Who Will Take a Punt on Leeds Disgrace Charlie Taylor Now? – by Rob Atkinson

Middlesbrough v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship

Charlie Taylor – disgrace

The news from Wigan this afternoon, following United’s 1-1 draw to end an ultimately disappointing season, was that full-back Charlie Taylor refused to turn out for Leeds. This comes straight from the mouth of manager Garry Monk, via respected journo Adam Pope, so we can assume it’s reliable. And, if it is true, there can be little more disgraceful than the base treachery of a rich young man, content to pick up his lavish wage while arrogantly insisting that he’s not prepared to soil his hands with any actual work.

That old Billy Bremner motto “Side before self, every time” seems to be an outdated notion as far as many of today’s spoiled young football millionaires are concerned. If anything, they might reverse the saying and use it as a rallying cry for the selfish and materialistic end of their profession. It’s often said that thousands out there with the words Leeds United carved deep and painfully into their very hearts, would happily don that famous shirt for free, or even pay for the privilege – just to have one chance to tread the hallowed turf in United’s cause. And it’s doubtless true. But all of that is just so much sentimental hogwash to your average self-involved young “pro” of today.

If I sound angry, it’s because I am. The game I fell in love with is now spattered, like a car windscreen at a gull-infested seaside resort, with examples of arrogance and self-interest. King Billy must be spinning in his grave, because this daft Charlie is just the latest in a long line of young blots on the game. Taylor is doubtless advised and encouraged by an agent, who should also know better – because having what amounts to strike action on your CV at such an early stage of a promising career is hardly calculated to inspire confidence in future employers.

Still, Taylor will end up somewhere. West Brom, perhaps – we might even find ourselves passing him on the way down as we head up this time next year. Which would be satisfying karma at least.

Some players leave with a job well done and good wishes for the future. Again, there will be some who will wave farewell to Taylor with just such feelings, but they’re surely the minority and a misguided one at that. Taylor has let his manager down, his team-mates, the club and the thousands of fans who have applauded his every every moment in a Leeds United shirt. And, despite all of this, he will quite happily continue to pick up his ill-deserved money until the moment he slithers out of the Elland Road door. In hard times, that must leave a nasty taste in more mouths than just mine alone.

Like most Leeds fans, I’m hoping for better times ahead, without Cellino, without some surplus deadwood, and perhaps with some proper investment. The future might be bright – let’s hope so.

What I’m most afraid of, though, is that the game nowadays is so far gone as compared to the dear old pre-Sky times, that our future never can be as bright and enjoyable as our past. And the reason for that is to be found mainly in the attitude and selfish priorities of young ne’er-do-wells like Charlie Taylor.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

30 responses to “Who Will Take a Punt on Leeds Disgrace Charlie Taylor Now? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Peter duval

    Don’t even know why he’s still at the club – should have sold him for 7 million when we had chance and bought Henry for 1.5 million – illogical as why this wasn’t done – we ought to have used the funds to bring in a proper midfield player


  2. Mike Durham

    To be perfectly honest Rob, he’s not actually “turned up to play” since he’s been injured! I honestly felt he would make a diifference to the service Chris Woods had been receiving and if that had been the case, I’m sure we’d have walked the play-offs.
    I can’t remember a single marauding run down the wing since his return can you? Almost certainly not putting himself at risk of getting hurt…absolutely disgraceful!


  3. Howard Mackey

    Spot on Rob.


  4. totally agree with peter duval – should have cashed in…. on a different subject rob , when was the last time a team with a golden boot player didn’t make it into the playoff’s ? probably another first for leeds !!


  5. Have you learnt nothing from the Andy O’Brien situation?

    It was only the other day Monk was praising Charlie Taylor, now he’s turned around and hung him out to dry.

    What would be the point of him playing and risking getting injured in a nothing game when he’s out of contract?

    He’d been on the bench anyway, there’s even less point in him sitting on the bench.

    We know Monk is sly because he barged into Wagner then acted all innocent and tried to blame him, so how can we trust his version of events?

    Grayson, Evans and Redfearn have all pulled this trick of hanging players out to dry to mask their own deficiencies and the fans fall for it every time.

    Monk even tried to do it with Jansson earlier in the season, but realised he needed him and couldn’t get away with it.

    He seems to have a history of falling out with his best players.

    Charlie Taylor has probably been our best player and helped keep us up in the period where the club was a chaotic mess, so he leaves with my best wishes.


