Leeds Still Yorkshire’s No. 1 as Hull Outclass Sheffield Wednesday   –   by Rob Atkinson

That Sheffield Wednesday Wembley feeling

In the end, it was a 1-0 landslide at Wembley as Humberside’s finest totally eclipsed a bedraggled set of Owls in the first of this season’s playoff showpieces. But for the admirable Westwood in the Sheffield Wednesday goal, the scoreline could have been an embarrassing rout. Hull City would not have been flattered by a 5-0 scoreline, utterly out-playing the South Yorkshire pretenders. 

The Sky commentators made much of the travelling throng of Wendies who packed out their end of Wembley and made themselves heard until all hope was gone. But how well do we at Leeds United know that promotions are won on the turf at the national stadium, not in the stands. The crowd contest when we played Donny in that League One playoff was even more lopsidedly unequal, with Whites fans massively dominating the spectacle. But it was Rovers who got the goal – and a similar scenario played itself out today.

So it’s well done to Hull City and Rob Snodgrass, and the very best of hard cheese to the Wendies, who also had their very own ex-White in the team. Tom Lees was the man who gave the ball away to give Hull the decisive goal, and what a strike it was. Congratulations, Agent Lees. You made it look like an accident. 

Leeds United, then, even in their current chaotic incarnation, remain top dogs in Yorkshire. Local derby hostilities will resume next time around, despite all the confident rhetoric from certain big mouths down Sheffield way. Those mouths can munch away on some humble pie while Yorkshire’s finest at Elland Road try to get their act together.

See you next season, Wendies. So glad you’re still with us. 

14 responses to “Leeds Still Yorkshire’s No. 1 as Hull Outclass Sheffield Wednesday   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Duane Gill

    Rob it was a 1-0 hammering and as you point out it could have been alot worse. It is hilarious considering some wendies fans were claiming their team were going all the way to the promise land. Although the wendies invested in their team it just goes to show sometimes money doesn’t buy success.

    Another point worth mentioning is it will now be 17yrs for them since they were last in the top flight. Reasons to be cheerful.


  2. Ropey Wyla

    Breaking News: Cellino interviews himself for the managerial position and TURNS IT DOWN!!!


  3. So the sea mist rolls into Wembley six fingered codheads proudly celebrate holding their black and amber scarfs aloft celebrating a return to the premiership(the hallowed bottom three await) .
    But you have to respect the Wendies and their support at least they turned up. Remember Rob we took 4 points off the codheads held our own against Burnley in both games and played well against Middlesbrough at home.
    We are the still the big fish in a small pond every wants to beat and are everyone s cup final all we need is decent defenders ,goal scoring midfielders and a strike force a decent manager and a proper chairman lol.
    Hope springs eternal


  4. East Yorkshire tiger

    Congrats to lufc for staying up this season. Still the best in West Yorkshire . Feel free to enjoy premiership footy at the kc..home of the top team in Yorkshire .


    • You’re so polite, so I will be too. Thanks for the four easy points and good luck in your relegation battle next season. I believe it’s Humberside where you’re arguably top team, though two Super League outfits may dispute that one.


  5. Scally Lad

    Actually, Rob, to be fair, I think the Wendies have it over us this year. We finished in the bottom half of the league and the Wendies made it to the playoffs and almost into the Premiership. If the outcomes were reversed, and we’d had the superior season and got within a goal of the Premiership, we wouldn’t be saying that the Wendies had it over us…


    • Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not claiming we had the better season. We didn’t, but that’s all history now, and both clubs have ended up with identical portions of bugger-all. No, I’m simply stating as fact that Leeds remains Yorkshire’s No. 1 – something that might have been hard to argue if the Wendies had gone up.


  6. Wednesday were the worst team to make it into the playoffs rob , the league position proved that and they just happened to play Brighton on a real low after just missing out on automatic promotion ,, yesterday should have been 4-0 at least… but the only reason I’m happy for the cod heads is snodgrss..


    • I’m more happy in a negative way – that the Wendies didn’t do it, after all the gobbing off they’d been doing on Twitter etc. It’s sweet 😎👍


  7. errr Hull is in the East Riding of Yorkshire 😦


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