Scott Gutteridge: My Side of the ‘Paid Cellino Fan’ Story 

In the interests of balance, and in the light of my previous article, I am reproducing Scott Gutteridge’s statement below, unaltered, unedited and without further comment.
I have recently become aware that a rather stupid story has been circulating in some media about my supposed involvement in a bizarre “plot” to somehow undermine Massimo Cellino, the Leeds United owner. I’m just writing this statement in order to put the record straight and to clear up some, frankly, wild inaccuracies.
Nobody who has an interest in Leeds United can be unaware that there are deep divisions at present between the pro and anti Cellino camps. However I am astonished at the media interest in this non-story given that it was a prank which some seem to have fallen for hook, line and sinker.
As an administrator on the In Massimo We Trust (IMWT) Facebook page I joined a website that seemed to me vehemently opposed to the owner in order to have a bit of fun and give them a wind up. I posted a statement there in which I claimed that an “unnamed source” at Leeds United paid me £500 a month to somehow place or write praiseworthy stuff about our owner. It’s kind of bizarre why anyone would believe that I was being paid to do it when I was actually doing it for free in any event and because I support the current owner. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr Cellino did not pay me any money, ever. I have never received any money from the club, ever, and certainly not for writing a few posts on a Facebook site. I support Mr Cellino’s ownership of Leeds United and was posting stuff for free anyway. If you look at it logically it doesn’t make sense that I would be paid to do this when I was doing it anyway. As I have said this was a laugh, a bit of a joke, a prank that I pulled on those that want to get rid of our owner.
I have seen Daily Mail article and it has me quoted. It’s almost like the journalist had spoken to me which is odd because, again nothing could be further from the truth. I did not speak to that journalist. In fact I have never spoken to any journalist in connection with Leeds United. I certainly didn’t give him those quotes. I’m flabbergasted that a reputable newspaper could print stuff I am meant to have said them when in fact I’ve never spoken to them. It seems that The Daily Mail is even less accurate than Billy Paynter!
If you also look at the language used you’ll see it’s not really my style. It appears more in keeping with some signed confession from a hostage of Kim Un-jun. I am also happy confirm that I have never been to North Korea either!
I’m grateful for this opportunity to clear this matter up once and for all. What started as a silly idea seems to have taken on a life of its own. I’m just glad that it can be put back in the place it belongs – the playground so we can all get behind Steve Evans, the team and club to push it where it belongs – The Premiership. MOT

13 responses to “Scott Gutteridge: My Side of the ‘Paid Cellino Fan’ Story 

  1. The funniest part of the whole thing is that Gutteridge’s alleged prank is 100% believable.


  2. Kevin Wilson

    What a wheeze eh Rob? This is the sort of oaf supporting Cellino. Anybody who thinks the Daily Heil is a ‘reputable newspaper’ has really got to take a long look at themselves! Cellino Out! MOT!


    • Taking sides in a situation where the priority has to be and has been sorting out a perilous financial position seems precipitous. As for oafishness, some of us are no more impressed by the intelligence of attempted walk-outs and calls for boycotts than by pranks such as this.


  3. Gutteridge press


  4. Love him or loath him rob you can’t argue that cellino has reduced our debt by 91% and that is very good news in anyone’s books


    • I think it’s tragic Mr. O that, as a body of fans, all we have to celebrate (apart from Cooky’s howitzer) is an improved balance sheet. I’ve got something coming along those lines, which I expect will be as divisive as usual.


    • Stuart Grant

      He hasn’t reduced our debt by 91%. He’s reduced this year’s losses by 91% compared to last year’s losses. This is largely due to the fact that GFH have not been able to charge nearly £20m in management fees as they did in 2013/14. When the full accounts are filed at Companies House (31/03/16), I think you’ll find that our total debts are well over £60m.


  5. Let’s just say he’s stemed the flow then… like I say , love him or loath him it has to be good news


    • I’m not so sure it is. There’s a parallel here with the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, who releases ambiguous figures to justify cruel austerity. As supporters, we’ve been through far too much of the bad times, with poor performances and precious little to get excited about. Then we’re given this 91% reduction figure, and some think “wow”. But if that’s just a reduction in the rate of losses – if we really are still millions in debt – then what have we been suffering for? Would “speculate to accumulate” not have been better? And we’re still being misled, our expectations managed; we’re STILL being lied to.


      • Scally Lad

        Spot on clarification, Rob. Ownership is not reducing our debt; we’re just losing millions of £ at a slower rate. And we still don’t even own ER and TA. We’re tenants. Where’s Cellinochio’s commitment to a future?


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