Leeds Should Bring Robert Snodgrass Back Home, Agree? – by Rob Atkinson


Snoddy, come home

I’m sure this idea is out there, in light of what appears to be a sea-change of recruitment policy at Leeds United. It’s probably just that I haven’t seen it. But, surely, I can’t be alone in thinking that the time and circumstances are ripe for securing the return – even if only on loan initially – of former United talisman Robert Snodgrass.

It seems so obvious. West Ham don’t really want him. Villa definitely can’t afford him. And it would upset those Norwich and Hull upstarts, quite apart from adding significantly to the skill factor and firepower at Elland Road. It’s a proper no-brainer to me and, for the first time in years, it seems feasible – the kind of quality we should be looking to add.

I’m interested to know what readers of this blog think. Please feel free to comment as usual, giving your thoughts – but do also answer the poll below – a simple Yea or Nay.

Thanks and MOT.


20 responses to “Leeds Should Bring Robert Snodgrass Back Home, Agree? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Doesn’t always work out the 2nd time around. Refresh my memory and remind me who has come back and been as good or better the second time around at Elland Road. I keep seeing these calls to bring back Snoddy -Max -Rose – Lennon – Howson etc but I think that we need to move forward and not dwell in the past.


  2. Much as I like the idea of upsetting Norwich and Hull I can’t agree that Leeds should move for Snodgrass, a view that is in the minority as the voting currently stands. Putting aside the notion that former players who re-sign are never as good second time round, from what I’ve seen of him last season he is more likely to be caught in possession than he is to beat his man, and while never blessed with blistering speed he is now even slower than in his Leeds days – not something that would please Bielsa in the event he arrives.
    It might also be worth mentioning that one particular incident from his display for Villa against Leeds recently will still be fresh in the minds of many Leeds fans, and that’s his exaggerated dive when trying to con the ref into awarding a penalty. It prompted a lot of angry comments from fans who had at one time idolised him, so if he returns the welcome from them is likely to be lukewarm at best.


  3. Billy Bunter

    West Ham will want 10M for him, which might be loose change to them but its big bucks in the Championship. The price of players is crazy.
    I think they will want to sell to bolster Pellegrinis reported 75-100M transfer budget and to get him off the wage bill.
    But will he want to drop a division?
    The smaller Premiership clubs might fancy buying him and he will prefer Premier League football and wages.
    Leeds need to invest in players if the club is going to get back to Premier League. It seems Sam Byram hasn’t made the grade at West Ham either. He could be an option too


  4. Paul Cranswick

    I am an admirer of Snodgrass and am sure that he would improve us markedly. He is no better than Pablo or Samu on their day but he adds much more consistency than either.
    He also has the intelligence to adapt to new styles and formations which may become essential if the touted Head Coach does get appointed.


  5. NickB(50yrsLU)

    Probably the last time we had a well-balanced, skilful team was under Grayson – it’s a pity he was rather lacking in defensive know-how. I loved watching the dynamics of those players, and would be delighted to see not only Snodgrass, but Becchio, Howson, Johnson, Kilkenny and others playing together again. And, now we’re in the money, how about Milner as our captain?! It’d be as memorable as seeing Pink Floyd reunited in that Jubilee concert! Ah, nostalgia’s a fine thing.


  6. Dan Deeney

    Harvey? Lorimer? Charles? Er, Frank Gray?


  7. Relatively old, lacks pace and fond of “refuelling”. Good for us in his day, but there are pacier and more cost-effective options out there. In my opinion, even Maxi Gradel would be a better option, if we are looking at former players.

    If we get “El Loco” I suspect he wouldn’t be overly enamoured of this pedestrian option. I think he would probably struggle with the high-pressing game and thought his lack of pace was a major factor in the play off final.

    Pass for me.


  8. Philip of Spain.

    Maybe a one year loan Rob but not on a permanent.He’s 30, he won’t get any better and we should be recruiting younger players.


  9. Even on loan Villa were reported to be paying Snoddy over £40k Pw.
    I’d like to see us paying ‘big’ money for 2 or 3 quality summer signings but let’s not go mad.
    We also need to ship out some of the dead wood.
    Does not paying Felix, Lonergan, Cibicki afford us Snoddy?
    OK….I’m up for it!


  10. Worth a punt Rob. Also don’t send coyle out on loan again what was that all about anyway?By the way are you on holiday bored with pool life? Lot of posts recently!!


  11. Ropey Wyla

    Bring back Viduka, however old he is ha ha


  12. I’m not too sure Rob. I don’t think I am just ready to make decisions like this. Until we have a coach in place, until we know who that is, then we will know just what kind of signings we can go for. I really like we Snoddy but we need a clean sweep. There are so many great players out there waiting to be snapped up and I hope it’s El Loco making the choices.MOT


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