  6. An absolute disgrace


  7. ‘Too f—-ing true, sadly!


  8. If this is true then stop all payments and sue him for breach of contract.
    Hopefully the old saying of what goes round comes round will come to fruition in his case. What an ars-ole.


  9. Well said Rob. Angry? You bet. Just one last game to play when he could have thanked the fans at least for our support and we could have shown our appreciation and wished him well. Now I have no respect for him and I suspect when he gets up tomorrow he will feel a bit dirty, or at least I hope he does. Agents for me are the dogs backside of football. I have more contempt for them than banks and politicians. As for Sky, dead right again. You and I and many of our generation were born into a different world. We have morals, standards, principles and a sense of decency that has been eroded over the years to a level where I do not recognise this sport not do I recognise this country anymore. I was attracted to a game that had skill, loyalty, sportsmanship. A very hard but fair contact sport played by giants of all sizes, gentle giants. Big of heart, big of purpose. Now, thanks to Sky, its all about money. Whilst the massively rich swim in money and take all the rich pickings, the grass roots wallow in ramshackle grounds and facilities. Some say you cannot blame these people, no you don’t, but you don’t have to like them
    So long. Charlie, good riddance. You have just given a very clear impression that you don’t give a damn about anything but yourself.


  10. mrbigwheels

    Am totally baffled by his tactics today but I do know, Cellino well and truly pissed Taylor and his agent off, (the same one for Byram) and the £7k/wk wages have driven the entire bitterness.
    Cellino has kept him to prove a point. At cost to Leeds… not Cellino!.
    L’pool and WBA managers have plenty of experience of ‘awkwards’.
    Neither will turn him down… I’m sure.
    Foolish young man unfortunately but as always… Time will pass quickly.


  11. Karl Major

    Sod off Taylor, you just lost the respect of the thousands who idolized you. You’re about to find out that you are leaving the biggest club you’ll ever play for, enjoy your PL wages as you sit it out at West Brom, shame on you, you Tosser.


  12. Philip of Spain.

    The idea that a so called pro refuses point blank,the wearing of this clubs famous shirt actually sickens me.May the ghost of Billy be upon you Taylor and your money grabbing advisor.Be gone,traitor.So much for Mr. Monk backing you to the hilt until today.How’s your back for stab marks,Gary?


  13. NickB(50yrsLU)

    That was my immediate reaction too, Rob, but I quickly wondered if it wasn’t partly a tactic by Monk to deflect attention from himself after our pitiful showing of late. It could well be that Taylor was a negative influence in the dressing room; but I further wondered if his refusal to play might not have reflected a more general mood within the team that they could have been instructed from above, for financial reasons, during the Internationals break, not to gain promotion this season, and that he’s the only player in a position to make such a protest. Jansson didn’t play either, today; is he ill/injured/banned ? But then again, I thought it could be pent-up anger and frustration that he was forced to see out his contract, and this was intended as a middle finger to the owners, which every Leeds supporter reasonably thinks was directed at him or her too. We normal humans who can only dream of this young man’s salary probably can’t see it, but he feels exploited by the Club, and resentful too. We, of course, think he’s thoroughly ungrateful that we turned him into the talent he is, from boy to man, and has severely abused our investment. Overall, since his assist header to Kermogant to gift Reading all three points towards the end of a close-fought match, I think he should have eaten humble pie, and worked his socks off, for the remainder of his time at Elland Road. I expect, if there was any scuppering of our valiant campaign from a certain Italian in the final six weeks, Taylor will waste no time in telling the press once he’s signed up by West Brom..


  14. We can add him to a long list of players owner’s and mangers that have ripped us off over the years.Theresa may will be proud of them all. I just hope we can build on this season and push on MOT


