Leeds Legend Lee Bowyer Sinks Sunderland at Wembley – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds Legend Lee Crushes Mackems

A last minute winner for Lee Bowyer’s Charlton Athletic condemned Sunderland to at least one more season in League One, and ensured that the first two playoff finals, at least, panned out as per my personal requirements.

It had been good to see Newport depart on the return journey to Wales with tears in their eyes and tails between their legs. Quite apart from having had a soft spot for Tranmere since their Cup exploits under John Aldridge, I’ve not yet forgiven Newport for our FA Cup humiliation a year or so back. Call me bitter and twisted, but that’s just the way it is.

How much more riddled with spite and vicious nastiness am I then with regard to Sunderland, who have been living off their fluke FA Cup success against Super Leeds ever since 1973? Much, MUCH more, that’s how much. The fact that one of my Whites heroes of the past few decades, Lee Bowyer, was a direct beneficiary of the Mackems’ inadequacy simply made a sweet occasion all the sweeter. I’ve frankly hated Sunderland for all the time I’ve been a Leeds fan, despised Bob Stokoe, and celebrated every time we’ve beaten the Wearsiders, as we usually do. They keep going back to Wembley, and they keep failing. They’ve done it twice this season, and I’ve loved every minute.

Now all I need is for Aston Villa to beat Derby tomorrow – with a few Fwankie tears thrown in, if at all possible. Really – is that too much to ask?

15 responses to “Leeds Legend Lee Bowyer Sinks Sunderland at Wembley – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Thinlizzywhite

    It’s only what we Leeds supporters deserve.


  2. Steve Trebert

    Rob , let,s hope Leeds start to win in London next season


  3. Ha ha,for once I’m in total agreement with you. I remember being numb when we got beat in 73 after laying siege to their goal only to be foiled by their cross eyed keeper who I’m convinced saved those shots by accident. What rankled though was the spiteful way they celebrated on their return home with the cup. Bear in mind that they are a club who’s fans would rather sing about how much they hated Newcastle every home and away game than support their own team. They decided at Dennis Tuart’s instigation to carry a white coffin around Roker Park with “Leeds Died In 73” on the side. So I too revel in their misery and long may it continue.


  4. John Cassidy

    Cried my 10-year-old eyes out in ’73. I’ve never forgotten it.. and that shit Stokoe jumping around in his flasher’s raincoat.


  5. Steve Atkinson

    Yes..it was very sweet yesterday..now please Villa, stuff those Derby bleaters… here’s to a few beers and seeing some Lampard anguish!! On and on….


  6. king sniffer

    Hmm. Not so sure about Bowyer. Along with Woodgate he was responsible for a series of events that led to our prolonged demise. That is something I can neither forgive nor forget.


  7. Steve Emsley

    Dreams do come true


  8. Wembley ’73 surely had to be THE ultimate day of giantkilling. It was a sickening loss, for sure. I wasn’t aware until I read a post on this thread of what Teuart allegedly did afterwards. But Johnny Giles once said that Leeds took some stick afterwards from all corners. Over the hill, finito. And yet The Don, once again, pulled the team up by their bootlaces the following season, like no other could.


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