Euro Goners Real Madrid Admit They Didn’t Live Up to Famous Leeds All White Strip – by Rob Atkinson

Real Madrid – making a mockery of Leeds United’s iconic all-white strip

Real Madrid were left ruefully reflecting upon their shock Champions League exit tonight, and were forced to admit: their performance fell way short of the standards expected of any team seeking to emulate football legends Leeds United.

It’s well-known in football circles that the Madrid kit is modelled on the famous and dazzling all-white of Don Revie’s all-conquering Leeds United side who dominated the world game in the sixties and seventies. Leeds followed up on establishing themselves as the finest club side some fine judges had ever seen, by becoming the last ever Football League Champions in 1992. Their 27 year unbroken record as English champions is unlikely ever to be equalled, never mind broken.

Naturally, the Leeds record has attracted envious attention abroad as well as at home, with the result that plucky little Real Madrid adopted the legendary LUFC all-White in an attempt to emerge from the shadow of Catalan masters Barcelona. The move appeared to have paid off to some extent, with Real managing to win several trophies down the years, prompting some over-enthusiastic pundits to mention them in the same breath as Revie’s or even Howard Wilkinson’s immortal Whites. Madrid even adopted a similar nickname – los Blancos translates as “the Whites” in Spanish, and some have interpreted this as a cheeky assertion by Madrid that they are somehow comparable to the Elland Road virtuosos.

However, all of that bravado came crashing down tonight, with Madrid falling at home to Dutch outfit Ajax of Amsterdam. Real had actually led 2-1 after the first leg in Holland, but a 4-1 reverse tonight at the Bernabeu put paid to this season’s hopes of matching Mighty Leeds. A Madrid spokesman said afterwards, “It’s bad enough losing so heavily at home, and the late red card too. But losing while wearing the all-white which is the symbol of Leeds has just made us look silly. We may possibly wear pink in future, it’s something we have to think about”.

Meanwhile, in Leeds, former Real keeper Kiko Casilla admitted that his old club had scored a PR own-goal. “Yes, it was embarrassing”, said the ex-Madrid man. “It did look as if Real were playing with ideas above their station, it was all a bit presumptuous. It’s made me glad that I seized my chance when the opportunity arose to better myself by moving to Elland Road”.

The triumph of Ajax is being hailed in Holland as a sign that they themselves might one day emulate Leeds. “Ajax were superb”, crowed one fan. “We played with vim and vigour. Who says we can’t be a second Leeds? But we wouldn’t turn out in the famous LUFC all-white. That’s just bloody rude”.

21 responses to “Euro Goners Real Madrid Admit They Didn’t Live Up to Famous Leeds All White Strip – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Nerf! But well said anyway!


  2. Tony Price

    Come on guys lets get the research right. It was the other way around. Don Revie changed the blue and gold strip of Leeds United to all white because he wanted his team to emulate the great Real Madrid side of the sixties. I know this as I am, as I was then a Leeds United fan.


    • Satire alert. I’m in a whimsical mood.


      • It seems a couple of people on here aren’t up to speed with your satirical wit Rob which makes me think they are latecomers to your column, anyone who knows Leeds and the Don’s history would be well aware of the change to all white was Don’s desire to inspire them to replicate the feats of Real Madrid who in the 50s and 60s were practically unbeatable.


      • When I was writing the piece, I thought it mightn’t be everyone’s cup of tea!


    • Steve Grundy

      Rob, I am not a great user of Emojis but surely 🤦 would have sufficed.


  3. Graham Seymour

    Just love this, Rob…true LUFC fans know the Real/Leeds strip link…what a great topical update!


  4. Real Madrid = Leeds United feeder club, I think Kiko will do for the moment, maybe that Sergio Ramos bloke would fit in at Leeds unless of course playing in front of a big crowd would scare him.


  5. Jim J Chapman

    It is a known fact the Don chose the all white to emulate Real Madrid to try and emulate their power house times


  6. That was so funny….But TRUE. (Tongue in cheek)


  7. Reality Cheque

    Well that satire turned out “all white” didn’t it Rob? Don’t despair and keep the witty humorous posts coming. Those lacking a sense of fun will catch up one day, hopefully. LOL


  8. James Rigby

    Too right rob…he he he. People too quick to jump the gun and not see a bit of fun these days me thinks.
    Personally still buzzing from the result on Friday – must have watched pablo’s goal about 50 times now…
    Bielsa is the man with the plan 😄


  9. Nice one Rob. I need a bit of a laugh after another fruitless day in the office.
    Ramos learnt the meaning of hubris with the ridiculous garnering of a yellow card in the first leg so he would be available for the now non existent appearance in the quarter finals.
    Our last match against Madrid still rankles with me all these years later so I’m glad Ajax put them out and are now on the up again.


    • I feel exactly the same, I’ve never cottoned onto Real and their devoted love of themselves. Give me Barça any day. And I’m glad a few have had a laugh out of this instead of taking it literally 🙄


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