Clearest Sign Yet That Ross Will Stay at Leeds: Mail Report He’s Off – by Rob Atkinson


Ross: staying or going?

The ever unreliable Daily Mail are reporting that Leeds will accept an offer of £5 million to be tabled by West Ham on Monday, pending discussions of Massimo Cellino’s takeover of the club.

The inherent contradiction here is that, if a takeover endgame were indeed in progress, then it is highly unlikely that any major incomings or outgoings would be sanctioned by the current owners – as this might affect the plans of imminent buyers of the club.  Such elementary common sense does not appear to have been allowed to get in the way of the Mail‘s desperate desire to flog the “Ross Is Off” story for all that it’s worth.

It may just be that this Mail report is the best sign yet that McCormack will be in the Leeds United team to face Ipswich on Tuesday.  Whether this will prove to be his last game in a Leeds United shirt is another matter.  The tweets of Messrs Haigh, Patel and Nooruddin, though, appear to confirm that those gentleman have been made fully aware of the strength of feeling among the Leeds support.  It has been said that their intentions regarding Ross were made clear last summer, when a number of bids from Middlesbrough were rejected.  The pull of Premier League money may be stronger – let’s wait and see if the resolve to keep our captain at Elland Road holds true.

If not, then the suits in the boardroom are going to have to do some mighty fast talking to keep the fans onside and face the rest of the season in anything other than turmoil.

21 responses to “Clearest Sign Yet That Ross Will Stay at Leeds: Mail Report He’s Off – by Rob Atkinson

  1. i think he’s west ham bound rob , i think he wants this move ( and who can blame him his shot at the premiership ?) a nice 3 year deal that will make him financially secure and a chance to take on the big boys , west ham is of no importance to him , it could be any club in the premiership.. a deal like this would also suit west ham next season , IF they get relegated then they have already poached the championships leading scorer and this would no doubt help in bouncing straight back up , it all looks like a done deal to me rob


  2. phil allen

    I hope you are right Rob, but I have a bad feeling about this one.
    I´m expecting Ross to say something like – I have a family to think of. I want to play in the Premier League etc, etc, we have heard it all before.The turmoil at Elland Road at the moment is making us sitting ducks.


    • Stuart Ingham-Smith

      “Wants to play in the Premier League” what for half a season before ending up back in the Championship when West Ham are relegated as we all expect. He has been made captain and should honour this. He signed a new fourtyear deal in the summer, not a 6 month contract so we should just tell Championship West had where to go as we don’t want to play against him in the league next season


  3. Who could blame Ross if he did go? He has endure all this takeover talk for yearsand therer never seems to be an end result of stability and commitment


  4. He’ll only go if a/ there’s a sudden fire sale (GFH are leaving it late if that’s the case) or b/ his wife does a Mrs Currie and demands that her man takes her to London.

    Think about it – sell him, there’s no time for a replacement. In theory Smith could bang 10-15 more goals in and Varney 6 or 7, but more likely the players would just give up, wait until the summer and try to get away. So there’s the cost of relegation to consider, not to mention the cost of all those lost ticket sales, because Ross is under contract (one that already makes him and his family financially secure), and if he’s sold then many of us will stop going. I won’t be going any more this season if a/ he’s sold or b/ that Italian turd gets in here. If he gets in there’ll be big signings, a brief honeymoon period, and 20 years of chaos. I doubt we’ll even get promoted let alone achieve anything.

    So there is no apparent way for Ross to be sold. He’s staying.


    • Don’t beat about the bush, John, tell it like it is! 😉


    • Well said mate,i don’t think he’ll go either. I think tomorrows game v Ipswich will be a watershed though. A low attendance and a poor performance will ensure a constant barrage of abuse heads the way of haigh and co. We won’t be as fortunate as we were at their place,that’s for sure.


  5. I was expecting a knock back at 3.5, but at 5 I feel it will be done. Don’t forget that 6 mill loaned to the club if the Italian Job comes in.
    Anyway you have to say that at that price most Championship clubs would bite!
    Personally I have always been a bit hot and cold on Ross. I am just not sure he fits into a team structure – a bit like Mata or Joe Cole.
    Goals have not exactly been forthcoming in recent weeks from Ross.
    Maybe I just don’t know anything anymore about Leeds – I guess I just feel numbed with it all.


