As Leeds Fanatics, Let’s Get Right Behind Aston Villa on Monday – by Rob Atkinson

Good luck Monday, Dean Smith, you horrible git

As the Bank Holiday fiesta of sudden death football that is the playoff finals finally begins, the thoughts of every Leeds United fan must surely be: it could have been us in that Championship playoff decider. Should have been. But, once you get past that, and also past the essential silliness of a system that will promote one of two clubs that have been proven as inferior to United, both in the regular season and in our meetings on the field, you have to decide which of these two you want to see take the Premier League place that should have been ours. There’s no point in turning a blind eye, or whinging about what’s happened. We all knew the rules, daft though they may be.

So, who do we want to see go up? And, by extension, with whom do we wish to renew hostilities next time around? Both Aston Villa and Derby County have done their darnedest this season to capitalise on incidents surrounding our league meetings; both have cynically attempted to make mountains out of molehills, eagerly assisted by a complaisant and Leeds-hating media. But, for all that I can’t abide Villa manager Dean Smith, and even though I’d cheerfully swing for that annoying little toad Grealish, there can be no real comparison to the serial whingers of Derby County, with all of the Spygate nonsense, that loathsome hypocrite Lampard and all. And it is in a spirit of Frank and honest bitterness and resentment that I wish them despair and heartache at Wembley on Monday – I hope with all my heart that we can meet again next season, just to rub it in again exactly why we’re better than them, in every way, any day of the week. And I hope that Middlesbrough prove to be of some use for a change, and successfully sue Direby’s backside off over the shady Pride Park operation.

So it’s “Up The Villa” for me on Monday. I’d be most interested to hear other views as ever, both agreeing and disagreeing. But please keep it polite, and give your reasons.

Marching On Together

22 responses to “As Leeds Fanatics, Let’s Get Right Behind Aston Villa on Monday – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Phil Wallis

    Exactly what I’ve been thinking for over a week now. Lets count the number of times Grealish falls over his boot laces and still gets a free kick

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  2. Yep I found it difficult to make a decision between these two for all the above mentioned reasons but I’ve got to admit the thought of that pious “my sainthood’s in the post” smug t@@t Lampard getting to the promised land is the standout stomach churner for me. We’ve got to have some fun next season and we went to all that effort for tiny fwanks song 😀 either way “sly” sports will be itching to change the fixture list for both matches no matter who stays down just to screw the true supporters over 🤨


    • Well you didn’t need binoculars to see that one coming for derby. Like everyone else I despise villa too and that grealish. You just know that once they’re in the premier league the greaseball will fill the void left vacant by beckham and his gormless mug will be everywhere. Such a shame though that sky couldn’t oblige and let us have a close up of crying derby fans.


  3. John Bennett

    Got to support Villa through gritted teeth – even though I cant abide Dean “looks like a debt collector” Smith or “Father Damian” Grealish behaving like a spoiled brat – and as for the idea of John Terry wearing full Villa kit to collect any medals….But Derby – no, no no. Lampard and Leeds are at opposite ends of the media love/hate-ometer, and we at least deserve to get full use of the song. Derby are a horrible, whingey hypocritical club whose only saving grace is that they aren’t Man Utd.
    P.S. Phew, feel better for that – now on to next season.


  4. Let Villa win so one less team with parachute payments in our league.


  5. Life is LUFC

    I suppose with much reluctance…….sorry but I am choking here and cannot get my breath and the nearest I can bring myself to say this is that mob in maroon and blue.
    However I am wondering about whether to watch it just to see who out cheats the other the most, how many each team keep on the pitch and which mob has the most bruises and injuries. But then I have got better things to do….like a stack of ironing, housework and cooking and if the weather is descent the gardening.
    I wish both mobs all the wrath of hellfire and damnation.
    Was that polite enough?
    I think my reasons are clear cut. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned:-)
    Did I see somewhere that John Terry is being considered as a manager for some other club?


