Could Likely Man U Signing Daniel James Still Move to Leeds United? – by Rob Atkinson

Daniel James of Leeds United – could it yet happen?

Swansea City‘s big discovery of the season just gone was undoubtedly Daniel James who swiftly made a name for himself with a series of scorching performances for the Welsh side. His sheer pace was the most notable part of James’ game, but there was some vision too, and an eye for goal. All of this led to James coming within an ace of signing for Leeds United as the January window closed, only for a Swansea official to get cold feet and hide under a table instead of completing the deal.

Since that time, James has been touted as the one who got away, as far as Leeds were concerned – and now he appears to be on the point of a move to Manchester, to play for that city’s junior club. But could things take yet one more twist, with Daniel James appearing in a Leeds United shirt next season after all?

On the face of it, the lad has secured himself a glamour move to a club that used to be among the honours on a regular basis, and you can’t blame a player for snapping up the chance of a Premier League berth. But whether it’s a good career decision for the player himself has to be a moot point, with many a youngster having gone there and then dropped right off the radar. Daniel James carved himself a reputation as a fine Championship player last season. His quality is such that you could easily see himself making an impression as a mid to lower table Premier League performer. But with a move to Old Trafford, James would possibly be looking to cut it in the top half of the EPL – is he really at that level yet?

On the other hand, clubs like Man U frequently sign players like James only to loan them out to continue their football education. This must be a possible path for young James next season, and – if that proves to be the case – then Leeds United should be at the head of the queue for his loan-basis services. It’d make sense for both clubs, and the player too, whatever reservations fans on either side of the Pennines might have. This is how football works these days, with plenty of “mutual benefit” deals being done.

So, could Daniel James yet be ripping up the Championship in a Leeds United shirt next season, as he did for Swansea over the past nine months? It’s got to be a possibility. If James does complete his move to the red quarter of Manchester, don’t be surprised to see a season long loan move to Elland Road materialise shortly thereafter. Many stranger things have happened.

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15 responses to “Could Likely Man U Signing Daniel James Still Move to Leeds United? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. king sniffer

    Not sure it happened that way round myself. He was at Elland Road for 5 hours, the deal all but done, and at the last minute we said we wouldn’t pay the money until the end of the season! At that point Swansea, quite rightly in my opinion, put the phone down. From there hang two parallel universes, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves.


  2. Thinlizzywhite

    That ship has sailed my friend … like so many others due to our lack of financial muscle.
    It wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last deal we throw away through our failure to offer a decent financial return for talent. That’s why we are still in this damned league.


  3. Johnjubal1958

    Not going to happen!

    It was cold feet it was wise decision (obviously!). Leeds Utd were being greedy and got what they deserved! Trurh is the stupidity of Leeds board cost them promotion to the top flight! If the Leeds fans should be angry then it should be directed at their board members not Swansea City. If the shoe was on the other foot, what would they have done? Probably get cold feet!


  4. That’s entirely plausible Rob but I think that if it came true it would fail.
    A player who we should have secured now preparing for a career at our most hated rivals?
    Look at the 563 loans we have made since our departure from the prem.
    Perhaps three successful?
    Finances may dictate that we need to make a couple of loans but they need to be carefully chosen and perhaps with an option to buy


  5. Uncle Dave

    No Rob, it will not happen. Like a rabbit caught in the beam of a car headlights, Bielsa has his sights (for reasons known only to him) on Harrison and it would seem, nobody else. Orta will no doubt scratch around in the bargain bins of Europe and Africas pound shops signing teenagers ‘ Freeman, Hardy and Willis’ as “Ones for the future” 3rd was beyond my expectations last time around and i tip my trilby to Bielsa and his bucket for what he achieved in his first season. What i DID expect, was our stick thin squad to become tired, injured and depleted . In January, when the signs were starting to show, what happened? not much for a club who had been on fire at the start of the journey to the promised land. I just hope that lessons have been learned when August rolls around. If not? i wouldn’t be at all surprised if the bucket throws the towel in.


  6. Keep dreaming if we wanted to develop him he would be loaned back to the sans where he is comfortable and settled


  7. Reality Cheque

    Well Rob, the window has been open since May 17th but like practically every other club, Leeds United haven’t taken any serious steps to land any new signings. Yes players, agents and club chairmen are taking a well deserved holiday and I suspect that our club will focus mainly on promoting the best of our U23 prospects from our very own Academy production line

    With FFP and a relatively small transfer budget Bielsa will consider it his primary responsibility as head coach to develop from within rather than present a wish list of expensive end product players, (isn’t that what any top coach should take pride in doing?)

    It may not be what many long suffering Leeds United fans want or expect from such a well supported club, but Bielsa and the U23’s head coach have been working side by side for a full season and lets just remember the achievements of the U23’s this season, not just their impressive individual cameos in the first team. Can we financially afford to keep hold of our star performers Rob, as Premier League clubs circle with comparably much greater riches?

    In Bielsa we trust. ALAW


  8. Next season is vital that we get promoted, because without Bielsa we would have no chance with the squad of players that we have. Can Bielsa work another miracle? A lot will depend on the U23’s, Bielsa should have used them more last season, more than he did. Young Shackleton looks a great prospect.


  9. So the Swansea chairman ‘hid under the table’? The reality is that Leeds’ offer for James was derisory. Even the extra FA Cup income that James helped to bring in exceeded the loan fee that Leeds offered. Considering the rumoured transfer fee that Man United will pay, the Swansea management would have been absolutely crazy to sell at the bargain basement price Leeds had in mind. The ship has now sailed.


    • I tend to believe the version of events told by Leeds United, especially as Aston Villa were also pissed about by Swansea that night. I understand the official concerned has now left the club.


  10. GrenvilleHair

    Can’t see them doing us a favour and in any case I suspect he’ll go straight into the first team squad. Yet again penny pinching by the owners meant we missed out on a player I strongly believe would have got us up. He’d have torn 10-man Wigan to shreds, for a start.


  11. Jim hemingway

    Should have signed him January would probably have made the difference, but messing about with fees and payment structure cost us dearly. On that subject what about your thoughts on take over? Mine are spend a decent amount of money on 4 or5 players (20 mill or so) or if you don’t have the money sell up and go. Radz done some good things but can’t go forward without good finance. Spend or go!


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