Sky TV Fail to Sell Leeds United Skipper Ross McCormack – by Rob Atkinson


Ross Restores the Faith

As transfer deadline day wound its way down to the 11pm cut-off, you could tell that – from an earlier peak of feverish excitement – the Sky TV staff on the Jim White + Bimbo Show were starting to lose hope.  At around 8pm, in the wake of a shocked McCormack’s on-the-spot interview, the hype was palpable as the hacks demanded of him whether he would now be looking to move, having pledged himself to Leeds only two hours before.  Ross sounded distressed, unhappy – as was only to be expected.  Thousands upon thousands of Leeds United fans were out here, feeling very much the same.

That the trashy gutter reporters of Murdoch’s cess-pool of a TV station should try to capitalise on this was as sadly predictable as it was disgraceful and unprofessional.  But we have come to expect this from Sky.  When they’re not trying to pile the agony on for Leeds United, they’re leaning over backwards to reassure the Devon-based fans of that lesser United, Manchester’s second team. You may have noticed that Juan Mata has been elevated to the status of dream signing and world-class star, since his move to the Theatre of Hollow Myths.

But, in the end – all the Sky hype, excitement and pressure not withstanding – Ross has shown with the above tweet that he’s very much his own man.  He’s exhibited that “Keep Fighting” resolve and grit that were in the very DNA of the great Revie team.  He’s shown that he can bounce back, be a professional, and do it for the fans, the shirt, the badge – and for his equally-shocked team-mates who face a local derby tomorrow.

Bloody well said, Ross.  We’re so proud of you.  Now let’s show the world what it means to be Leeds.

34 responses to “Sky TV Fail to Sell Leeds United Skipper Ross McCormack – by Rob Atkinson

  1. A hero is born !


  2. Spongenose

    Yes!!!! Al humdilly laaaah!!! Allah huw Alakbar!!! Ross AlAkbar – Al Humdilly Ross!!


  3. And well said Rob.
    Was worried Ross was trying to sell himself with the SS charade.
    This tweet gives me hope-Cmon lads 3 points tommorow.MOT



    The club is bigger than one player……if you are going to spend time and effort on the keyboard it would far better spent on the implications arising from what I can only conclude is a disaster. Word about importing second rate Italian players is far more concerning BUT at least any transfer fee hasnt evaporated

    With regards to Murdoch, yes they ahe turned it into a circus but you always have the “off” button….we cant change things….which makes me think why did they select the non-event Leeds v Yeovil fixture….what did they contemplate, makes you wonder??


  5. Never in doubt was it? Got to say though Rob, I quite like the bimbos! Thanks for your articles tonight, as always inciteful and representative of all decent fans of the club. Any chance of waking up and it all being a terrible nightmare?


  6. neil sheard

    Totally agree Sky Sports are part of the machine. They create the news and sometimes they report it.


  7. Ross really is a one off. He constantly turns down bigger wages & Premiership football, choosing a settled life for his family instead. What a man he is. Full of integrity, unlike those shysters at GFH who just succeeded in flipping our great club


  8. I’m a toon fan and came on this site to see what has happened with McDermott etc. Keep your chins up lads we are in a similar boat with an owner who doesent give a crap about the club …. Owners, players and managers come and go …. You’re a massive club and regardless of what happens now the club will go on and sooner or later you’s will be back in the prem where the club and fans deserve to be keep the faith.


    • Thanks mate, much appreciated.


    • Thanks mate. My 8 year old’s decided he’s a Toon fan, & I don’t mind a bit. I took him to Southampton game, & Cardiff in cup, & his face was a picture when I took him over Tyne bridge with the stadium in the distance. You’re a proper club with proper fans, & I’m looking forward to coming up for Villa & Swansea games , but I can’t stretch to taking him when my beloved Leeds have a home match!


  9. Noel Hunt, who I still think could turn out to be a good one, about Simon Jordan, via Twitter:

    What a 🔔🔚 on the Tele!!


