A Summary of GFH Qualifications to Run Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson

Those qualifications are as follows (With thanks and acknowledgements to Len Shackleton)
















































Thanks, Len – one of The Greats.

33 responses to “A Summary of GFH Qualifications to Run Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Aha made my day!


  2. Belfast White

    The sheer hypocracy of Pappa Smurf selling the club to a bank with no money or idea about football…and then telling them to leave now, saying he ‘still loves the club’. Could he not see this during the protracted transfer?Then the Football League allowing it to go ahead. The incompetence on all fronts beggars belief! P.S. I wonder who is the Manchester businessman seemingly interested?


  3. sniffersshorts

    ha ha quite brilliant the FL can protract off, we will come to a rapid conclusion should Cellino appeal …. two frickin weeks, its always two weeks with them … badges badges we don wan your stinking badges


  4. Reality Cheque

    Personally, I wouldn’t have given GFH so much column space Rob. I think you have padded your summary out a bit too much to be honest. Your posts are normally much more succinct and concise so I will turn a blind eye on this one occasion (a bit like the football league did when they vetted Bates, GFH et al. eh??)


  5. martyn barratt

    so much shit you cant make it up. I remember Revies team Started going in 77 saw the arse end of that team, watched Flynn, T.C.,Harris etc, stood on the gelderd throughout the nasty shit and racism of the 80,s. The last 10 years has been worse. No hope, No future, Just a stream of shite. Ken Bates? a bank with no money, an italian criminal, ken bates again?


  6. Hat tip to Len Shackleton and his autobiography, I think.


  7. scottywhites

    i didnt know they had that many mate i think you over did it lol, keep MOT


  8. mrbigwheels

    So many qualifications?. Hope you all found page 2. I’m still only down to ‘W’… Interesting piece on wanking, sure it should be banking?.

    Hey Ho…. there ya’ go…


  9. spot the Leeds fan in Ugandan


    Private Eye used to describe shady dealings as, having “ugandan discussions”. Well it seems the football league and all the characters involved, Cellino apart, seem to be thus engaged. Cellino’s fault is clear, he is a foreigner, simple. Having lived in the UK for 30 odd years and carried a rainforest throughout, I am well trained at spotting that particular sentiment. Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of the natives either never suffered from such polluted feelings or have abandonded them due to glaring hypocrisy needed to sustain them.

    However the minority that still revels in such a backward state of mind always grab the headlines as they tend to shout loudly and incessantly. Hypocrisy is a virtue to these small minded morons. Part of the ethos of business is profit maximisation, if not the whole point. Off-shoring earnings, cutting corners etc is how vast sums are made. Cellino, had he been British would have enjoyed the privilege of being able do so.

    Instead he has had to stand in front of a tribunal chaired by someone whose former employer was thinking of putting money into a bid rivalling his. If that does not scream “conflict of interest, therefore I recuse myself”, then Idi Amin should be ressurected and made to chair the EU commission on Human Rights. Secondly as you pointed out in an earlier post, the panel consisted of the son of a convicted rapist, fronting for his old man. Well welll, now it is easy to see how Oscar Wilde must have felt in the dock being tried by fellow partiers.

    My final gripe is, how is it possible to make money in one of the tear gas capitals of the world? A place where financial advancement is solely based on who you know. Should we either ask one of the dead Shi’ite protestors, or one those recovering from a severe dosing of gas and savage beating at the hands of the neighbouring Saudi security forces that came to the rescue of the minority-supported Monarchy? Maybe toryboy dave could give us a glimpse of how, in the light of such circumstances, GFH managed to do what Cellino failed to do, pass the “Fit and Proper Farce”.


  10. I feel sorry for investors in GFH. I would certainly pull any monies I had invested in them given the sheer inept and clueless way they have handled what they consider to be a major investment.

    Arab nations, someone with money come in for Leeds and put right the wrongs of these idiots have done and prove money still exists in the oil rich states.


  11. I would comment on your blog but all I have I your heading and then six inches of blank screen, then the post replies. Look forward to reading it when it turns up Rob. MOT


  12. Dicko Leeds

    Well er written!! We all knew GFH had no money from the start , that Bates had not totally gone away etc. It just makes me sick that football is probably the most corrupt business in the land. everyone knows it , back handers galore. Just ask Warnock!! allegedly. Football League cronies are a disgraceful ,pompous hypocritical bunch of nobodies making decision on multi million pound businesses . It shouldn’t be allowed. Football is a business and as such need to be monitored by government i.e money laundering , good business practices , tax , fit and proper Directors etc etc. Judgement by committee is b********s. My bet is the QC on the appeal will allow Cellino in which is what I hope for as there is no time for alternatives and the Arthur Mohammad Daley’s can sod off back to Bahrain and look to blag some other fragile opportunity


  13. Let me be sure I understand – you’re blasting the FL for poor judgement in approving Bates & GFH at Leeds (add in Al Fahim, al Faraj and Chainrai at Portsmouth and others – they have been poor, no question) while demanding they allow a man they have previously ruled out to take over your great club? Far too loose before, but too strict now, eh? Anyway, you did leave 3 off:

    1) Not Bates.
    2) Seemed to have money at the time.
    3) Not Bates.


