Football League to Ban Use of Public Highways for Leeds United Employees? – by Rob Atkinson


Football League Board – due to meet on Thursday

The Football League Board is due to meet on Thursday this week to discuss the “Spygate” controversy and investigate any possible options for sanctions against Leeds United. The League is understood to be frustrated but not discouraged by the fact that no rules or regulations have been broken. The additional fact that the Leeds scout was standing on a public highway and looking through a transparent mesh fence will also be taken into consideration but, again, the Football League remains optimistic that this will not be a bar to some form of punishment for the club, Marcelo Bielsa or, ideally, both.

One possibility that is said to have crossed the minds of certain FL Board members – not a very long journey, it must be said – would be the introduction of a ban on all employees of Leeds United using public highways while failing to avert their eyes from the lawful activities of rival clubs. If some retrospective element could be incorporated in such a ban, then it may yet be possible to punish Leeds, even though United are quite prepared to make the obvious defence that Derby County are not really rivals.

The Football League insists that it is taking its responsibilities towards member clubs determined to throw a spanner in the Leeds United works “very seriously indeed”. A spokesman for the League commented that attempts had been made to distract them from this major issue by raising questions about Leeds United players being headbutted by opponents during matches at Elland Road, with the perpetrators getting off without punishment, “and other such frivolous and irrelevant matters”. He went on to confirm that “nothing will deflect us from pursuing our primary duty, which is to protect our brand and its commercial success by keeping Leeds United down at all costs”. Up to eleven other Championship clubs are said to feel reassured by this stance, with the general feeling being one of confidence that the League would hammer Leeds if at all possible.

Frank Lampard OBE, 40 going on 14, is still prone to tantrums and must be mollified.


16 responses to “Football League to Ban Use of Public Highways for Leeds United Employees? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Excellent stuff!


  2. Steve Wilson

    Well said Rob, we all know deep down that even though there is no case to answer, the board led by that 2 faced snake Harvey will revel in smashing us to bits. I cant stand that tw*t Harvey, I was once working at ER when he was CEO at Leeds, I had to do some work in his office, both him and his stuck up secretary spoke to like I was a piece of sh*t. Kn*bhead !!!


  3. Sorry Rob but I feel that I must correct a slight inaccuracy, it is Fat Frank Lampard’s Derby County, not simply Derby County.


  4. pietrovito

    I just love you.but you could have thrown the penalties situation in


  5. Uncle Dave

    I cant think why we sent someone to watch Derby train in the first place? Derby or anyone else? Its not a true reflection of how a team will play their next game is it? Look at Leeds, they rip teams apart one game, and play like lambs ( no pun intended ) the next. What counts is how a team plays on the day, not what they do in training. The manager sees and adjusts his players, formation, substitutions etc from what he sees on the pitch, on the day. If Bielsa is guilty of anything? its wasting his own time and that of his ‘ scarlet pimpernel ‘. If the football league are guilty of anything? its wasting time on looking for legal loop holes to clobber Leeds united, when the F.L could be pushing for a treble this season. A knighthood for Frank Lamp post, Steven Lansdown and the font of all knowledge and things good, Mr Stanley Victor Collymore.


  6. Brilliant Rob & canโ€™t think of anything more ridiculous than this whole Spygate nonsense whilst GBH & other minor demeanours go uninvestigated let alone punished!
    Just expect EFL to drop their bombshell an hour or two before kick off at the Smoggies.


  7. Philip of Spain.

    The answer is, to rebrand Leeds United and reform as Beeston.Don’t tell those clowns where we are,they hasven’t enough gumption to find out..I feel a points deduction coming on!!!Its gone on too long,the delay is for preparing us for the decision.


  8. Just as a matter of interest, has everyone, that’s the media and the FL, forgotten that Birmingham City and their breach of an actual rule (FFP) is supposed to be top of the agenda tomorrow?? or is standing on a public footpath more important. IMVHO, that is something that really does affect the rest of the league.


  9. Life is LUFC

    What’s the chances of getting a SPY into the board room on Thursday ?!


  10. Christopher Ernest WATSON

    I just read that the Police have opened a criminal inquiry on Prince Philips car crash on the ground that the car was tampered with to cause injury to the Prince. The three leading suspects are:

    The Queen.
    Prince Charles.


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