When Leeds Star Saiz Rediscovers His Mojo, He’ll Make Opponents Suffer – by Rob Atkinson

Samu Saiz – desperate to score for United

It’s becoming quite common knowledge that Samu Saiz, Leeds United’s mercurial, twinkle-toed Spanish playmaker, has not scored a league goal for upwards of far too long. It’s a barren run that seems to be affecting his confidence, however much he contributes to the team overall. You get the feeling he’s desperate to score, and this could be bringing an element of “trying too hard” into his game. But that overall contribution is still significant; take for example his brilliant ball into the box to fashion United’s goal at Blackburn.

Saiz has scored this season, though, and the goal I have in mind – against Bolton in the Carabao Cup – summed up the strengths of the man. He received the ball inside the opposition area, brought it under instant control, used his quick feet to find a yard of space, and finished neatly past a helpless Wanderers keeper.

That’s the real Saiz, the one we haven’t seen enough of since his ban for spitting at Newport last January. There are signs, though, that he has rediscovered his form and technical touch; add confidence to that, and you have a formidable player.

There does seem, however, to be an increasing groundswell of impatience and disapproval among the usual suspects that constitute the lower end of the Leeds Twitter following. It hardly needs saying that this sort of thing is exactly the opposite of what is needed. As I’ve said many times before, the supporters’ job is to support – their sketchily-informed criticism is not required. The club employs expensive talent for that.

Stick by Saiz, and just wait for his mojo and therefore his confidence to return. When those attributes are rediscovered, our Samu will lead opponents a merry dance, while providing us with the kind of spectacle and memories that should define and adorn a promotion-challenging season. Give the lad your trust and backing, and he’ll repay you tenfold. Maybe even starting with tonight, against Ipswich Town.

Just wait and see.

10 responses to “When Leeds Star Saiz Rediscovers His Mojo, He’ll Make Opponents Suffer – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Alternatively, his goal dearth could be down to opposition teams marking him out of games. Now we have Hernandez back opponents won’t know who to mark first and both can begin scoring again – I hope!


    • He’s been off-colour since way before Pablo’s injury though, right back to that regrettable spitting incident. At his best, I’d back him to deal with close marking, and I hope to see that happen soon.


  2. Life is LUFC

    I have noticed with a few of the players they try so hard and that goal just eludes them. Once they relax…well the world is their oyster. So from me lads relax go out there and enjoy the game we will always support you. What ever is going to happen will happen. ALAW.


  3. Karl Major

    Fingers crossed for tonight then Rob. On paper we should blow Ipswich away, unfortunately the game isn’t played on paper and we are Leeds. Actually, I’ve got everything crossed, come on you whites.


  4. With his talent and technical ability I would have expected him to be playing in the top tier of football. The fact he hasn’t reached such heights in his career, considering he should now be in in his prime, suggests there is a fundamental flaw in his game. Whilst I do not profess to being an expert, the evidence, for me points to the likelihood that he has psychological fragilities. Whether such fragilities concern motivation, resilience or confidence it is hard to say, I just hope Bielsa can get him in the right frame of mind, because on his day at this level he is pretty much unplayable.
    However, when he is off his game he can be more of a hindrance, for a coach he must be quite frustrating as he he has the ability to turn a game in a heartbeat. He reminds me of Charlie Nicholas.
    If we had a George Graham style manager his playing time may well be limited.
    No doubt he will destroy Ipswich tonight.


  5. Samu is without any doubt a highly talented player who is worth his place in team for his creativity alone. The trouble is he is under so much pressure as our most likely killer pass provider and this pressure has ramped up even more during Pablos lengthy absence and with Pablo back I think Samu will find more space again and the odd goal or two. I’d love to see young Jack Clarke given a start to as the 3 of them could cause havoc.


  6. Good to see you backing Saiz Rob seen way too many negative stuff lately about him. He can turn a game with his intuition much like Pablo we need him. Amazing to think we could be top tonight hope WBA lose!


  7. Reality Cheque

    I think our very own legend Eddie Gray summed up Saiz perfectly very recently Rob, by identifying him as “the architect of so much of our productive offensive play”. Granted he hasn’t been the player converting the chances into goals like last season but Roofe, Klich, Roberts, Aloski and even Pablo have all benefitted from Saiz being the architect rather than the roofer. Once Pablo, (and possibly Forshaw), gets more regular game time Samu will get a little more time unmarked on the ball and be able to bury his very apparent frustration by getting himself on the score sheet on a more regular basis. Great result tonight and temporarily back to the top of the league until we get docked points for missiles being thrown onto the pitch during Brentford game. Incidentally, is the Brentford match official related to the notorious Mr Tinkler because they both appear to use the same opticians. ALAW


  8. For so long Leeds have barely had anyone on the pitch capable of providing that bit of class to unlock a championship defence in the most competetive league in Europe. We’re lucky to have him and Hernandez(cheers to Monk for the latter).
    Saiz will come strong again. This team has goals coming from everywhere at the mo,so I am not too concerned. I expect a tighter game against the mini me Pulis lot on Saturday and Saiz will need to work himself some space. Any chance of a penalty? 52 games and counting! MOT


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