Small Boy Hit by Missile From Leeds Kop Thug Aimed at Kalvin Phillips – by Rob Atkinson

I reproduce this Facebook status, which appears to be factual, without further comment, as it’s self-explanatory. But I do earnestly hope that, if guilty of the actions described, this mindless idiot is identified and banned for life from Elland Road.

Just a little update on the incident at the end of the game when #dublinwhite Freddie was hit by an object thrown by somebody.

The incident happened in the Kop.

Apparently Kalvin Phillips was involved with some heated discussion with some fans at the end of the game.

It now appears that the individual who threw the object,threw it in the direction of Kalvin.

Freddie who is Leeds crazy,like any 5 year old got excited when he saw Kalvin,and wanted to meet him,so was heading in that direction,when the object struck him.

It should never have happened that a boy is struck with an object at a football game.

But another frightening thought.

If the object had struck Kalvin,and he thought to himself.

Why stick about here,am off in January.Would you blame him.?

If any of you got struck over the head with an object at your workplace.?

By the way.

Freddie is fine.

He was more frightened than physically hurt.

The bigger picture is.

Nobody in a football ground should be subjected to such unsociable behaviour.

Thats the subject of this post.

Lets rid Elland Road of this type of anti-social behaviour before its too late.

10 responses to “Small Boy Hit by Missile From Leeds Kop Thug Aimed at Kalvin Phillips – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Peter Wilkinson

    With Leeds now looking like regaining success it has brought back the minority of idiots who have stayed away for 10 or more years you only have to look at away games were they have stopped opening bars for a pint at half time because of this type of behaviour


  2. Allan Fawcett

    The most worrying thing about this is it was from the kop. Was this a Leeds moron.
    It beggars belief. Morons, thugs scum of the earth. Needs to be identified, prosecuted and banned


  3. Diana Silverwood

    Someone must know the Moron so any true Leeds Fan has got to own up to this or name the Tossa who did this Like all TRUE LEEDS FANS WOULD Prove yourselves and NAME AND SHAME this SCUMBAG


  4. Life is LUFC

    It would be great if the person responsible could be identified and punished. I mean more than a slap on the wrist, a life time ban and a bit more on top would not be to great a punishment.
    I hope the little lad is OK and will not be put off from going to see his favourite sport being played no matter where it is played.


  5. Ray Manning

    From what I saw a Leeds fan at the front of the kop must have had a go at Kalvin Phillip’s and Kalvin came up to confront him to see what his problem was.
    Straight after the confrontation Leeds fans in the kop were having a go at the Leeds fan for taunting Phillip’s and singing “support your team or f*** off home “, I believe whoever threw the missile was throwing at the so called ” supporter ” for having a go at Kalvin.
    Mindless yes for throwing items in the kop but not aimed at Kalvin.

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  6. Well said Rob, we don’t want a repeat of the 80’s scum returning to ER. I also hope that little Freddie is ok. Our young fans like Freddie are our great clubs long-term future.


  7. Neil Macdonald

    It’s now been revealed that the missile was not aimed at Kalvin, but the chap unfairly berating him. Doesn’t excuse the person who threw the missile, but makes a more accurate & understandable story. Should still be banned.


  8. Graham Atkinson

    Here here 😡😡


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