Mbappe and Neymar for Leeds in PSG Link Up? – by Rob Atkinson

Mbappe – could he win a regular starting place at Leeds?

The likes of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar are not the most likely participants in next season’s Championship, but other current PSG might be beating a path to the Elland Road players’ entrance if there’s anything in the Twitterstorm surrounding possible investment by Qatar Sports Institute in Leeds United.

For the time being, it’s all smoke and mirrors. But I’ve been dreaming of linking Mbappe to Leeds for ages now – so ‘ave it.

More to follow, without a doubt.

13 responses to “Mbappe and Neymar for Leeds in PSG Link Up? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Radrizzani said he doesn’t want to sell anymore stakes,, at leeds, but yea he said a couple of days ago its gonna be a difficult summer for us,,
    Do the right thing radz sell some stakes PLEASE


  2. Reality Cheque

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Rob, but my sources have confirmed that Victor Orta has arranged for both Neymar and Mbappe to go straight out on a season long loan to a Spanish second division side. LOL


  3. This is Leeds. Doesn’t mean anything right now but how I wish we could get some serious investment in players. Right now we don’t even have a coach do we.


  4. Sadly there are people out there who expect Radz to simply buy us out of the division.
    If he can keep Bielsa and our talented kids I don’t think the squad needs too much addition


  5. Life is LUFC

    Be very careful what you wish for…..just think back to about 2012 and a middle east link.
    No, leave well alone. OK Radz does not have bottomless pockets but I think he really does have the club in his heart. Remember he has come into the club after 13/14 years (at that time) of no investments at all and all the money sucked out of it. All that he had left to work with were some players and a fan base that is second to none. Slowly he has started to build up the club, albeit mistakes being made but he is getting it together.
    Just be patient and believe one day it will happen.
    Like many fans I was distraught a week ago but put your thinking heads on and consider what you really want as opposed to what you wish for.


    • I’ll be blogging about this issue (what do we actually want) in the context of the domination of football by majorly funded clubs, quite shortly. If success is being in the EPL and getting hammered 6-0 in the FA Cup Final, I’m not sure Leeds fans would settle for it. It’s certainly a different ball game now to the last two occasions we went up to the top flight – back in 65 and 90, we swaggered in, took a brief look around and then set about winning the thing. No chance of that now, barring some mega money coming in.


  6. I read about the potential of QSI looking at a Championship club last month with Leeds Utd mentioned. I even said at the time I wouldn’t mind if we failed to get promoted if it meant QSI took us over. Please, please, please Mr Radz, sell to QSI, they can make us Champions of England again, they have the wealth to match any team. We have suffered 15 years and more, If you have our great club at heart please let QSI in.


  7. Christopher Ernest WATSON

    The FT article clearly states that the Club will not be able to use any monies from the sale to invest in players. So I can not see how it is going to turn us in PSG or City.


    • There are ways and means, stadia can change hands and money can be ploughed into “infrastructure”.


    • Christopher,

      Maybe PSG will loan us some of their players to help get us promoted to the promised land.Once in the Prem they would then be able to spend, spend, spend.


  8. Christopher Ernest WATSON

    Rob. Promotion was in 1964, season 63-64, not in 1965 .


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