Steve Evans Sacked By Leeds After An Hour; Katie Hopkins to Take Over – by Rob Atkinson

Katie Hopkins: exciting appointment

Katie Hopkins: exciting appointment

Former Rotherham manager Steve Evans took training for Leeds United this morning and was duly sacked by calm, reflective owner Massimo Cellino for “poor results” as he tackled his formidable lunch. Media star Katie Hopkins is expected to take over as Cellino resorts to the provisions of the Sex Discrimination Act in order to restrain himself from further executive action.

Evans was quoted in the last few minutes as he cleared his plate and then his desk: “I can’t complain. I’ve had a fair crack of the whip and it’s true we’ve not won a single game since I took over at 10:00 this morning. That’s football, I suppose.”

Mr. Cellino was not available for interview, but is understood to be excited by the appointment of la Hopkins, recommended to him by a certain peer of the realm as “the right man for the job”.

The colour of the sky in Cellino’s world is not purple.

12 responses to “Steve Evans Sacked By Leeds After An Hour; Katie Hopkins to Take Over – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Nigel Pearson would have been a sensible appointment but Cellino does not do sensible.


  2. mrbigwheels

    Aawh. What a pity. Steve could have been a big, big story line.
    Bigger than Leeds even… after a few months on the pizzas and pies.
    Look on the bright side though… Katie could be the man Cellino yields to and whips his ego into shape. There’s a film in there, somewhere.

    More pies to table number 6 .


  3. WTF is going on rob ? Let’s just hope his next move isn’t for a certain Mr Kewell


  4. leeds oldie

    Look at his record 17% of games won
    We cant score leak silly goals ,we have the makings of a decent squad gets good players like buckly then sits him on the bench plays one of our best players this season at left back (beradi), wood on his own with no service, playing such a slow game tatically and if brighton are the best team in this league then we are bad!
    The icing on the cake to say we are not aiming to get promotion this season after 10 games what does that say to the players and supporters .
    Time now to change that attitude i know we have appointed evans but i would have checked out jimmy floyed hass.
    Good luck tomora we will still support the boys .m.o.t.


    • mrbigwheels

      I agree that it wasn’t working for Rosler but what part has Cellino had to play with Team selection?. There have been far too many non explainable choices in the match day team, subs bench, etc. If Rosler was totally responsible for every match then him and his coaches deserve to go and look to stop the rot , right now. We will soon see who is in charge and who is making the tea…


  5. Supporters MUST stay away from the Blackburn game, its up to bloggers like yourself Rob to get the ball rolling! My 16 year old is a season ticket holder but if I told him to stay away he would


  6. Well here we go again and Pearson left for personel reasons my left ball it is this Italian can’t he just sit back and pay the bills instead of putting his size 11 in everything he de does.I just don’t get it anymore we have fans that would walk over broken glass for the club and we can’t get a owner who would do the same, but smaller clubs with far fewer fans get good owners and the cluds make money. We have 6,000 fans at away games and 22 to 24,000 supporting our club and we still can’t make ends meet


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  7. They’ve given the fat c**t a ROLLING contract, next we’ll have Pukka Pies as our sponsors!!


  8. Other blogs are reporting Cellino’s been banned again, he’s got until 28 Oct to appeal. Let’s hope it’s true, AND start a rumour about a consortium led by Pearson.

    If only……..

    MOT despairingly.


  9. This ban may keep him away long enough for doughboy to get a few results that must be the priority until Xmas and we can see where we stand in the table. I know he’s got a track record of mouthing off but let’s hope he walks the walk.He’s made enemies at other clubs in the past. On paper this squad is way underperforming.


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