One Great Three Point Performance at QPR, and Leeds are Back on Track – by Rob Atkinson

Cometh the hour, cometh the lads

If Leeds United can just see Tuesday’s fixture at Queens Park Rangers as an opportunity to be seized, rather than an obstacle to be wary of, then they could and should go into next weekend on top of the pile and conscious of having their fate in their own hands.

Even a draw would see Leeds leapfrog Sheffield United into the automatic promotion places, a mere point behind Norwich City. Both the Blades and the Canaries have put together fine, consistent runs and their exalted league positions are no fluke. On the other hand, just as Leeds are surely due to click into gear and give somebody a proper leathering, so must it be high time for a wheel or two to come off at Carrow Road and/or Bramall Lane.

As I wrote earlier, Leeds will need to be on their mettle against a bit of a wounded beast in Rangers. The Hoops have lost seven on the trot, and a lot will depend on how the game starts as to whether QPR are encouraged or demoralised. If Leeds can start fast and dominate possession from the off, as they’re quite capable of doing, then Rangers heads might drop – although that sounds like wishful thinking and probably is.

The fact remains that Leeds United have a clear run at top spot tomorrow, a chance to lay down a marker as the season gets to its business end. It will be Rangers’ third game in eight days, whereas Leeds had ten days off prior to Saturday’s defeat of Bolton at Elland Road. These are all good, positive vibes and normally they’d reduce me to a quivering mass of pessimism – but there’s nothing normal about this Championship League

Besides, after my earlier article pointing out that Leeds will need to avoid complacency despite Rangers’ bad run, some of the responses have lifted my mood towards cautious optimism. There’s some wise old heads among the readers of this blog, and many of them seem quite upbeat about United’s West London appointment – so who am I to pour cold water on such positivity?

A win is needed. A big win would be nice, but any win will do. In the spirit of optimism and possibility, I take Leeds to prevail by one or two goals. Now please, just for once, let me be right.

12 responses to “One Great Three Point Performance at QPR, and Leeds are Back on Track – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Been saying for weeks. We are due a big win. Hopefully it comes tomorrow night to get us back on top. And kick on from there. M O T


  2. I really empathise with you Rob and I can feel the anxiety coming through. I long for for just one game where we dominate, take our chances, defend all set pieces and come away with a convincing win. I cannot remember now when we last did that, was it Derby?.
    We have had so many disappointments over the last decade but this one is so close and against all the criticism, the bias, the hatred and a never ending stream of injuries, here we are one game away from top place again.If we pull this off I really do believe it will eclipse almost everything we have ever achieved.
    We are told there are many doubts about Bielsas future and if he will remain with the club. Promotion would make him a legend here and I doubt anyone would hold it against him if he went to new pastures, but to lose him if we don’t achieve this after such a massive transformation and not take a second crack at it better equipped and stronger would be a tragedy. Every week I convince myself the glass is half full but it’s getting harder and harder. Like you I need a fix badly.


    • I wonder if Bielsa’s comment about his future was intended as some sort of subliminal extra bonding for his players. Whether or not it was, it’s freaked me out a bit, for the reasons you state. We need to avoid the biggest anti climax since the Millennium bug!


  3. howard mackey

    Be positive Rob i am going for a 2-1 win for Leeds,Marcelo will have warned the boys about letting complacency come into their game,i will be listening to the game on Radio Leeds in my garage the only place that i can get reception.M.O.T.
    Good night. H.


  4. Life is LUFC

    Now come on Rob, Bielsa will have had a good chat with the lads and the lads are not daft either. They will go out there to do a job and a good one at that. One game at a time.
    As for Bielsa’s comment take it at face value. No football manager can predict this season let alone next season. Everything is in the hands of fortune or lack of. One day at a time.
    I have my scarf, tranquillisers and I have cut my nails as low as they can go and will then watch the match sure that we will come away with points, be-it one or all three. Until then I’ll get on with all the housework and cooking and my stomach will churn over and over. Every day until May 🙂


    • I’m calming down slowly, but still feel as if I’m growing an ulcer – just like 1990, 1992, 2010 etc. Hope this one doesn’t go “pop”! 😖


      • But, in 1990, 92 and 2010 did we have assholes from the Daily Fail publishing absolute shite like they just have on the eve of such a big game??? Thank goodness for Radz’s Twitter account, gave it to them both barrels, coupled with Mr Kinnear’s programme notes, not very sarcastic 😉 it would seem that the board is on board with us. All we need now is a rant from Mr Orta 😁


  5. We’ll do it Rob, Casilla is due a clean sheet he’s been a great signing. I predict a 2-0 win, 1-0 if we don’t start on front foot. I think Ryan Edmundson needs to be on the bench he’s hungry.


  6. Great phrase that Rob “an opportunity to be seized”. As Popeye has commented the Derby game was the last dominant performance and we are due another.
    Teams have forced errors from Leeds this season when they put us under pressure as we do tend to overplay at times and we need to be wary of that.
    We should only be positive however. A small improvement in finishing and final ball etc should see us over the line. A brace for Bamford and a towering header from Pontus will get the job done.


  7. Again…. utter trash.

    I would be more forgiving but as a Leeds fan of 25 years i’m sick of the excuses we give to players that are being paid such ludicrous amounts of money to perform.

    Ayling….. offered little needs a rest. Shackleton has offered so much more when he has played. Ayling might train better but looks like someone who’s confidence is shot in front of a crowd.

    Roberts….. Contributes nothing of note. Very little end quality…. doesnt click with those around him, loses posession and in my opinion only looks good in late sub appearances due to his pace against tired legs. Surely Izzy Brown needs to a chance play now.

    Bamford….. Early days after injury but is not performing at a level that reflects his price tag….. he will get there but we’re missing the clinical finishing/danger of Roofe already.

    Harrison….. Playing better than he has all season but he is not much more than a bench warmer for 15 or so championship sides….. again the quality in another attacking position just isnt there.

    If we are to be promoted QPR is a must win game. Bamfords chance needs to be put away…. Dallas’s (great creation poor finishing) needs to be put away.
    Do we really think that this team is going to now beat WBA and Sheffield united? We have been lucky in most games we have won since late 2018. Hope i’m wrong but cant see it at present.

    Lack of investment of a quality Saiz replacement and left winger is hitting home now…. we look like a team who are tired, running out of attacking ideas, over reliant on the brilliant Hernandez and overperformed above their individual quality due to great management early on.

    We now NEED to beat both WBA and Sheffield. Hope i’m wrong but cant see us managing much more than playoffs at this rate.



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