  10. Also, tweet from Jamie Ashdown:

    Jamie Ashdown (@jamie_ashdown)
    01/02/2014 00:27
    Simon Jordan. What an absolute tool. #morals #beastmode #won’tsleep 100% behind the skipper


  11. During the past week, football has been forgotten by the people behind the scenes at Elland Road and the club has been once again dragged through the mire.
    Apparently nobody is charge at Leeds behind the scenes, after Haigh, Hunt and others resigning. The whole thing looks very shady to me, with a man pulling the strings that does not even own the football club yet.
    Festa and Redfern will be in charge for the Hudds game, but I can’t see Festa getting a warm reception or any respect from the Leeds fans.
    Festa is not yet an employee at the club surely, so what is he doing at the ground and why did he think that he could sit on the bench for the Ipswich game?
    The only manager Leeds have left is McCormack on the pitch and his statement on twitter is the only small highlight of such a terrible day.


  12. Here in Seattle I can turn to more positive news about the Seahawks but here are my predictions;
    Leeds to lose 3-1 to udders field.
    2 red cards to Leeds (Brown and Pearce).
    Crowd 8,000 in the ground and 4,000 outside the stadium in a massive demonstration about the “Sacking of Brian” shortly to be a best selling novel with Master Bates playing the pantomime villain.
    LUTV commentary in Italian.
    Wine on sale cheaper than bitter.
    And lastly Hawks beat Denver by 20 points. So enjoy the super bowl at 11:30 pm Leeds time. MOT.


  13. Don’t know what the fuss is about . A club like leeds will always generate Heroes like Ross . B Mc had to go . Recent performances were worse than warnock . We have a football nutter in charge , who has money to spend . How can that not be good for L U F C . Cellino cannot fail to catch the leeds ‘bug’ . At least he isn’t going to flip us for a quick profit. . Investment banks my arse .


  14. john palmer

    on the point of 2ndrate italiansWatford did ok If we make new owners t unwelcome you might get the( Bates) reaction to ruin the club


  15. Gutted , ashamed , in shock but most of all very fucking angry . Today is the day we all let gfh and whatever other shysters try playing games with our club exactly who they are messing with. We up until today have given the new owners time and the benefit of the doubt . What was with the past is the past , lets be United ! What a load of bullshit. They have proved they don’t give a damn about where the club goes they just want to flip it for as much wonga as possible. They haven’t even had the decency to come out and say they’ve sacked Brian . Outrageous ! The result today is secondry . Win draw or lose we need to stick together as fans and show the world what we think . I would just like to thank Brian for all his efforts trying to change round the club but he had no chance with these clowns. He is a genuine bloke with integrity and cared deeply about the club and us the fans. God bless you mate….. Andy L … M.O.T


  16. Rob the knob, after reading the crap you put on here how can you complain about Sky? Gutter press is your middle name. McCormack stated that he wanted to keep playing for Leeds AND McDermott then after the disgusting treatment McDermott received understandably has second thoughts. You need to start writing facts rather than printing your own arrogant opinions.


  17. sniffersshorts

    Well we have all woken up feeling no better and sick to the stomachs. Having read YEP piece this morning I have to agree with a lot that was said.

    The spectre of Bates hanging over LS11 like a Greek god looking down upon us as pawns to moved around, being lesser mortals.

    we are again to be sold up the River, slaves to cash … well cash is king is it not.

    Lawrence of Arabia came to mind, with King Faisal working with the British to ensure his seat of power was safe from the Marauding Turks, and we all know about them.

    YEP mentioned Face, the Arab nations live by keeping face, the beduion chief with Orance, when asked if he would stay and KEEP ON FIGHTING told Orance there is no honour in this. All he wanted after the killing, were the prize Stallions, to keep face, for honour to keep the riches.

    So we fast forward to Bahrain and the rich oil states, we are but a toy in their hands the get rich scheme, the fast buck, sell to the highest bidder…. to keep FACE.

    And now the unruly slave …… how dare he come out and criticise his masters about the running of the Harem, be gone from us ….. with a new spectre of a Roman god circling over LS11 , a new immortal to move us around like pawns, us mere mortals…… History repeating History repeating.


  18. Zola, may be the resolution..


  19. i know its not really time to be negative BUT i’m not convinced that ross would have stayed if bmac had been sacked the day before and the tweets are of course good stiring stuff , but it all has a feel of the dunkirk spirit about it , making a heavy loss into a face saving sort of victory , only time will tell rob , today would be a fantastic start to that journey , COME ON LEEDS


  20. Just to make sniffersshorts feel even worse I have just done a google search on our apparent new signing. Andrea Tabanelli is a 52 year old wheelchair curling player – wiki says so, so it must be true:


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