Bielsa and Lasogga Need Each Other, and Leeds United Would be the Big Winners – by Rob Atkinson


Lasogga – the very man for Leeds United?

Sometimes, two problems can be solved simply by bringing them together in a mutually beneficial solution that leaves everybody happy. That situation might just be cropping up right now, with former Leeds United loan star Pierre-Michel Lasogga in need of a career boost having been released by Hamburg SV, and Whites coach Marcelo Bielsa looking for a class finisher who wouldn’t break the bank, to capitalise on all that possession and all those chances that went to waste in the season just tragically ended.

Whatever the doom and gloom merchants might say, Leeds under Bielsa were not very far at all from the finished article in this last campaign before the club marks its centenary. A few tweaks are needed, together with a bit more luck regarding injuries and a bit more common sense in the discipline and suspensions area. Some players clearly need shipping out too – but, if we can somehow avoid losing the crown jewels, the basis of an extremely good Championship squad is there already.

With the way Leeds play under Bielsa (forgive me for assuming he’ll still be in charge) what the team has been crying out for is a hitman capable of putting the finishing touches to what we all know has been a dramatically improved creative aspect of United’s performance. Lasogga, even with a Bielsa pre-season behind him, would never be a run all day type of striker, but he comes alive in the opposition box, as witness several finishes the season before last, the like of which we had not seen for many a moon. With someone alongside or slightly behind him to do the hard yards, the name of Kemar Roofe springing irresistibly to mind here, Lasogga is capable of providing the goals so sorely needed to turn should-have-won games into the victories we needed to make the difference. I’d challenge anyone to dispute that – it’s simply common sense.

The free transfer signing of Lasogga, together with the freeing up of wages from outgoing players, could give our squad not only a leaner and meaner look, but a decidedly more lethal potential too. This blog would like to see it happen – so, what say you all?

Marching On Together

23 responses to “Bielsa and Lasogga Need Each Other, and Leeds United Would be the Big Winners – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Colin Bamford

    As with most championship clubs, especially those looking for promotion, you need 4/5 good centre forwards, some that are box players and some that can change a game. Lassoga would be a good addition for his strength and ability, he would also create more competition within the squad.


  2. After a pre-season with Marcelo he will look like Alan Clarke, Rob!!

    Just seen this:-
    “We will have to run a difficult summer in terms of transfer market but we have a great academy,” said Radrizzani.

    Sound like another sad Summer for us?
    Why he bought ER instead of investing in the team is beyond me.


    • George Burton

      Because the rent of Elland Road was a constant drain on the clubs finances and there was a time limit on the period during which the ground could be bought back by the club at a favourable price. Once that period had expired it would have been open slather on the price. A similar agreement was previously in existence regardingThorpe Arch but that had now expired.


  3. Rob, Pierre Michel Lasogga made Marcus Antonsson look like Usain Bolt, and had the turning circle of the proverbial oil tanker. If Marcelo ever got a tune out of him, then he would surely cement his legend as a true football genius…though I’m definitely not that keen to see him try. !!


  4. I’d rather see Edmonson get a chance than Lasogga, Rob.
    When I first saw Pierre I thought he had the look of Hankin but as good as he was in the box, he was nothing when he didn’t score.
    Edmonson would be great back up as he offers aggression and effort


    • I feel that Edmondson is a terrific prospect, but not yet the established striker we need. Understandably at his age, I might add. But the lad has the physique of a man, and an eye for goal. Still, I would love to see what Bielsa could do with someone of Lasogga’s undoubted class.


  5. Nick Bickel

    Any views on what we should do with Bamford? Bielsa showed great faith in him, as he did Roberts: Was it well-founded? Can we afford the valuation for Harrison (another who cannot score)?


    • I’d honestly keep Bamford, he’s clearly got the ability, as he’s shown in flashes. I’d love to see what he could do with a season not so disrupted by injuries. And I certainly wouldn’t be paying £20m for Harrison.


  6. Victor Stephenson

    Lasogga is your. best suggestion yet. He tends to be rather lazy but he can score goals. I wouldn’t have Harrison on a free.


  7. Nick Bickel

    Glad you said that about Bamford; for all the club’s denials, I’m certain he’s like many strikers – someone who thrives on self-confidence, but whose self-confidence is very fragile. Unfortunately, after one bad match (soon after injury) where he missed several sitters, the crowd latched onto him and mocked him in the way they were always saying ‘shoot’ every time Batty got the ball in the opposition half. The banter had no ill effect on brick-wall-Batty, of course. Also agree about Harrison; he does now have virtually everything except what we need the most – a nose for goal. Compare the price for him and the new price for James!


  8. Life is LUFC

    I get the feeling we are in for a lean summer window. I also think a few of the U23’s are going to become permanent first team fixtures this coming season. As for Lassoga being another Sniffer Clarke after a pre-season with Bielsa I do not think so. We already have younger version of Sniffer and he has the same surname and Bielsa/Carlos have already started work on him. Edmundson is so much keener, has the maneuverability and build, he also has youth on his side. We have seen him with the seasoned of defenders and he has shown no fear.
    No I am not sure about Lassoga at all, I’m with Stan on this one.


