Transfer Revelation: Leeds Star Kalvin Phillips “Will Be At United Next Season” – by Rob Atkinson

The tabloids are in their usual froth of eagerness to talk up the sale to a “Top 6 Club” of, well, any Leeds United player of any pedigree, to be honest. The papers know they have to keep the fans of the erstwhile €$£ clubs happy, so they will always do their best to indulge them and encourage the wishful thinking that these entitled armchair fans tend to indulge in.

Equally, the gutter rags know well that any football fan who doesn’t love Leeds United tends to hate them (although most couldn’t say why). It’s just fashionable to hate Leeds; that’s as true today as it was 60 years ago when Don Revie rocked the football world by founding a dynasty and propelling Leeds to superclub status. There’s hardly any in between with our club – we love them with a passion, everybody else settles for a blind hatred they couldn’t begin to explain. The papers know this, and their output is tailored to promote adulation of the plastic billionaire big six, as well as encouraging the ongoing demonisation of the unique phenomenon that is Leeds.

So, it’s natural – especially after his Euro 20 England heroics – that said gutter rags should decide that Elland Road is no place for the nation’s favourite swashbuckling midfielder. Engineering his transfer away from Leeds has become an urgent priority, and envious Wapping eyes are looking at Raphinha too. The Brazilian magician is being touted for Liverpool, but the tabloids, nursing happy memories of successful campaigns to move Ferdinand and Smith westwards along the M62, have decided that our own KP should join the salty nuts scattered liberally around the Pride of Devon. As if to emphasise their malicious intent, they have set the price at a measly £60m, which would probably buy Kalvin’s right boot and possibly his shin pads.

Well, I have news for the likes of the Sun, the Star and the other not so heavenly organs of the British trash press. Kalvin will be at United next season, and hopefully for a good few seasons after that. He’ll be at the only United that means anything to him and his family and many friends. A new contract is in the offing, one that will more accurately reflect Kalvin’s value to the club. And, while such a player will inevitably move on one day, I’m tolerably certain it won’t be to the sham United on the wrong side of the hills. He’s just too Leeds for that, and the extenuating circumstances that permitted Smith’s transition to the dark side don’t apply today. Have faith in the truth of that, and indulge in a wry smile when you see armchair plastics getting excited about the prospects of signing a £60m Yorkshire hero. It ain’t gonna happen.

No, Kalvin Phillips will be at United next season and for a good while yet. And if anyone reading this initially misunderstood the blog headline – well, what on Earth are you doing here anyway?? Get back to the Daily Star, and never darken my site again.

Marching On Together

11 responses to “Transfer Revelation: Leeds Star Kalvin Phillips “Will Be At United Next Season” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Life is LUFC

    Amen to that Rob.
    He’s ours so keep your mitts off.


  2. Mike Durham

    There’s far more chance of KP playing for Guiseley than scum ( no capital letter as that may imply respect! ) If he were to leave for an exorbitant fee at some point, surely he’d want to sign for a bigger club with greater prospects of major honours!


  3. He may well go in the future, but not to man utd this is just rumours for new contract negotiations.

    Mind you I said the same about Alan Smith.


    • Very different situation back then though, as I nightmarishly recall 😬


      • MH Leeds

        Oh yes, well I just read the headline and shot my opinion off.

        As I recall Alan Smith also negotiated for Leeds to get a better deal, but still not welcome by many at ER. Very sad.


      • Sad indeed, especially when Smithy gave us so many great memories, that the move to Old Toilet will probably be what people remember most vividly.


  4. Brummie chris

    Dream on Rob the truth is in his name The Yorkshire pirlo not a scummy manure hasbeen


  5. Christopher Ernest WATSON

    I don’t think these rumours were started by Kalvin or his people. As everyone here agrees, scum is the last place he would go if he wanted to leave. Everything is click bait these days. For example, the BBC and others have been going on about scum “preparing a bid” for Rice for weeks and weeks. Then it turns out that is just a fiction so they move on to another player. And the move west to scumland didn’t do Smith much good.


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