  15. I totaĺly agree, he’s received his wages all season when he’s been injured most of the time. When he is fit, to refuse to play is inexcusable.
    Although we will only get what the tribunal judge his worth, and this situation will probably cause a reduction in that amount, there us be question marks over the club’s contract policy. We have lost good young players because their short term contracts only had a short time to run. Why weren’t they tied down to a longer contract? BYRAM, COOK and now TAYLOR. they have all engineered their moves because their contracts were close to expiring. Good players deserve the minimum 5 years contract, renewable annually as required.
    We have some good, no very good players, but still carry a lot of either deadwood or inconsistent players, who need to go. Prioritise signing Bartley, Jannson. and even without Taylor we have a great back four, with Coyle and Cooper available as cover. O’kane, Bridcutt, Viera, and Phillips could do with a quality addition to the ranks in midfield, Wood, Doukara, Roofe and possibly Antonsson (haven’t seen enough of him to be sure) sign up Pedrassa, l think he’s shown enough to warrant it. We still need two good wingers. What we currently have are makeshift.
    Hernandes is very good for about 10% of his game time and can create some great chances, but, he is a virtual nonentity in key games and most away games the team cannot afford to carry him. Sacko, is still young, and has potential, possibly, but doesn’t seem to be a quick learner. Possibly worth another seasons loan, but not yet shown enough to buy. Don’t know what has happened to Dallas this season, not a patch on how he played last. Apart from the academy players the rest for me can go.
    We must have our transfer dealings in place before the pre season.that way we can build understanding before the first game proper and not have a team of strangers needing 5 or 6 games to get to know each other.
    Hopefully the cash we get for Taylor and the other players we have loaned out who may make their moves permanent or transfer out, will be enough to make a worthwhile contribution to the transfer kitty.


  16. We can all take solace in the fact that the odds of Taylor or anyone else doing well once they’ve done the dirty on Leeds are astronomical. Off the top of my head I can only think of Ferdinand. Its never greener on the other side,ever. Bowyer,kewell,smith,viduka,Carson,Robinson,mills,Rose,taiwo and woods and many more all of them achieved bugger all once they jumped ship. Your turn next Charlie boy.


    • Agree with most, but Smith was virtually forced out because of our financial problems he never wanted to leave, also, unfortunately Danny Rose has progressed to one of the best full backs in the country


  17. Charlie Taylor is disgrace and hopefully will get his dish served cold some time soon.

    What I would really like to know is the Monk explanation for such an unacceptable collapse over the last 8 games. Totally unprofessional and not helped by Monk repeatedly stating that he trusted his players right up to the Burton game. Isn’t it the job of a manager to motivate his players and manage the pressure of a run in?
    Far from convinced by Monk. We need a manager who can handle LUFC


  18. Yet another player who thinks he’s twice as good as what he actually is, probably double his money yet will not last 5 minutes in premiership, should have put him up for auction in January, just the at the players we have playing for England, not one of them worth the exorbitant wages they are being paid, Monk needs to change this one lone striker lark and go for a conventional 4-4-2, give Antinsson a chance alongside Wood, because his two favourites Roofe and Doukara are just not good enough, need to spend at least £20,000,000 to compete for auto promotion next season.


  19. Charlie Taylor does not come across as callow or shallow so let’s try and see things from his point of view before we rightly express our dismay and disapproval for his (alleged) refusal to play (or sit on the bench ?) versus Wigan. His action speaks of bottled up anger or frustration with those running the club. He had to wait longer than was justified to get a full time berth (two years in effect 18 months of which were spent on loan from which he returned with plaudits and compliments on his integrity and professionalism). Then, following 18 months or so of quality performances, which caused many of us to wonder why he had been kept back so long, he is the subject of serious interest from Premiership clubs, but is then told again to wait a further 9 months before taking his career further. He then knuckled down again to his job – albeit with some apparent initial reluctance – gets injured and then finds himself again down the pecking order once fit again (oddly, in my view). Why would he risk an injury by playing in what was to be the final game in Leeds shirt ? He could have feigned unfitness – a not unknown practice – but instead he expresses his accumulated frustration by downing tools. Of course, he was wrong to do so but his actions nevertheless have to be seen in the context outlined above. He has let himself down nevertheless. Overall I feel sadness rather than anger at his action as with other players – most of them decent lads – that have found themselves in recent years at odds with the club.


  20. Scally Lad

    Footballers like Taylor have become the rule in the modern game. It’s all about the dosh – not the badge. Taylor deserves to be sent on his way, but who could we hope to get with a different attitude?


  21. Duncan Massive

    I’m trying to fathom what Mr Taylor thought he was achieving by his ridiculous action. Any clues, anyone? Worried about getting injured maybe? That’s all I can think of. Otherwise it’s a lose/lose scenario.


  22. O’kane, Bridcutt, Viera, and Phillips could do with a quality addition to the ranks in midfield, Wood, Doukara, Roofe and possibly Antonsson (haven’t seen enough of him to be sure) sign up Pedrassa, l think he’s shown enough to warrant it. .


  23. Why the Leeds are infested at times with trecherous scum like Taylor is beyond me! Make him sweat in the reserves but no, he gets the move he wanted.


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