  9. Dunno.It’s difficult for a player to return to a club especially one they left under a bit of a cloud.
    However from statements coming out of the club Leeds may need to be a bit creative with their recruitment so it could be a fair shout.
    I just want Bielsa to stay. His philosophy runs through various Leeds squads and I don’t want to see that torn up by another Pardew or whoever may come in.MOT.


  10. Reality Cheque

    Regrettably it appears that Radrizzani is going for the cheap option of blooding existing U23’s into the first team and Orta is probably being instructed to look for youthful prospects rather than proven Championship quality

    Whilst our U23’s excelled this season and deserve the opportunity to graduate into the first team, we also need experienced and confident players who can deliver when it matters and a squad size capable of progressing when injuries and suspensions bite

    For instance, when are we going to recruit a comparable Saiz replacement and will Bielsa lose any existing quality players on the eve of the new season in the same manner that Radrizzani sold Ronaldo Vieira to balance the books (which involved our club spending a staggering £54 million pounds on ADMIN)??

    If we do not freshen our squad with some commanding, experienced and proven players then we are expecting Bielsa to deliver something that he was not able to deliver this season. Bielsa deserves to be given some experienced, quality signings so that the full weight of expectation is not placed on the shoulders of our very talented youngsters and he has a realistic chance of getting us automatic promotion. ALAW


    • I’m assuming the reason Bielsa is not yet confirmed for next season is that there’s some pretty tough talking going on behind the scenes on the subject of recruitment/investment. Maybe the Radrizzani line is to calm our expectations but also to stop selling clubs being too ambitious in their pricing?


      • Don’t we all say the same thing every year though Rob? The owner is holding his cards close to his chest etc. I think we need to wake up to the fact that we have an Italian ken bates for an owner. As for Bamford,whatever his ability he let us down badly against villa,got a two game ban for conning the ref then doesn’t he go and do the same thing in the Derby game. We need to get rid asap along with all the no shows in that game.


      • Honestly? I think we should all calm down and see what transpires. I don’t believe Bielsa will leave 🤞and I don’t think he’ll stay without certain guarantees. It may be though that we have to be canny, with loans and frees. Lasogga, seemingly, is on a free.


  11. First of all, all this emphasis on our catastrophic failure which is coming across from some fans really gets my ganger right up. For two thirds of the season we were brilliant. We played great exciting football AND even right up to the last month we were automatic promotion candidates. So, this useless team that were ripped apart for last season, players who were insulted, vilified and abused , Cooper comes to mind, vastly over reached all expectations. Reading some of these blogs, and the pathetic attitude of the same fans who did all the slagging last season, writing next season OFF before we have even had time to let the dust settle is galling to say the least. There, rant over.
    Bielsa is NOT stupid and he knows just what is needed next season. He knows who he wants to keep and who he wants to release. He now knows just what the Championship is all about. He now knows just what English football is all about. If he can produce last season’s performance at just one attempt I am really excited at what he could do this season IF he decides to stay.
    I cannot believe we could suffer the same injury problems again, no more Spygate farces, and a darn sight more respect from petty vindictive managers who just cannot hack it. Together with a fair attitude from the FA, EFL and officials this coming season will be a rollercoaster. As for Lasogga, Bielsa will get him down three stone, running like a whippet and frightening the opposition to death and all on the cheap. Bring it on guys.


    • You have cheered me up Popeye.
      It is like the owners of the Titanic saying:-
      ” For two-thirds of the voyage it was fantastic!
      Great food!
      Wonderful music!
      5 Star Accommodation!
      Then things went down hill fast!”
      I really enjoyed the season and all the fans really got behind the team.
      Victor is not good at picking top players, and a lot of the dead wood, past and present is his.
      Radz has to get the balance right, and spend where necessary to improve the squad.
      The January fiasco still hurts – I hope it hurts him too.
      Let Marcelo choose his players, after 12 months experience in our League.


  12. Grenville Hair

    Sadly the mood music suggests Radrizzani is going to flog anything that isn’t nailed down, staring with Clarke and including Roofe and probably Phillips and Jansson too. Plus ca change. it would not surprise me at all if Bielsa said thanks but no thanks. I cannot think of a single occasion since the late 80s that the owners of LUFC have actually invested significant funds in the team – Ridsdale spent other people’s money of course. Until they do we can forget the premier league. We’ll look back on this season as a miracle – Bielsa got a very ordinary squad so close. Why Leeds cannot attract an owner of real substance and ambition escapes me – other championship clubs can and do. Could be because Leeds are so hated they don’t want the relentlessly negative publicity (and to deal with the bias we have to contend with from officialdom). Maybe I’m missing something


    • Mr Radrizzani has already pumped millions into the club and taken the club closer to the prem than all his recent predecessors. We may have to accept that one of the ‘crown jewels’ is sold.
      So long as we get the right money and those funds are re-invested I don’t think that we can complain


  13. Bielsa has committed to another season so happy days. I’m sick of AR’s tight fisted attitude. We’d be in PL now if he’d invested in Jan. To have no plan B after James deal collapsed was amateurish, unforgiveable. Wish he’d sell up but he won’t. I’d have Lasogga back now. He is a class finisher under Bielsa he’d get 20 a season. Pray we go in for him and get him ultra fit.


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