Five of the Best Inflicted on Harry Kewell as Leeds Wonderkids Batter Notts County – by Rob Atkinson

It’s possibly a little uncool to crow about an U-23 victory, even of the most decisive variety, and away from home too. But allow me to make an exception in the case of the Leeds United second string’s wilful destruction of their Notts County equivalents at Ilkeston this afternoon. Notts County, by their appointment of former Leeds star turned shameless Judas Harry Kewell, have entered my little black book, that symbolic item inspired by big Jack Charlton‘s own record of those who had upset or annoyed him. I wish them nothing but ill, and their disgrace of a coach too.

Kewell was possibly the most talented performer to emerge from the United youth setup since Eddie Gray. He had all the ability in the world, simply oozing technical skill, vision and an unerring eye for goal. Like many another fan, I was seduced by all of this, but there was a nagging doubt from quite early in his Leeds career. I remember in those early days, he scored a sublime narrow-angle volley against Derby County in a game Leeds won 4-3 from being 0-3 down. It was a cracking strike, a sumptuous finish, and any other youngster would have been climbing the floodlight pylons in sheer elation. But not Kewell – he strolled back to the halfway line with the merest, indolent celebratory wave of his arm, as if to say “make way for a genius”. Well, genius he was, on the ball anyway, but something missing in his character, maybe a measure of humility, separated him from the greats like Eddie Gray. It also proved fundamental to his later transgressions.

I won’t recount that degraded fall into infamy and disgrace again here, I’ve done it before in detail. The selfishly-engineered move to Liverpool, depriving a broke Leeds of much-needed cash. His lack of bottle coming off in a Champions League Final with Liverpool 0-3 down, then cavorting uninjured with his unearned winner’s medal after Liverpool had fought back to triumph without him. And the ultimate, calculated insult – the crass insensitivity of his move to that bestial, feral Istanbul club hated with such good reason by all fans of Leeds United. Let’s leave it at merely listing these things, they speak for themselves, after all.

It’s going to take many more incidents like today’s humbling of a team from Kewell’s Notts County, before any United fan will seriously suggest we’ve achieved payback. But it’ll do to be going on with – so well done to Leeds United’s increasingly impressive U-23 side on another outstanding display – one that I’d like to think was inspired by the identity of the opposition boss.

Chalk one item off in my little black book.

5 responses to “Five of the Best Inflicted on Harry Kewell as Leeds Wonderkids Batter Notts County – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Leeds4alongtime

    Totally agree with every word here… let’s hope it’s just the beginning of ‘retribution’…


  2. The U23s are the best crop of young players, possibly in the history of the club. There are better individuals who have come through the youth ranks, but it is the sheer number of them that are coming through now.

    All praise should go to the coaches of the development squads, U23s and U18s, they are not necessarily well known to the fans, but though there are others Carlos Corberan, Adam Underwood, Terry Potter and Mark Jackson should given praise for what they have done. Victor Orta has been somewhat unfairly criticised and some people should be offering an apology.

    It is not just M Biesla, he is not a one man band and he has brought some very good coaches to the club to assist him. He has blended them well with the coaches already here. It is not just the results, he has achieved with the first team. The man is class and his influence spreads through the playing staff.


  3. Karl Major

    I’ve never seen the U23s play, I hope one of em can replace Pablo when he hangs his boots up. That type of player is like gold dust.
    And Rob, you make as many exceptions as you like.


  4. Fine article again Rob. It didn’t escape my attention we were playing Judas’s club, but never expected such a thrashing. Hope he lost some sleep but i doubt it. He’s the sort who’d be bollocking their u23 coach! One day we will play the Turkscum again in Europe and the most fitting score would be….5-0! (In honour of those 2 fine Leeds fans we lost). Kewell’s disgrace puts Smith into perspective.


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