Roofe Caves In On Notts Forest as Leeds United Nick Handy Point – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds score – and even the Forest players celebrate…

Let me say first of all that Kemar Roofe‘s late equaliser for Leeds United against Notts Forest – apparently, if you call Notts Forest by the name Notts Forest, it upsets Notts Forest fans. Who knew? – was definitely handball. Quite blatant, probably deliberate, 100% handball. It should have been disallowed, and the officials have made a right rickett, bless ’em. Naughty Kemar, slapped wrist.

Let me say second of all that I couldn’t give a tuppenny toss about this awful injustice. In fact, I find it hilarious and deeply satisfying. If Notts Forest (there I go again) had received their just deserts, they’d have been waltzing merrily away from Elland Road with three points, like a proper happy little band of Tricky Trees. And that would have been technically quite fair – but in the real world of professional football, where unfair stuff happens all the time, and usually to Leeds – well, let’s just say that some sort of justice was served, for once. The boot’s been on the other foot often enough, and we’ve had to bite our collective lip and get on with it.

Forest fans, of course, will squeal long and piteously about being diddled out of two points, and the very best of hard cheese to them. It’s quite pleasant to witness their outrage and the way they’re over-analysing what was just a break that went against them. But they’re like that down there. They do like to pick away at a scab, even after they’ve been told not to picket.

The Notts Forest (somebody stop me!) game was one I was anticipating with some pessimism – and yet, as with most of our less impressive results, there were positives to take – dominance of possession, restricting the opposition, and so on. Marcelo Bielsa seemed quite content as well, so he must feel we’re still on the right track. Looking back, it would have felt as though fate had dealt us a scurvy trick, had we lost – so maybe we shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty about the manner in which a point was salvaged. I know I don’t.

All hail King Kemar then, who reacted honestly after the match and didn’t try to deny the undeniable. Strangely, Sky TV did not – to the best of my recollection – stick a microphone under the nose of any of the stressed and indignant Forest players immediately after the final whistle. I wonder why?

We take the point, and we move on, still ensconced in the automatic promotion places. Despite the fact that we didn’t win, and despite the related fact that, for the 53rd league game in a row, we didn’t get a penalty, although there was another decent shout for one – it wasn’t a bad old late afternoon spectacle at Elland Road. For once, we got the rub of the green. And didn’t it feel nice? That rare experience of a home draw tasting more like a win than a loss. Knowing our luck, though, we’d better not get too used to it – because, undoubtedly, normal service will soon be resumed.

…league games without a penalty kick for Leeds United. And counting.

16 responses to “Roofe Caves In On Notts Forest as Leeds United Nick Handy Point – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Same as many Leeds fans over Rob i had no feeling of guilt of us gaining a point through ‘cheating’…’ dare i say it!? but the ball hit Kemar and there was only one place it was going to end up.. not our fault it was allowed!! I bet the EFL and the other old crustys at the FA are lining up some just desserts for the Dirty Leeds in the near distant future!!😂😂😂


  2. My own sentiments exactly Rob. Not pretty, sloppy, chance after chance missed, questionable team choice and bizzar substitution. Not to mention the sucker punch goal once again from a set piece.
    Clear hand ball, should never have been allowed. Roofe should have done what every decent footballer should do and gone straight to the ref and confessed. He should have insisted it disallowed and apologised to the whole Notts team. After all it’s bad enough being ripped off and screwed every week and resorting to the same tactics.
    So it was with a heavy heart I leaped into the air, and screamed ” OH YES, YOU BEAUTY”. Shame on me as I slide beneath the duvet with a BIG smile on my face thinking, still automatic promotion fodder.


    • You’re worse than me 😆


      • Life is LUFC

        You and the entire Leeds fan base Rob. To be on the end of a decision that went the way of Leeds, it was like be awarded a penalty except the goal was scored first, was a bigger celebration than getting the 3 points. My glass of red wine tasted so much nicer after that:-)


  3. Ken Jarvis

    Makes up fo the Brentford dive


  4. steven emsley

    Well I have seen on some social media posts that the FL are looking into deducting points from LUFC for bring in the game into disrepute, by quite blatantly cheating during a live television broadcast. I wonder if its true???


  5. I’m perhaps in the minority, Rob.
    There’s a disapointed part of me that feels that we’ve dropped to the level of Ollie Watkins et all.
    I’m 100% sure that we will have many ‘brave’ referees who come to Elland Road and give blatant calls against us to show that they are not swayed by our mighty voice.
    The rest of the football world will simply say ‘that’s for Kelmarsh Roofe’


  6. Maybe if Notts Forest had tried to score a second goal instead of sitting on a narrow lead Roofe’s goal would not have mattered. Forest ride their luck,then it ran out. Naughty miners strike ref BTW.MOT.


  7. We normally get one controversial decision in our favour per season so that will be it.
    Have to say I laughed out loud at your comment under the photo re Notts Forest players. Thanks for making my morning


  8. Roland Atkinson

    Just on what you may consider a pedantic point, the abbreviation for Nottingham is Nottm, and for Nottinghamshire it is Notts (hence Notts County), which explains the distinction.


  9. Nice one mate. I also haven’t forgot the miners strike and continue to wish ill will on both Notts teams, County in particular since Judas kewell began managing them. What’s not to hate? Don’t like Mansfield either but Chesterfield are fine. Anyway,what a way to stick two fingers up to the cheats and frauds at the football league last night.


  10. Spot on Rob & whilst we could have got at least one of the two pen shouts just seconds apart how can we feel bad in anyway about Roofes handball.


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