Paudie O’Connor Has Found His Level Two Leagues Below Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

O’Connor – Bradford’s gain is no loss to Leeds

I was never convinced, despite assurances from fellow Leeds fans, that Paudie O’Connor had what it takes to succeed at Leeds. This is based not on rare glimpses of him in a first team shirt, but on his more frequent U-23 appearances in general, and one petulant episode after an away defeat to Barnsley’s second string in particular. I thought then, and it’s now been confirmed, that O’Connor’s future would play itself out away from Elland Road. I’m not unhappy to be proved right.

The incident in question surrounded my attempt to have a quick word with U-23 debutant Sam Dalby. O’Connor was having none of it and led Dalby away, hurling a string of four letter abuse over his retreating shoulder. I put it down to post-defeat temper and refrained from pressing the issue, as you do. But the unpleasantness and unprofessionalism of a young man who had, and still has, done little in the game, made me doubt his ability to stay the course at a club like Leeds. Now he’s gone, and many are expressing surprise at his descent to the Football League basement. I beg to differ. O’Connor not only has to work at his game, he’s got a fair bit of growing up to do too, and needs to learn to rein in his emotions, trying where possible to avoid tantrums. League Two will be a hard school but, right now, it’s just what he needs and a fair reflection of his current level of ability.

I would have kept my powder dry for as long as Paudie was registered as a Leeds United player. But he’s gone now, and I feel he’s no real loss in the grand scheme of things. It takes a certain sort of character to succeed at Leeds, and my instant impression after his hotheaded outburst was that O’Connor wasn’t the right material. Time alone will tell about that. Good luck to the lad at Bradford City.

6 responses to “Paudie O’Connor Has Found His Level Two Leagues Below Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Reality Cheque

    Your assessment of this young player appears to have been very astute Rob, have you ever considered going into football management? LOL

    Its been pretty quiet so far in the transfer window, but the usually suspects twitter sites have linked us with dozens of players who just so happen to be “also attracting interest” from Barcelona, Real Madrid, or every Premier League team under the sun!

    In recent years, since social media transformed Football Transfer windows into a farce, I have chosen to only believe player transfer rumours are genuine when Leeds United confirm a target is undergoing a medical at Thorp Arch, but even that’s no reassurance in the wake of the Daniel James fiasco Rob.

    Guess I will just have to revert back to Gypsy Rose Lee’s trusty crystal ball eh Rob?


  2. Life is LUFC

    Welcome back Rob.
    We never really saw enough of what he could really do for me to make a call on what he could become or not as the case may be.
    Yes, first impressions do count do they not, that is no way to talk to anyone regardless of reason and to be so scathing toward a fan that had bothered to turn out to watch the team play is well below the belt.
    I hope he reads this blog and has the courage to respond with an apology to you.
    I think the same a Reality Cheque, if it is not nailed down or if it is able to move all the news/social media outlets have Leeds either buying it or selling it. I’ll wait until the contract is signed before I believe it now.
    Not too long to go before we are back to singing and scarf twirling, the tonsils are being treated with wine to get them in good shape for the new season. I have bought a new nail clipper and a pair of woolly gloves to cover for the nail biting scenes, me fingers got very sore last season.
    I’m looking forward to the Aus games and I hope they will be put out on LUTV and not this new App kit.


  3. Sorry you had a bad experience with Paudie, Rob. I now feel that I can share with the world that Ray Hankin was extremely grumpy with me after being sent off for Guisborough in the FA Cup in 1991.
    I’m always sad when youngsters leave and I hope that we perhaps have a sell on fee should he prove us wrong.
    Time to clear some more dead wood to make way for quality


    • You somehow survived Ray’s grumpiness, and I’m sure I will Paudie’s petulance. The wastage rate is high with young footballers, but the club’s the thing; all individuals are subordinate to the club.


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