  14. GFH – bankrupt, incompetent, useless and pathetic.


  15. sniffershorts

    Arabs definition of losing face is just to lie and continue lying its apparently acceptable to do so.


  16. I’d loved to have seen our very own “Clown Princes of Football waiting outside their banks this morning with their wheelbarrows at the ready to take home undeserved wages,only to find the cheques had bounced higher than a lee peltier clearance. Something needs to be done about gfh though,they’ve effectively committed fraud. Fit and proper parasites more like.


  17. snifferclarkesboots

    Watching the shameless interview with Bates, talking about GFH as the problem. As if he didn’t know the situation when he negotiated with them.

    All that interests Bates is money, how many times did it come up in the interview? He even talked about his wife’s money! If money is involved Bates knows. Leeds is about money. He knew all about GFH.

    To have the gall to say he cares about Leeds is insulting in the extreme. He’s never cared about Leeds – that part of Leeds which needs caring for. Like a whole bunch of crooks, he likes the idea of money that can be made off the back of Leeds.

    The fans are to blame. For being too numerous, too loyal, too hopeful for better times ahead. All the ingredients to attract wheeling and dealing unscrupulous money sharks – the likes of which we have seen too many.


  18. Well said Rob. GFH are a bunch of cowards, who all dive for cover and go into hiding with every problem that they face.
    They have absolutely no idea about running a football club and have obviously been trying to sell the club at a profit, but the club is worthless, because, it was stripped bare, by Bates and co.
    I never thought that I would be saying this, but GFH even make Bates look good, but Bates and the Football League should have vetted GFH, before letting them buy Leeds without any proper money to finance the running of the football club.
    Maybe GFH’s incredible incompetence can bring the fans and players together tomorrow and create a “them against us” atmosphere that can inspire Leeds to win, with a similar electric atmosphere to the Huddersfield home game.


  19. Nice one rob well said


  20. you haveto laugh or you’ll cry rob , arab’s with no money , papa smurf back in the head lines (only because cellion taking over was his best chance of another pay day ) and finally a criminal master mind who turns out to be a anything but a master mind……….. think i’ll go and eat some worms


  21. Well written Rob . Perfectly sums up the idiots who are unable to run a raffle never mind our club. They don’t even have the guts to come out and tell us anything ajust ‘no comment’. Why ? Because they haven’t got a clue what their next step is other than praying cellino wins the appeal. God help us . Weather you want cellino or not he is our only option. To be fair to the bloke he is paying half the salaries of the players with no guarantee of winning the appeal. That to me shows he cares which is more than gfh do who are as much hated now as master bates. The past is the past ! We will all be glad when that is true of gfh. M. O. T


  22. Rob,I really hope I am going to wake up and this is all a bad dream.

    Ridsdale,Bates,Haigh,Cellino…..or Bates back after Cellino appeal rejected and GFH default on payments to Master cunning Bates?

    Just a shame that the structures are not in place for supporters to buy the club. Don’t think that is going in the election manifesto for next year or any time soon but could be a vote winner in the West Riding.


  23. Spot the odd one out…

    1) Peter Ridsdale
    2) Ken Bates
    3) GFH
    4) Massimo Cellino

    The answer is… Massimo Cellino as he’s not fit and proper

    Well done Football League, if only all footballing organisations acted with such integrity and consistency…


  24. Lol , good awld shack- aye you’re well read Rob I’ll give you that- did you know that it was a referance to the Newcastle directors who wouldn’t give him more money? He then went to Sunderland of all places!!! Silly man, lol scored six on his debut again Newport county? I think and Me late Dad was nicknamed “SHACK” in his honour. Way ahead of his time in what he thought of directors in the day- I wonder what he would make of some of the Charletons of today?


  25. Back to the point. I could never understand why Ken Bates got involved with Leeds in the first place. In hindsight its very clear. Vultures like him are attracted to clubs where they know blind loyalty will allow them to cynically milk money out of the club in the name of streamlining and efficiency savings to safeguard the clubs future, aye right. We’ve got our own Bates in Mike Ashley and before anyone says he’s ploughed millions into the club it’s called protecting your investment- the man is a complete cunt and the sole reason I gave up my season ticket 6 long years ago after being a season ticket holder since 1988!! Parasites eating our beloved clubs since the introduction of the Sky Billions. NUFC


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