  6. john palmer

    As I’ve said before it’s only been the skill of Ross that’s given me the heart towatch recently ,Fryatt or Le Fondre could soften the blow if he goes ,but it’s not a very hopeful relegation fight if it happens now.Anyone for captain?On the other hand if the club keep him the feel good factor could be massive


  7. john palmer

    I think you are well numbed Tim,Ross fits up front, as19 goals SO FAR tells you, its not the 1st time in his career hes been prolific,as for Joe Cole & Mata 2 World class players in c.mid or in the hole but as all managers want chasing Donkeys in there they get shoved wide & ruined as Warnock did to McCormack ,but sadly agree with you that5 mill. will be tipping point


  8. He simply must stay. If the club allow him to leave it will send once again a message to the fans that the club lacks ambition. The fans will vote with rheir feet and the club could lose half of the fee in lost ticket sales in the remainder of this season alone.


  9. I wouldn’t accept £100 million for Ross, he has signed a new deal and will honour it, and he knew that teams were interested in him before he signed said contract. Why would he want to go to London and play for a team that are going down? As for all the takeover talk being a reason for him to leave, what a heap of bollocks, that should have no bearing to a footballer that is paid, and wants to play football. And as for the Daily Mail, I wouldn’t wipe my arse on it, anti Scottish rag


  10. I see the armchair Leeds fan from the aptly named Lee Chapmans sofa is talking his usual shite today. It’s no wonder the self indulgent dullards don’t allow comments on their posts. They’re scared of what the real Leeds fans might say in reply to their absolute drivel.


  11. Although I don’t want to see Ross go , every player has his price and 5m is good value for him AS LONG AS ITS PUT INTO TEAM BUILDING. This is where we are all very sceptical and after years of promises and false dawns we have every right to be. With 5m we can buy one or two solid championship players and I for one could cope with the loss of Ross if we could get alf or billy sharp and the midfield general we desperately need. Lets face it lads Ross isn’t bigger than the club , yes he is a 100% worker and on his day is class but does he have enough days. I would suggest no. So the question shouldn’t be can we do without Rossco ? The question is can we use the 5m to buy what we need ? And if the answer is yes then we have to speculate to ecumulate. If it’s no the Gfh can go f… themselves because we don’t want owners without the ability take us forward. Sell us to people who see the potential this massive club has and has the foresight to see that with the amazing following that give their total backing to a poor side how much money could they generate with a full house every week watching a solid Leeds side….. Andy L M.O.T


    • It causes me great concern to think that i may occasionally and accidentally be standing near someone like Andy at ER. Is he allowed out to matches after basket weaving sessions? There are those who seek asylum and there are those who wish to be discharged from an asylum. Well on the evidence above,it doesn’t look good mate.


      • Well leeds mick , in my opinion! 5m is a good price for Ross . No player is bigger than the club . Look at Beckford , no doubt you were panicking then ? Worrying who would score the goals . Fact is we need money to rebuild and to add quality players we dont have now . It’s no good having Ross and 6/7 others who on the evidence of the rochdale and Wednesday games can’t pass a ball to him and 5m would go along way to solving that. Mccormack is not the be all and end all and like I said every player has their price. Yes on his day he is class but there are others who could fill his boots. By the way pal have some respect for other leeds fans who may not share your opinion but who without them this club would have sunk years ago. I mean one game missed home and away in the last 4 years is proper support and by the way I’m not having a go at other fans who Don’t go to all the games , everyone has their reasons and fiscal difficulties. I stand by what I say and how I see it. Don’t worry though I’ll have my baskets with me on the long coach journeys to Yeovil and brighton….. Andy L… M.O.T


  12. I don’t agree that 5 million is good value for Ross, Even as good as they are Le Fondre and Sharpe wouldnt put in as much as a shift as Ross, or score as many. Not for sale at any price, otherwise it’s another season in the Championship. Please sign someone before 11pm Friday Brian


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