Fergie in the Running to Take Over as Leeds United Boss? – by Rob Atkinson


Fergie for Leeds? No, thanks

A new name is doing the rounds as speculation as to the next Leeds United team boss rages on. Former Argentina and Chile coach Marcelo Bielsa is still the heavy favourite – but, since he resigned as manager of Doncaster Rovers the other day, Darren Ferguson, son of you-know-who, is being spoken of as a possible contender.

Any Leeds fan with any recollection of Ferguson at all will possibly treasure the memory of his almost tearful reaction to a defeat against Leeds while he was in charge of Peterborough United some years back. Certainly, this is the image of Fergie Junior that I wish to hold dear, rather than any possible involvement with Leeds United going forward. After names such as Bielsa and Claudio Ranieri have been mooted, the appointment of a relative obscurity such as Darren would be rather like missing out on Abel Hernandez for your main striker, and settling instead for Jerry Mbakogu. Actually, that could be an unfortunate choice of simile…

We’ll just have to hope that this story is an example of some hack or bookie having had a little too much sun, and that Leeds United will not be looking to catch a former Donny boss on the rebound.

9 responses to “Fergie in the Running to Take Over as Leeds United Boss? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. This has to be fake news, there is no way he would apply for the job he’d have to be a idiot to do so he knows of the hatred of the fans to his Daddy or any Manc. Look at the abuse Tom Ince has to take when playing against us. If this news is true and he gets the job, my prediction a S–t Storm like we have never seen will happen.


  2. Philip of Spain.

    Well if she does come I hope she leaves her frumpy daughters at home.!!


  3. You’ve only got to look at the managers weve had recently to say to yourself “I wouldn’t be surprised” im sure if Norman Wisdom, George Formby or Arthur Mullard were still alive, theyd be in the running.

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  4. Rob. I can remember many of us laughing at the idea of Brian Clough.
    Please, no more heart attacks


  5. And in other news Leeds United have just had a bid accepted Lionel Messi.


  6. Life is LUFC

    Is it the 1st April again?!


  7. I don’t think even this regime at LUFC, with its penchant for PR disasters, would be daft enough to appoint Darren Ferguson. Quite apart from whose son he happens to be, he isn’t of the calibre we need. But there’s a more serious issue here – vetoing anyone with a M*n United connection is plain daft, almost a dictionary definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Steve Bruce, for instance, would have been a much better appointment than Christiansen or Heckingbottom. We wouldn’t have had Johnny Giles or Gordon Strachan, two of Leeds’s greatest players, if we had applied that sort of thinking.

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