  6. Reality Cheque

    Whilst I share your dislike of Frank Lampard Rob, I think we all just have to be prepared to eat large helpings of humiliating humble pie as we prepare for next season in the Championship

    The play -off final has got “Karma” written all over it following Bielsa’s “Spygate press conference” which was clearly intended to pour humiliation over Frank Lampard due to his factually inaccurate whinging concerning Bielsa’s “spy”. Yes we all enjoyed and applauded our head coach’s response which was quickly intensified by our comfortable home league victory over “Frank Lampard’s” Derby County.

    In the following weeks our form dipped drastically, as were beaten by QPR, Birmingham and Wigan who, prior to Leeds United’s arrival, hadn’t managed to win a single point in weeks. It didn’t matter if our opponents went down to 10 men, conceded a penalty against us or our team were supported by sell out Elland Road crowds. Bielsa once responded to a press conference question about our never ending injury problems by joking that he may have done something wrong and was being punished by God. So maybe Mr Bielsa has upset the football gods Rob, (probably for having the audacity to coach Leeds United to become league leaders for the majority of the season!), and therefore we have one final dose of nasty medicine to take.

    We have had Chris Wilder calling us muppets, Frank Lampard and John Terry enjoying our pitiful capitulation and I suspect we will have to endure Frank Lampard doing a lap of honour at Wembley after leading Derby to the Premier League in his first season as a manager!!

    Why did such a fantastically exciting and promising season evaporate into us becoming everyone’s joke Rob?


  7. Totally agree which is the lesser of two evils? Do l want derby to go up just to see them ripped apart every week end and drop back down with about 13 games left … or like you l hate Dean Smith who is up their with Wilder in the detestable table both pinched faced melee mouthed moaners and that show pony Grelish spends more time on his area than a 3 year old learning to ice skate …


  8. 2 horible arrogant managers, but i hate Derby just a tiny bit more, so i hope fat Frank suffers the pain of a play off final defeat to a last minute own goal.


  9. Do not accept for one minute that the season was a disaster. I refuse to bow down to the twatteraty brigade who are now trying to revel in their utter condemnation of this team and this club ALL season. We could have achieved automatic promotion had we played just as good as we played MOST of the season. However we didn’t. End of story. Man up, it’s over.
    Play off final?. No brainer. I want to see Lampard consoling his gutted, devestated, traumatised, weeping players layed out on the Wembley turf, utterly grief stricken. I want to see Lampard pathetically telling the world how well they have done this season and how proud he is of his boys. I want to see the look in his eyes realising that he is going to have to come back to Elland Road again.
    Bring it on.


  10. Yes Villa for me Rob. Though villa aren’t far behind in my dislike of both , there’s nothing I’d love more than seeing fat franks bottom lip out again. Has for Keogh saying we’ve worked for this all season 🤔 you finished 6th on the last day of the season you googly eyed freak, you deserve nothing and if it hadn’t been for the cock up between cooper and Kiko in Tula St minute of the play off you’d be where you belong. F…..grate Derby.


  11. Villa for me too Rob, all be it through gritted teeth. Both teams hypocrites Villa for gaining a draw after taking advantage of an opposition player down injured with a head injury think it was Birmingham. Derby for fat franks appalling sudden memory failure TWICE. What swings it for me was his disgraceful arrogant disrespectful me above team totally ott celebrations at Elland Road that to me showed what an absolute t..t he is.
    Have a good summer mot.


  12. Thinlizzywhite

    As much as I bitterly detest the malicious degenerate that is John Terry, nothing compares to my despising of Derby County. I come from a family of Derby supporters who take great delight in singing “we all f*****g hate Leeds” when they see me. As you can gather there’s not a lot of love lost there.
    Please God, Derby must lose. MUST.
    If not, I have hell to face every unfortunate meeting.


  13. Chris Wheeler

    Hobson’s choice or what!! Didn’t have any problem with Villa until that prick Smith became their manager but reluctantly hope they beat Derby with an 89th minute pen won by a Grealish dive and Grealish subsequently gets done for simulation. Fat Frank can then spend the whole summer crying his little eyes out demanding the game is replayed.


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