thought.


  20. Rich Sykes

    Leeds United till I die but I fear that they may die before me if this carries on
    When cellino first came and people slated him I gave him a fair go I’m all for giving people the benefit
    The hatch fiasco was nothing we have all tried it on at some point to save money and that was in Italy so I couldn’t care less the man made promises and he bought back elland road like he promised…… Oh wait he didn’t do that did he but he did say that last year he would get us promoted by the end on the 2015/16 season so that’s ok…. Oh wait we look more like relegation than promotion
    Now he is saying stay away from away games as they charge too much for leeds fans yet he rapes the poor souls that visit us
    The man has had his chances with me I think I have been fair in what I gave him now he should be fair and put the club on the market and sell to the next lot to have a go maybe AP would like a shot after all he is leeds and we still don’t know why he left his post after only a few months except for personal reasons



  21. Cellino makes Bates look acceptable. I,along with others, have previously stated that no manager can gain success with our megalomaniac owner. Pearson obviously had seen enough and who can blame him. We will go down this year and perhaps that might make Cellino leave. I will accept that if he leaves and sells to a proper Leeds consortium. I am aghast that a City like Leeds seems incapable of finding enough businessmen to see the financial benefit of having a highly successful Premier League football club. But it seems the Tyke myth about short arms and long pockets mat we’ll be more closer to the truth. I was born in Leeds but have lived in OZ for over 40 years – I have indoctrinated family and friends to be Leeds supporters. They look at me and ask why? I answer it is in the DNA but now I wonder if I should encourage them to find a truer spirit. Alas I am incapable of such a thought. MOT without Cellino!

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  22. Spot on Rob.
    I made the decision at the beginning of the season not to spend a penny more on my much loved club until this loon was gone – a decision I posted on this great site. It was painful but it had to be done. I did hope against hope that I would be proved wrong and whilst Pearson was on board it seemed like that would be the case.
    Now it is time for all Leeds fans to start listening and acting. No revenue no Cellino, the man is unfit and I hate to say it but in that respect the League is right. Lets hope it does not take so long before they uncover the ammunition to jettison him for good, in the mean time every Leeds fan must do their part.


  23. Football is a results business. From 10 January to 21 March 2015 LUFC won 8, drew 4 and lost 3 of 15 league fixtures. That form over 46 matches would have yielded 86 points (which would have earned a 4th place finish last season). But on 2 April Steve Thompson was suspended and the good ship LUFC hit the rocks. It is clear to me that Cellino should have realised that he had a good thing going with Redfearn and Thompson and should have kept that management team together. As it is, Rosler has failed to generate any momentum and his days are likely numbered (and LUFC will soon be rudderless once more.) Whilst I was no big fan of Ken Bates I have no doubt that he was smart enough to have seen how successfully Redfearn/Thompson were operating and kept them together. It seems most unlikely to me that LUFC will achieve anything for as long as Cellino is in charge. Time to go Cellino. (I wrote this post yesterday before hearing that Rosler had been sacked. We had the management team in place but Cellino is too much of a tosser to realise.)


  24. Cellino needs to go before he decides it would be a good idea to put the Watford U21 coach in charge at Leeds!!!


  25. Ingimundur Hannesson

    Who is going to buy the club? Previous owners did nothing but to get rid of valuable players and I don’t see many buyers fighting for the ownership of the club. I would be the first to welcome new owners that are able to move us forward but where are they?


  26. David Smith

    If Leeds are considered to be a viable purchase by an individual or consortium, you would hope that Adam Pearson, having done his ‘due diligence’ assessment earlier in the year, would be in the best position to give wise counsel to any prospective buyers?



    Many moons ago, and for weeks and weeks, this blog (and, unfortunately, me) whined and cried about the way our new financial savior Mr. Massimo Cellino was being treated by the F.A. Petitions were signed, members of parliament were pleaded to, God was consulted…and now, after all that…

    most of us here probably all wish the F.A. will make it so that we never see this guy again. How embarrassing! What fools we made of ourselves, crying about the unjust and mean ways the F.A. were treating this guy…and now they get to say, “We told you…he’s no good!”, knowing that that was not the reason they banned him (propaganda at its best.) We all know they have their stupid prejudices against us, but now, because us desperate LU fans all look to latch on to anybody, or any coach, or any money source we can, the F.A. gets to justify their actions.


  28. Barry Burn

    I can’t understand this man Cellino. He seems to have no passion for this club. The players look disheartened every time they take to the field, the fans seem resigned to the fact that we are incapable of battle on the field of play. Now once again he sacks the manager and wants to limit our away support as well. He is facing a ban for dodgy dealings and the club continues to crumble. Mr Cellino whatever your motives are for this club we don’t want them, sell up and please go away so we can restructure the club for a better and successful future.


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