Will the Real Steve Evans Please Stand Up?   –   by Rob Atkinson

So, who have we got coaching the Leeds United first team now? If it’s the gentleman in the picture above, then it’d be hard to think of an incoming United manager giving a better example of getting off on the wrong foot since a certain Brian Clough breezed into Elland Road, slagging off all and sundry. 

Then again, if it’s the convicted tax fraudster in this second picture, then we can expect the new occupant of the Leeds hot seat to get on quite well with our straight-as-a-corkscrew owner Cellino. A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind, as old Will Shakespeare said, a few years back. Kindred spirits, and all that.

This blog thinks that Mr. Evans will have his work cut out building any sort of relationship with the notoriously stroppy Leeds support. He might have his work cut out with a bewildered United squad, too. Then again, those tasks might just turn out to be chickenfeed, compared to figuring out how to stay on the right side of Cellino. 

Some say of Evans, give him a chance. Others are more inclined to give him the cold shoulder. 

Me? I’ll give him till Christmas, tops. 

13 responses to “Will the Real Steve Evans Please Stand Up?   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. How many chances does the chancer need to destroy are club money talks and bullshit walks and mc wont be getting a penny more out of me


  2. sniffersshorts v superwoman

    give him 6 weeks tops, I will eat my hat if he does well, I hate this man to the hilt how dare he slat us when all he has managed is dross, that have won egg cups total used knob wallet rather have old motor mouth Holloway , but he aint that stupid …. why doesnt our honourable leader open his bloody wallet and get someone in with descent money, can guarantee Fatty Evans is on a rolling contract , well he can roll back to SHITES VILLE for all I care the cancer is set for good until someone operates and injects us with some RED BULL . Have backed Cellino to hilt , I didn’t really like Rosler too negative and no idea on rotating the squad, bring back in a DON character who watches the other team and produces dossiers …. could go on and on about his tactics which were siltch he just guessed didn’t work on form etc etc but spilt milk now and just sour grapes …. god I feel sick we are a rancid bucket of shit in the corner of pro football !!!!!!!!! cant be more upset and gutted about our club…. but hey we have had worst haven’t we !!!!!! oh well MOT ON ON ON


  3. its the cold shoulder from me Rob…..the bloke is nothing but a big gobbed fat d*ckhead who has achieved nowt. I am seriously regretting renewing my season ticket now…..onwards and downwards for us from here on in I’m afraid.


  4. Hi Rob,
    What is going on with our club?were just going backwards,and to
    prove it i’ve just heard we are going to transfer the numbers to the
    front of the players shirts so next game we play it will look like we
    are attacking, it may work what do you think?


  5. Hope he gets Harry kewell as is assistant? Just so he has
    something to sit on during the game.


  6. sniffersshorts v superwoman

    he can go and boil his bottom the English Knigit, his mother smells of elderberries and his father was a was a very very very fat hamster just like his gob grrrrrrrr


  7. sniffersshorts v superwoman

    we are EUNUCH UNITED no bollacks any more next home game no one in everyone outside OUT OUT OUT


    • I totally agree. I can remember the Adamson out campaign and that was far more vitriolic than all this. Do we really think a nasty twitter message is going to bother Cellino? What he needs is a good smack in either his face or his wallet and shown the door.


  8. sniffersshorts v superwoman

    breaking news Cellino banned by football league come on MR RED BULL come and save us get this cock out


  9. What the hell is going on?? We are an embarrassment. Our once great mighty Leeds reduced to a joke. We don’t have a bad squad, they are just beginning to show some promise as they begin to gell, changing the manager again is simply ridiculous, especially for a failed, fat league one joke of an individual. Sad days for a great club with the best fans going, we deserve better.


  10. The Adamson out campaign was vitriol but predates social media by decades. All we could do was protest during matches. Whilst the board then were dinosaurs, at least they were not megalomaniac lunatics and they occasionally listened to the fans? This fella is a complete disaster with no regard for the fans. Whilst Rosler was not everyone’s first choice ( I would have gone for Warburton personally) I think he would have turned it around. To sack him and replace him with this bozo defies belief and is a total disrespect to the phenomenon that is the Leeds United support.



  11. Scally Lad

    Evans is no great prize, but Uee was taking us straight into League One at record pace. Evans may stop the hemorrhaging. He can hardly do worse than what we’ve had – which has brought us to three points above relegation (and it’s only October). We need to get behind Evsns for the sake of the club and start showing up for matches at ER to demonstrate our support for the club – not make futile gestures that are not going to work, anyway, and which will do anything to inspire the lads on the pitch.


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