Beware of ‘Hopeless’ QPR Turning Up as Brilliant Barcelona Against Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson

qpr or barcelona

QPR to face Leeds United on Tuesday? Or Barcelona?

We’ve seen both sides of the effect on opposing teams that a match against Leeds United so often has. It happens time and time again – one aspect is that teams who run themselves into the ground to get a result against Leeds then frequently go on to capitulate against lesser opposition next time out. I call this “Post Cup Final Syndrome” and, believe me, it really is a thing.

That’s annoying enough, but the other side of the coin might usefully be dubbed “The Barcelona Effect”. This where a team has experienced a dire run of form, getting thrashed six ways from Sunday by all and sundry – and then, the fixture list sees them turning out against our heroes. All of a sudden, this previously useless team then turns up looking like a cross between Brazil of 1970 and Pep’s all-conquering Barca side – and we get rolled over. It’s happened way too often for me to disregard this as my own personal paranoia, and I must admit – knowing that QPR have lost seven on the spin, the prospect of the same phenomenon doing for us again at Loftus Road is sending my pessimism coefficient through the roof. We need to win, we want to win, and we should win – but would any of us honestly bet on it?

I’m not here to tell a genius like Marcelo Bielsa how to prepare his team psychologically for the challenge presented by any Championship team – he’s forgotten more about football than I’ll ever know. But a lifetime of following the ups and, mostly, downs of Leeds United has taught me that things can and will go wrong for this club, unless absolutely everything is spot on – so if there do happen to be any players wearing the shirt tomorrow who are looking with relish at the dismal recent record of QPR, then please – put these thoughts from your mind.

Otherwise, as sure as eggs are eggs, we’ll end up with egg on our faces.

14 responses to “Beware of ‘Hopeless’ QPR Turning Up as Brilliant Barcelona Against Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Exile in Holland

    Calm down Rob it’ll be alright on the night


  2. I’m with you on this one Rob, just look at Bolton, rolled over against the six-fingered farmers then rock up at ER looking like a top 6 team. BUT, I’m confident we will get the three points.


  3. Sylvia Wilkinson

    Totally agree, we always play well against better teams and slip up against ‘lesser’ teams.I also think we don’ t do well in London.


  4. howard mackey

    I agree with you Rob ,our own worst enemy at times i see that super computer is against us now is it operated by Harvey? M.O.T.
    Regards H.


  5. Hi Rob,
    I agree with you its so annoying teams with crap form turn up against us and play out of their skins and then revert back to their normal selves or worse. I have seen quite a lot of Bolton this season and that performance was head and shoulders the best they played sice August.On a positive note though the fact that most teams treat us like its their cup final is a huge credit to Our club and support. Hope Qpr don’t follow the script.


  6. I agree Rob, also to add, whoever we play against its their biggest crowd of the season.


  7. Chris Wheeler

    So very true Rob & I never underestimate any team we play & Marcelo is far to wily to ever let complacency creep in. Also surely Casilla is due his first clean sheet since signing for us so I’ll stick my neck out and go for a 1-0 to Leeds with the scruffiest of goals MOT


  8. Reality Cheque

    We have FIFTEEN more points and are NINE places higher in the league than this time last season despite playing in a much more challenging Championship and suffering long term injuries to key player of epidemic proportions. I’m not sure what the future holds but so far we have been bloody amazing. Lets keep the faith and cheer the lads on through the remaining 13 cup finals. ALAW


  9. I share your anguish. If teams turned up trying to play like Barcelona we’d stand a chance but they don’t, they just ‘park the bus’ to stop us playing and hope to hit us on the counter – usually from a set piece.


  10. Philip of Spain.

    Bang on Rob,their form suggest a walk over for Leeds but we know that’s not going to happen.I just hope its the right Leeds that turn up.The last thing we need is a sending off.A couple of quick goals will do it..!!


  11. As a serial fixed odds accumulator loser this fixture gives me the shakes. We all follow the form and almost always lose. I’m always concerned with teams on winning or losing streaks in leagues as competitive as this.
    Sod it though!
    Even though QPR will put in a much improved display playing in front of their biggest crowd this season,Leeds will edge it.


  12. We are gonna do them Rob! A convincing win is overdue.


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